Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 12/7

Thursday, December 7th


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Stories to make you realize it's not always be worse plus and slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. That's something less. Defense did. Just wanted Julio South Carolina Waffle House and tank on stood around for about ten minutes waiting for someone to take this quarter we have been there for now but there was no one inside this Waffle House even like look outside of the ways and there. Did you say you love you minimizing your. And oh yeah. I'm sorry is so Feller got tired of waiting there and was very concerned Waffle House we decided to go ahead and take things that are result what I had made his own meal. Maybe whipped there's a Texas bacon cheese steak Melton went ahead he's made. He knows how to make quite a former employee of go requires they're like a sign up. I think he's going zero U I you may get general may didn't cheese steaks well all right CU. It was sephardic clean up when he was done oh he didn't papers meal that night he did come back to that state of pages tabs fit well like FaceBook and share his entire wall full house. I you know I don't really who's the manager went on FaceBook did say it's this guy for limited manager go through them. Literally every one was asleep. Sources close second man. It's all serious so they know he's good girl and you wake up when you smell a deterrent Texas. Decibels and you might know right so they're probably tired you would hope so and so I got a guy who I think he's my new hero world he lives in god we got happened because of pretty much. Yeah all right how do you go to where this place in Australia are. Lot of o.s and a couple b.s and nice mom and apparently he broke in June. Around 6 AM. Wearing ski mask pay. Broke his way and once he got inside all. The only stole one thing one is in life sized relations Nolo OK it's over five feet home. And words of 3000. Excellence. He's not so solid. You want to learn how to that's got to drive in the U Joseph do you. Case. The time they sit concert trying to track him down but I'm guess end. He's not common outside. I'm could soon even that big bus this guy I would want them back you know. You say you know I'm yeah it basically because scratched bunker and didn't lose a 3400 dollar relations don't know. Always blows through people we can find for today.