Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stealers 2/14

Tuesday, February 14th

A reward is offered after a 1,000 pound concrete chicken was stolen. What's the dumbest thing you have stolen?

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Staying on every stupid Steelers adhered to it would you steal something. Don't don't steal some. Is value as a pulling its I sort of did it because we talked about this a thousand times and forgive me but might when I grew up in Loma Colorado room. Someone stole. Unless some remembering the strong the Sinclair dinosaur at all no exact you gotta respect you kinda do but it's stupid do you can't what do you do that after. EU you were able to get a you can never displayed sisters your boss exactly you can't salads. You can't this is you you only have to use. Well you get is John still. You know I mean yeah dude who stole the Sinclair Danville Illinois do Uganda and exactly it's my. So somebody stole. They 1000 pound concrete chicken in Alexander camp in North Carolina was a mascot for a restaurant her. I don't it it doesn't saying. It. What what what do we mean gee tails of this chicken yeah. All they found the base of the chicken. Several miles away on the same road. Is you. Movie did you look this story out. You don't think he's arguably even listening to news or do you know there's chickens from you know knowing no suggestions from. I'm yes so we just all that effort I'll say this error was when I was young. A mailbox that I coveted sole hard wisely cheetahs are room sir snow sure it was a cup semi. I'm overall field acting so bad that's was I was like my dad Peter don't whatever and then if they was like facing the house. And and that you'll open the back to put the nail in Australia that's pretty cool and I would drive by that dang they're a couple of times and it turns out now and I'm older right understand what it was it was like I wasn't. Yeah wasn't an Allen rituals like this line tool. All. With us for data yeah I now I've. Sit I have explained tools and a member who had eyes rove the last summer I was visiting my parents and year old woman Colorado there's flying tool I literally brought displaying duels with me and I was like hunter. And serious look I was gonna you know try and is our. Also visual there is fly into a nice cut and they do these things like these couple pull together as a good. Know everybody else from a huh yeah why each isn't due to show me Obama that's a Grohl. It's not you still don't know nick knows smashes you up as a matter what you do you don't know that it's just site do. And security and not yesterday that's a term I do not act you just acting and mail or mail box at center William. That's why you get lucky dueling a post office and Sergio being mayor of boxes or whatever that's every you're wrong and I go to federal facilities there's just above the rest tactical of their medals in central property though. Boxes but they're real sophisticated technical but honestly we were gonna talk about stupid deal is now we need argues because that's what we need tickets Kris Dielman drills. It is finally US senator or governor Rod Blagojevich. I have kids. Money and I incentives federal prison and the sell directly next meet Johnny and I don't know plots and block out all right now. It's. Loan. It's mills fraud isn't going out there you awful show all your mailbox oh my god we. You can be careful with your meals. It's. My my these here parts I'm here to protect you. But the so you're large mouth bass mailboxes. The title couldn't MacBooks. Careful since she says since no New Yorkers since the I'm not now. A little part of me once that semi mailbox and but now like now I have to find it and I have to steal it. And I have to make you know when I stole it. And Cameron I'm gonna turn myself into that close this is does federal facility and see what they do they're going to be like he's your from what you think he's a local. It folksy you know there. Pictures of the unabomber on the want yeah. A I. Eat up a it's huge huge movie dude anatomy some his career he's gonna be detected exactly what you should suit you your ball OK and so. They're sitting there their entry level job and you know making their careers making detective who does not thugs basically he got us. Yeah our prayers is going on for decade is all right I wonder what what what how he what government office you get in trouble with. When you do with this personnel guys they want in on someone's stolen trashed him. That you safety Alan wants yeah come on being the trash inside he's clearly worthless to this is this sort of tone that was stupid Steelers what do you do English speaking like I I go to my neighbors trying to steal my threatened. Number on a much do what now my mind has my address written on big permanent marker on all I went oh yeah yeah yeah. I was mad do not allowed to do that but we will see you want don't so I was like dark and you perjured. It was one of those days that it was like a little bit windy and it's like you did to that they've closed the trash can just far enough away from your house where it's you can't tell it's yours and I'll quickly distilled day or you know with and so I went to go giddy in I would say you don't like ten feet from where I left in it would go getting picked picked right. That's my trashed embodied. Oh no I all knowing. It's not a hollow and I will and so then I just took it now we're at right my garage and got out my joy you know like the huge I knew my children. But I do browse through that lid open right at the trials like not anymore and how. Yeah oh yeah. I mean now man. Bihar a but beyond the lose a couple of stories you wanna get to know the stupid stuff you still know are you need extra points if your girl because I don't feel like girls steel. Boca he leads one girl's still it's such okay. Ice sheets in marriage is right get busted get divorced girls she'd marriage is all the time every ambassador. Been practicing with stealing girls don't steal stupid stuff they would never. Break now until. Vending machine Arab relations shop steel only 135. Dollar blow to all and leave everything else at this. And that's its then yeah I really did you decide. Oh. Yeah. She quickly and it's his tires so you basically go free pizza for its. Girl wouldn't do that was a girl owns a woman here where we're she's a woman so stole a single. Boot from Christian Vuitton shop all that's understandable because it's Christian movement on. It well should come back later in ground. Should we are using marijuana and so give you five bucks story well okay it was a crystal studded sky high and who's who. They reported its police. Apparently had that wow. 2695. Dollars is. Is how much the pair is worth so she's got older and while cleaning its museum. Unless she's up on you help. Thank god you're a business all the more forward notion Sony tips. He digs just to see up. If you if there's you Craig's list prosthetic booms and it's nice to. And I got it helps you yeah. He's an error on his dues. Consume them. Us is some kid a nineteen year old kid has been stealing religious statues follow while nineteen of them. All totaled but all Jesus serve ice storm Mary Jesus statue IE also sold Weber grill middle of virgin Mary statue of Mother Teresa statue a new Nokia and I'm based I'm bloody statute. Two or virgin Mary said why didn't statue a bench flower pot a wicker patio furniture. Her battered. Would you pay to the other Madonna statue another mother treated statue and more weaker job today and if you would dig a little bit you get done which which when you buried. All that's a tradition is yet you mayor upside down for. And I arms of her Europe's and on the back yard and no destiny in and it was realtors don't see a solution must move to. Nobody cares didn't tell us telegenic good for the past trying to sell my house I tell my doctor you do. He's always tells you wouldn't. He gave me one. And it gave it to me and highlights I was only two time and then let's listen to show some dead. I was like OK I. Up till they get and I duties they in my house on Newsnight so. Do you ever and I'm like so then you relate I had do like gold find it in my glove box and rules dirt on his. The perhaps do couldn't have really are good fighters and the other thing is there's twelve to probably easiest holes berries out. Voice wasn't hey don't ceasing your house but if you are looking where she is like you normally might know if she's giving it wasn't given that car. They say is thank you stuff. Colin grew normally answer nobody contact. Plus was anybody listening now I can still look at what's your favorite religious statue that's what we're talking about it. Is it not. I go Bruce's team and intensity to remove their floor actually died about the ridiculous stuff you stole and it's your call and it's stupid Steelers. If he's also an app makes an error and maybe did in his stupid way we just need your story to be stupid in steel and Sarah. Guide Steve the Steelers. I ate I stole our own show are backs former neighbor yeah. All right she feels like to you you're on the road Mission Impossible I don't know this. The knock this one happens like it's jumped over sheep are short and I kept asking her. Such an illegal act like I let my husband Carmelo here aren't there operate backing never act it will pitch at this point in urgently for principle I totally left it on their back. Fortunately I am equally dark and threw it back over our. Look. I assure me and grow our name on leader you know. Know the extent yet I'm not. All records like 200 dollar stroller I know you and I wish he had the audacity to close. Are we like our neighborhood like FaceBook page about how somebody stole her short order. So did you did you tag yourself and going guilty and DS nine. I almost like just like little and look like no company. Like yeah I'd got your back or examining judge you're you're all you can act. This you'd say you did come to blows over the back fence or. One half. I know there are Blake I think like seventy. About seventy people like Mike comment on the. I moon. Turn. More like since she's she's. Actually after that like it was like if she just put a return on score that would not a big deal by. As I was more impressed with my ability to jump our backs that. And I don't know a stroller RA peace. I. Did you organs are light earlier awesome mom Mike did she go or whatever you call it's like lynch. And thank you for the call Sarah euros you're a Smart stealer is just stealing food source. I he run someone else's property beginning yeah Robinson is a business and I was not followed smarmy Maurice. You've got more credit than anybody. I gentlemen values you're stupid do these seem to be Smart steeler. What he has such ugly and I already graduated and then and now they're 21 year old came down from this small town where the university is Pineda. Arms or go to a bar and it's what wanted to morning except we gotta go to this other part of the best rates should so that's why this pilot and we get to that place. I'm the only one in the bar and wait until these wings. And it doesn't give me that the happy hour special connect happy hour like midnight to 2 AM long originally double and he goes well your boys just told the big. Budweiser banner outside your Munich public option means when your daughter to have been like so like sports cars what I should have this ban on all these wearing a go back out there are much. I'd like he's still the banner and it's what we put it calculates it will go get it now they're eight sports. That we all and according makes him so okay yeah. There you're really made better use Pete overpriced or wings but I think he's kind of a cease the first half of your story was what we call. Justification. Murray whose school now. You're here or not Yahoo! to lose a fantastic story I'd love to come see your Bud Light banner at some point they see Marty. Cheney. Yeah I'll leave stupid Steelers. Are you stole fire hydrant blow us how do you view these parents. How he's. There is a different EMI or why are full of being re dying at the time they're kind of remodeling it though they had some fire hydrant voila. Analysts by the the parking lot at home hopper did you all know he pulled the final downhill. And those (%expletive) are heavy and I like our planet trying to require and we took off. But not tease. You do want it to put it like your garden already knew. You know well actually he got all the call won't I'm not sure what happened good out there and that she kept it for years after that just and that's. Think you're just her saying I'm. Who has now my doctor just remember the people who stole the bowling team road sign you out you know so you know it's only illegal but didn't make it easily see you have to high heated and you can't turn it awesome. So a single senior living room constantly going yeah. So we would throw towels over eight in our dorm room trying to go beyond. Stimulus citing tires it's not worth it stealing Knoll certain things and why really in almost a Winnie the hydrant. Oprah got that check into you know little car that's for sure. Just kind of awesome is given the go you can never steal at least. The water pressure and it's impossible running road yet to happen before it's installed apparently. Diller and our guys seem to Steelers. Are still a chair official poll it. Just once you want to values drag you know be our idea if the. You know my have my buddy admit that I do pretty much anything done had they been made. So they told me they I know you've taken a key baskets from here and now you'd by the time unless you take it you could share. So I grabbed a chair and I terror watch my god moving it towards another another table. And my body opened the door for me I just sprinted out and put in the truck my car. Yeah and it. I'm nobody chase you could with. No but I got dead dead birds the next month or so and I locked in and one time on that if they knew I knew I was so I have. Pick up and I chaired start moving and some pretty came out from under counter. This kind of took off and it guards put the kid down last. So they can buy your picture was up somewhere NAS footage of you you're the chair guy. Are known and now I've I got away with it completely but. Yeah I can go and and now I. Technically have a tables yeah hey George hey this is a cook thank you for the call and Stacy. Why not eight seeded Steelers. Twenty years ago our our high school in your shrink we decided to heal they rival mascot. Rival school's mascot which was big giant. Steel letter in their front area we had an off. Cool. Didn't actually eighth we we're trying to get a two hour high school in the front yard area that it would be present at the next day when everyone came the cool. Unfortunately there are police officers out front of our highest so we had to drop off in another high school. In my brother's truck and turns out that. They got a license plates stops later got up at my house oh lead there might rub. They're being. Asking him why did you feel that mascot and my mother who knew the whole story is that no you don't like him you want her no. Hand welder and. He's got to write a cookbook that is awesome if you as several times for a letter and says sly did you seek out more stupid Steelers stories we'd love to hear him on the soccer in season it's okay it's.