Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 10/12

Thursday, October 12th


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It's like the news except without insight and integrity or clue actually it's saw Roddy close plus dollars. Slacker in Steve's stories of stupendous stupidity. A million moss little stupid. My student let's. I hate to his senate office. Yeah actually for a guy from New York he was trying to use it like after hours and some sort of comic bookstore was like trying to rip off got the ball. We're seeing. So lose security yards thrown out wanting on what was guy who's your yard way to go off and run remotely okay. Oh yeah no. The burly body was seen. Ignited it throws go through a plate glass window and stripes while players on Wall Street value fell from. Soltys or don't. He even had some don't superpowers to do in our oh they're doing. Help us and so he was pretty easy to. And in all round using that prison. A villain starlink injured in this somebody puts them back together OK this guy community community is super duper good and move the story. It's really. Odds are he's gonna you know that. Muscle monster that I had a blow offs is they just South Carolina woman her baby daddy. They got some sort of site so there are screaming yelling and in somebody's eyes escalated and she throws a phone at a moderate world. Then she decides calmed cone didn't do enough damage so she starts. Quicker way. Here's this continuously stupid stuff why she's hit him with the vehicles that he was forced to jump on the hood who flew to allowing giving serious injuries. Odd now she continues to drive. The car yeah. I'm the man wall became OK so she's houses crumbling. Oh brash and here's what I've dude she's top officers who arrived on scene said the two do indeed have a child together and they don't know what caused the incident on. Or why it jumps straight from Michael Erickson triple dog. So I think lets all don't hitting. I'll zoom yes. Oh his role as you would be able we decline Schwarzenegger.