Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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Asking how and why is pointless Italy it is. Us and slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Stand up for super. Yeah definitely lose Hillary. My stupid happens out of the border apparently there was a woman from. 47 year old woman she was a US citizen she was traveling from a human. Nine states to Mexico to know Dallas total mentions the pedestrian like Rudy country well I guess so apparently decided to search your season he'll strip search thing there and she's had roughly three pounds of heroin. Worked extremely rewarding them. Street value 45000. Dollars. She had strapped to her backside of her pants she made it kind of looks like a hugely including election got a cardiac team. Actually don't lone heroine boot off. I guess the lot drove it usually check him out a little too much went way to sack here no doubt that some Yeltsin. Pitching heroines wish. And hurt because. Yeah isn't doing work don't you use little heroin into the store out of Mexico writes. I mean that I know I thought I thought the drugs were. I was out completely around. A guy who's probably some of that heroin I do mean Jonathan Mann Shia from CN. New launch is still these I think he's today. As well and this look about him and he's like real Danny in his legs. Don't resume school so this girl and so he's like he's Goldman may in the end the so this sort of guy goes inside grabbed a crossbow and Andy Schulze a scoreless peace because. He was doing what L'Oreal home. He literally told the police came laid out because people Paul sit as a tool buckle of the bill would across blow. Kelyn scoreless turning red dead. He gave me a little Joseph looks Nicole would admit I'm a guy that always has a crossbow he. Earlier. I'm gonna get plus bonuses unique look at the spectators are apparently I don't probation a song now he's going down big. Of rule prohibiting usable weapon and reckless endangerment the most quarrel. I don't ignore the alarm and apparently instead and you don't feel you got the squirrels oh dad. Yes you better word do you think they might illuminate our colleges and 08. News truck I know I. You'll. I pulled. Autos don't put people to stop them when I. You know we can find tour today.