Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 12/14

Thursday, December 14th


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You know that dumb for an you got this is gonna make him look like a genius if you are that don't trade. Your world site. Slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Let us excuse me. The nets on Shelley slacker on helping his girlfriend as a stripper disease dump dirt course at the strip club on fire was when he got on less and normal news did you don't Durbin this is just endlessly stupid stories we go West Virginia fellow southern strip club on fire. Old friends working there. So she can't work there so it's no no worked OK just tell us that the exterior of the strip club on. I was used to. Trash and millions of. We're working days through. Yeah. Drew strip clubs storms cited were damaged in the fire Nolan was nerds. JJC heard stuff tangerine is still work. Surf but no word of his girlfriend. So you know grades aren't. Just that. Love residents of home surely afford U. Orchard park New York hello this is a repeat store in my home are looking for what they're calling the madness couture. That Lilly there was a mad during Colorado Springs, Colorado but now there. Imagine bluebird in Orchard Park view to new York and apparently this person simply goes around and leave themselves checked on people's bodies to block I. Isn't and neighbors Toyota ad in the local penny Seaver to try to find the men prefer the ad reads. To the person slash jogger whose whooping on our lawns in the village. Of OP. Please stop it. It's good please this is we've installed trail gyms to identify you do you really want to know why our watched the traverse slows so authority and the cops and stepped up patrols. Try try and control I would say this man. I'm not a runner but my wife is a runner are you and she says. That sometimes when you're running you're just two feet it just takes you over. First she's she's not an orchard park New York it's their. Like marathon runners just like all they have to do it just I just happens like rain and again they don't even need to your. Age is just so neat to cope with this and then you. Zach calories and I don't you explain it but yeah take longer than we have for best I think those are all the stupid people we confined for today.