Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 10/20

Friday, October 20th


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Regular stories just art and plus. It's a slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Let's get rid of some of the stupid we got to leaner and here we go my stupid comes in Mississippi a deputy. Law enforcement got a signature our when he heard his front door crashing in and his home club. I'm Michelle. We're in big demand Lucianne. Hide the classical unless there. Did you guys slept over after being ordered to the ground by the this. Hot bed when he ran drugs and clothes grabbed his gun and took off the British Zenyatta. I don't mix is running style do you Fridays I do. Not something anybody wants to see surely the deputy was able to catch you resident agent guy blew 49 year old shooter. Be high on drugs not really. To a local zippy Johnson reject our identity was not hurt intruders freezing home invasion charges and how zadi uniting your shower. Naked guy how are you go did he take you back to this hour eczema. All this and I notice you're coming as well I would shout. No you're no no no you're injured it is stupid to put it. I'm. Feeling dirty I don't even know how to do my story I'll be an inmate in Oklahoma. Com who says another Indy gave him a pill. He took didn't which clearly I don't know I'm in jail are running back Susan nice gentleman who's also in jail for doing something that demands. 'cause all this in my but you want so. Yeah absolutely what does that do well. So we took the pills the big game is out now literally went out there are immediate. Here's what always. It was a joke tell okay why so I was like. It was like other blue coat and save some now in jail Sunday newsroom take another don't know why do you never announced the apparently game didn't give him a happy place him in jail or nine he won an hour's walk. This is true. Since I shocked how high he was mocks by AB. Guards in denied medical care more months after having little ways. What really. We don't. No word in the story doesn't say if you wind completely new ways. In his prison yeah but I he was initially taken to hospital the doctor said he need to go to urologist instead of being take you know we urologist he was taken back to jail. He's he went hours easy Stevie he's looking for five million dollars. Claiming he's suffered permanent there sure I just wanna go to court case and find out. Use your little nine mile an hour here. That's okay those are all this interview he designed for today.