Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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You're story is just art and plus. This slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Am ready to its do you then I will Cuba is exceed 51 year old guy named John Gomes enough city New York. He recently watched an episode of history channel's forged in fire here I watched that your watch just like her. Okay well. You're better stuff in there to test it with my life since then sit and watch forged oh my god Steve Slater is there no American pickers marathon on that leads though was losing reviewed okay. Entire Isabel looks so it's a competition amongst these mental Smith admits guys black Smith's. And you're like okay you must make us a word from the Roman army in the second century. Initial example they have an hour and yet I make more big being on hand so I'm here aren't. Speyer are. So on this episode semester weapon makers they've written so words by bending steel barrels of fire and stuff OK this guy named John Gomes is an address for himself on his back porch fine actress you have blacksmith James. I guess and whatnot you you see it was windy his toes caught on fire. The fire spread to publish stories new bill I don't know shoot low here firefighters and no sir how historic turnout it's just didn't really know IPO. Mario you you know to the for an entire people show even though it's a result to show. You fire was zero yes that's not ideal tell my. Pennsylvania noon school was 124. Harassment and assault so so he's wandering the streets of Pennsylvania and post post spotted him on him. So you rail car. He ran straight to his girlfriend's house. They followed American son go inside and off they go inside look for him and he's not there anymore disappears. Copper seals did didn't even blame in this. They couldn't find him anywhere so they were talking to each his girlfriend owner to win certainly. Crashing down into the kitchen where they were talking to. Hi milieu is hiding an addict. So you got no way I eat you pulled off the Copperfield blame maneuver but I accept the attic couldn't hold him his Wade's home. And now you can crash right. While they were standing there. Was arrested the wrong stuff and she got arrested for hindering them all. Apprehension about. There are all in jail together crashing through from the lower. Ground floor of their local prison. Astute people redesign solar today.