Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 10/19

Thursday, October 19th


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History is full of stories of bravery intellectual expansion and overcoming insurmountable odds and the stories are us. Not even close this flight. Slacker and Steve stories of. Stupendous stupidity. Yeah we've we've we've got Don we got stupid we got at all. Money money my stupid story is about your people. Nice you know why people vote is is this a race thing does well well well who are my people I wonder 33 year old guy named James Freeman won an exotic wit for thirty bucks from an eagle store in love monster. Yeah helped her today this guy who's it was a good. With the B blog is the British fantasy series metal devious longer all my goodness I you know why why I have my IMAP for allowing we'll look I've got an Amazon alerted to America. Ice and that's us and its huge room drop I remember when. But the wind never got to do what's intended flogging duty OK does that date James drove back to the adult story got an argument with the employees and even tried to attack them for new employees win. Water well good literature about why this guy is so sensitive so we wound up Jimmie the slugger who went into the breaker box to try to. Stuff yeah. And after their neighbors box two weeks ago the power to O'Reilly auto parts toilets. You know what a slow. How did it but our our homered down. Jingles and slot man who should be all right slog memo was arrested for throwing. Senior crew members to bring criminal tampering so far. Bull huh. No thousands and then to my hometown you know who I remember early next important store to. Can I do you would know I would I. Whenever we don't know where the O'Reilly but I can tell you where they don't Taurus you can right now. I mainstream eating all of its New York sucked about it Roy who they their parting was in the front. All of you sure are you on me. Didn't go there to get whatever collect my mom is likes she's on her way to the grocery store I take. No amount it's somebody. Oh I mean or notice little. So everybody knew what you were yeah yeah I would parts like six blocks up could you that's long month color yes so my stories about home this woman from my not South Dakota case might not Nortel Jay is one of the Dakotas back. My nine MM. Does your eyes there's actually a Wisconsin woman a close eye she's got to spend six months in jail for spiking. Her bosses coffee with anti anxiety medication oh and I drops a hole and can't be Intel second killed apparently she com. She he had he had loaned her 2000 dollars in this was her way of trying to like get him to forget us. But Irish Catholic boys pay. Now last tomorrow she no so she noticed a home when he saw a slimy substance in his coffee cup. And notice his blood sugar was rising. We knew that PC and we are so well until she's gonna serve three years of probation and have to write an apology to her boss it's just a few more. Currently spiking the judges are copy and try to get her sentence early now. It's a fifth but yeah. Soared today.