Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 10/6

Friday, October 6th


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Asking how and why is pointless really important is before us and slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. I did the stupidity here is yeah. Let's get this done will call loan will Colin. Bill Kohl in next manager at no least tackle real in New York City Mary place he's the bird who broke into establishing about two William. The security cam. Loves them and then. And yes I'll keep her or use a hammer to break over the cash register take about a hundred bucks in cash except. 21 dollars a mile to the tip jar there next to the catcher himself after he I mean yes your competitors at the may have been washed all the cooking supplies do you use wiped down the cooking surfaces. Even clean crumbs off the floor normally say yes. Utterly the manager reduce the security camera footage discovered the same burglar broke him in earlier that we took some food without bothering to cook at first but he came back this time. So we're professionals we really just get a job there on why this isn't just hey do. Jessica. I mean you're obviously the best employee they have got the best. It's bombs. Okay well old guys can stupid enough I don't another stupid yeah. About a stupid person might go to stupid product and I think we all know what that student product you know it's pumped in styrofoam it's pumped spiced everything it has to end this story says Pierre Paul it's my stupid and it's time letting go. About 230 in the afternoon students in Crete don't raid jesuit high school in Baltimore. And start reporting constraints now. They had to back. And Hazmat team had to be called out to check general Raoul guru looters coming from turned out to do. I air freshener. Ridiculous. Three adults had to be taken to the hospital plus. Nobody knows it's from the pumpkin spice smell or they got hurt during evacuation. Holy smoke but I essentially the human race is in big trouble because. Pumpkin spice is now causing people to go into the hot. Those Matt Williams evacuating school. Being stupid news is where no. No matter where it's done how all of that's all the stupid people do stupid things we can find for today.