Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 1/12

Friday, January 12th


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Asking how and why is pointless really it is. Us and slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Bloated all seemed like any flu I've Stewart 29 year old guy in Saint John New Brunswick Canada he was not by a well apparently he was like give his story was into a grocery store tanks he decided to steal some stuff and the only stuff for you I decided to steal was hiding and speaks. So that's variety Corzine in New York strip hours are out of all I can not some good. Beauty Mary. More than the blues of the grocery store called the police. They showed a third service dogs yeah. When they heard the guy owns stakes. You know what this is not going to be anywhere it's. It's wily old they do or any of the San. Hard for a dog all of want him around with a bunch of snacks little gods now let's lay in the store first or didn't run just know it's like that's a good music and me. It can still get that guy. Probably the best thing you'd be cheering and and German police dog distract you don't know the stakes are sky got caught these BC best surgeons that was. Reason I still it's even Canadian does is no Smith Susan stake in advance. So do who is stupidity in every possible we'd be. He's also from Canada it's an all. Sue stories today he. I started guzzler and alcohol you lose his job and what's he drank enough he jumped in his car at all. So right now he's stupid. A Carl. The police were on their way despite the fact they were currently having their dogs chase d.s yeah. Like well when they did this year I don't wanna give us for the new wisely and come up with something sold CDs. Go to NASA when it comes arrives he said someone trying to carjacked me and I stabbed me in the leg that's why I crash. Costs costs and they help runoff Hoff but as he's telling the story Dukakis falling over from the alcohol brands and and it's become. I'm not stupid for another stupid yeah and and they saw the things he stabbed himself well in the car oh yeah. She is also yeah history is an update keeps us though. I didn't even call. Nice attacks are at. Stake just this is an idiot to. There's a cover news it's been impaired driving. Down. Being an accident to they did take him to a hospital the deal with the sub ball. The girl.