Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 1/22

Monday, January 22nd


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Put regular stores just aren't dumb enough. Plus dollars. Slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. It's during your stupid lined up. Is affirmative serve us. So there wanted to you Tom main duty demanded money from the two tellers and English and he made off with an unknown amount of cash old. Who runs out to his car out there in the parking lot which was also. Carlos mocked me and I did inserts like pat downs the Oklahoma got to let our. Actually he forgot his keys. Anchor of course you can run back. Yeah yeah and that's why aren't you should Geiger athletic season I stole. I was getting out there who think they could really. Use now he couldn't do that. The fleet just take off away from a car that's what the bag of money got caught on something in order to open. Now I know guys and all the money's. I had you know. Oh the close several witnesses told officers where the man ran off to some sort of nearby neighborhoods tops too hard to find the guy with the real money back and follow the trail. It is a resident charged with custom pedestal. Don't forget years she is cleaners he's inside a few double act your cash Eminem. Lot of forgot what it's bloated slow. My idea my daughter of the point. Of course Robert Angell idea amazes me. This is it looked like 23 in the U profile inherited. A sinus signature cards still got a job application and catch me. His his exile. I salad no one's ever you know it's. God so I sort of kids who apparently I don't. Don't these guys when your friends got strong DU mass with a guitar you know warm water all. I don't know I was never toss up well apparently. His friends are those people really started drawing on its. Sort of drawing. No job. Surely this. Sort of scaled Samardo goes. They're mushrooms like major. Male anatomy. Always use the when he came to. He was mad about it can sign it sounds instead of yelling at dam and washing off the sharp teeth and he went to the horizon enough. It tad bit of an overreaction do you moves. They were able to put out the fire but now. Police entire car. A it's. John is really soft there's so many arizonans who don't banquets. A bit too. This stupid people we can sign towards an.