Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 11/1

Wednesday, November 1st


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History is full of stories of bravery intellectual expansion and overcoming insurmountable odds. The stories are it's not even close this flight. Slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. I'm ready as you've been no layoffs no. Police were Russian response to a shooting in West Virginia what they encountered was completely. And expect that when I think that's a good teams. I loose the bell county nine or more received the call around 11 PM the dispatcher to hear remain in the background say he was shot. And then quote I'm going to shoot you another person's set on the field goal line Todd Klein knows when the police arrived and moments later. The only injuries and guns insight were on the TV. Early and officer told dispatch looks like this is gonna be a game of call of duty. It's it's a person shooter video game franchise depicting different styles of war and apparently you don't have resisted game that was played so many but there. Hi all I. Early Surat. But it sure you. Series sounds that was he talking about you know these rural you got to assume we have an active shooters valuation through. We'll be mentally active shooter is digital rights to the top sent down was let me show you Ottawa played. Not I got his. Good size is so close as a slut not your turn 911 usage just the that's amazing. Awesome I dude named Stephen rap goes I barely got himself in a little trouble got a little simple assault charge media and old fight with somebody. Whenever. Guilty this whole thing had to come back to court like a week or so later. Two page views are fine Boca so he shows up at the court and he's walking towards the Booth to pay is finds any notice a wallet. Unattended on a surface near a window vote. So young Stephen rat goes says we're here now the crime is like someone of them maybe many didn't use. Telling me you. But lawless. So put it in his sweatpants or. Hot stick with the tasty Durango near record they've reached beyond what is this little a little bit more Lindsay Lindsay. Oh we'll ever minute. Need in surveillance cameras lexicon and slipping into the pocket of his sweatpants usually wanting way. They can't brag though she returned wallet really said my dad's. He'd taken 800 out of myths they used to pay as high teases us news would so instead of him being all of the court now it's been. Oh he is nine now due back in court sorry theft charge. And goes on news links seems. Criminals zero euros. And nose grows you receive a redesign soared today.