Slacker and Steve - Stupid Injury 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th


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Steve I ever thought about. You being hurt. In a stupid way yes stupid injury it's age picture. This is almost every time we are Russ you've been injuries it's it's like a sports guys who supposed to be eighth finely tuned to future of peace of athletic merchandise. At Chicago Cubs closer Brandon Morrow. Bomb can blame is pants for his latest injury a heightened but he was trying to take down his pants. On the any suffered back injuries or deaths curry you I don't know says it was like 3 AM in the closet in my right leg off left oneself might. On. Jenna spasm in his back. Oh bust you up back spasms from teaching your pants off yeah sure you polls. Open our you back spasms from taking your pants off you not. Around. Yeah apparently CME Sosa another cub I got back spasms and had to be put on injury injured reserve does Biggio to from season yeah. Fossil those stupid injuries pizza man got injured by 400 pounds of cheese. He's worth dominoes unload boxes is g.s from a truck on a rainy day. His hand trucks slipped under the weight of the student who more hundred pounds fool us us jealous census him. He he got a 180000 Ellis that. Jennifer workmen's come mozzarella would you would you would you let me drop foreigner towns and she's since wow per hundred eighties. Mom. How much first four pounds and she's now I know you're number underneath cemetery. The premier jobs for doubt she's my head on your head. Your no go move fossil so many other ones we found. I know I just don't talk with a bat what was that. Homes some kid apparently was a swinging the bat he's one it's so hard that it came all the way around and optimum aside in the back of the head. And I. The touch himself oh completely hit us all right mom somebody else was putting the groceries away. Them and they looked down into the brown neighbor back you know when we share. Got everything. Out of there. And they got so close to the bags to cut their eyeball on the jagged edge in the back just that this is why go plastic immediately you don't feel I reusable ones now it goes to injure you do Kyle would like many other Roy can't discern thing. I thought there's sort of classic T canvassing folk that but the sharp the bottoms are sharper edges. Some of them you see I'm. Can I tell you are an album more. Because I can go owner of the store would like to those. And get the same amount of stuff they were teaching like side bags you can you can put so much crap and you know that they got a movie template or just story and they got handles arm. But I know they're like oh but I threw it. We'll keep the more car than I have to walk around parking lots in the stores or do you do you ever look like a pocket on the back to your seat I do that's where I put my brick blown right in there are right in the back pocket. And then sued you make sure everyone sees you when you walking like Taylor armor spike the ball I don't know I. Honestly don't because I don't think I'm not doing it for the right re not nice. I don't I'd like six plastic bags and I allowed just are more angles. Oh. Doing it now I was gonna say I don't actually do that is how bright your anger than you used to be plastic bag out now so now Richard these reusable ones do you look down in the rest of us plastic users you know you judge I I judge you because I think you. I just only. Why can't I think you're a lot like me. Worry about a Steven Andrews Augusta I pretty girl like me and I think you want to be military everything in and one trip there is and you are telling you if you use a reusable bags. As ammunition bullets Samoan your arms and just walk street and with everything. It's awesome unum from that store or you know much special or specially and I get a from the start. Oca and like bells which did use them in a different story and they nobody's gonna stop him. So. Eventually I guess it's an entirely different. Did they sold safely has some of these once they're almost like a picnic basket didn't regular ones the ones fall while Ticketmaster and so much has a thing that might. Notice shape it's like rectangular and it's got to put up cardboard bottom Bono work watermelon and I think yeah why don't. There's a huge. Dudes. I see people I I would I eat. I would not walked into target with which your emotions are so now you would feel it feels weird okay all use plastic guitar. OK I won't record there you know makes you so I look back. Listen if it doesn't call the home and I did show sometimes are so somebody else hears there's you injury. They Adam 12 years old cited climb a tree. Oh this one have friends around they're trying to see how I think he didn't trim got to this one branch slipped fell out of a tree broke her left partner. Week or so later friends were like hey I'm Brooke White I'm Judy is like. It's the country and got one entire. For it fell down broke the right idea so that's a goal at what point eight frothy white connect kids but but that's for good I don't. More dot so many said they did into a hot dog and chips they're tooth that's their stupid injury blow. How dad I don't what's it all because of what yeah what was it because what's in hound dogs. If nothing sharper. In your you know it's just it's all the stuff they sweep off the floor sometimes there's bone fragments seven was salute. Possibly just horrible ligaments in their ankle check in our boys but. In school if you how Ria said there watch and they turn their foot didn't he do they turn their foot didn't sound like squeezing a bag of potato chips yeah. A thoughtful to go to the Dodgers and. They're really good. Chase Budinger is it's Q oh. Just to. Odd so this what we want from you know. It's normal it's got to be stupid you know how you hurt yourself cutting your bag or grocery bags speed and that's what kind you think that was well extra point yet. You did all grocery bag in any way shape reform we want to hear your stupid injuries stories Jesse. Yeah aren't naive spirit injury. I'd crack rewritten sticking up the track. Lights. I'll dump it out like a big stick side GAAP congestion and into a dumpster and see. It's. You are more elaborate kind of period but it'll all trash can't go into a series. Don't try to Koppel on the edge and pull it out and I want my ballot tonight talk or myself on Maria. It's. Out of commission are like three weeks. Last gen. He workman's comp claim when you're in need a head oh no added I made sure nobody knew would happen. You were so embarrassed you want him and now. Oh yeah I just kind of limped out there and to specific data that stadium yeah. The three broken ribs while I date here and it are. You were you concerned for me when I called admitted gives guy can hear pulled up to do that don't from inside the united snow and a good idea among our general. Yeah I Stephen injury. I am so I didn't I chickened out but Barak on third parent getting out of bad. And I trip and I broke my right ankle retold on my left. She's she's she beat these guys started getting in your story how old are you that you need a nap before concerts at the. I'd Warrick and I wanted to be got you in her diet hot. Mean the new broke gospel and how no I mean did you trip so it. She. It Japan. It was just a dangerous thing for instance it's only does the injuries at all and right in the line there com are you okay now are you able to go. You went to the concert with a broken foot. It was one direction Muslim that the you know they are. They tell us on yeah hello did not know they did Jenna. I don't. Yeah yeah eyes stupid injury. Let at a limbo competition at a bar downtown and nice or Miami and. Yeah all the moon. I so Cindy yeah goal there alarm. Think you will not really I heard there's little got a vision Darren tavern would you quit like expecting dilemma though. I'm not at all I had cowboy boot die alone and so yeah I got second place like I lost like they would alert but I. I guess my boot back it's spelled backwards and I just heard this. Well you know stimulant like high speed dogleg well that's it's just like. He's lucky. Sarah did you tell anyone other than us about this just it's. I'm street cred when you tell people who have Bogota. It definitely a bears they weren't gonna excellent avenue B like LO. That is awesome that it is no good Mickey. Yeah I hate Steven injured. And. I would have training and Jeanne that the gap and I say to them properly to put my energy back on and realize that that they occur with Barack. Incredibly well it rather than walk you around the plane flight down I would try to cope with a printout with my mouth. And should they try to get into. Mold. Did you are you limit or did you seek to genes us first I got the moves it's yeah. Limbaugh be and start it so yeah. Your middle age you are re getting a boxer ever since the alms but I'm pretty cool you know. I don't get it that brought back at that ended up what what are you. Bob that's just can't come out of the dressing room dappled blue right now since good between I mean let the really amazing here candidate bill. Oh well there are doubts I'm sure that the daft people like to you want to try it all the easy with the expedition cigarettes for years. It's where you're likely to rights movement you know givers and marshall's right problem. Hey keep it speaks well how does it and now TJ Maxx and I don't know hero Dara. Also go to Oslo I don't attend the the young and stupid injuries. I I was truncate my friends on a beach my print all electric and check this eagle and I tried to catch up on earth are. Are hopeful prospects for you thought you could catch a wing it decent for if you really did. Then your drunken Stafford never talked to even get close before you broke your arm the. Our great special and I hit it I didn't eat out so well you know it's awesome yeah thank you John and then. Brian. Yeah I yeah I do yeah. You know I went out worked out of school and I'm in court agreed that aren't already I start playing with a kid I played soccer let them. Netbook might split with some second graders. Didn't get put a move on me and it fell on you flop distances and how things are just Johnny turned out to be like Cristiano Ronaldo. I'm I'm pretty sure organized credit goes. Yeah does it tell and so it's with the guys on some days you definitely. Yeah eyes dividend during. Yeah not I'm in about six there's better in your pool. And not much decided to let it around eight regret your bag over my head and try to lock down there. And somehow I spell. And it broke my collar. Pools and yeah this is not a lot. You're big and the fans don't deserve. To. I eat it and who you wanted to challenge yourself yeah. This they do Emily. Irene. I guy is similar injuries. I on I went to take an ecologist I stepped on the play that well I went from a year really do it that he had that and a table until all the ligaments in my left me. All your knee outside your. Don't know how does door gets the hook with a little old ladies and let's start your tour how. It's. All all she. It's Madonna did didn't hurt their goods like new layer decent regular sources. Again another glorious.