Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 2/20

Tuesday, February 20th


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You source just don't see this slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. I'm ready to get even more stupid than we usually aren't refuse to show apparently there's two Florida women must be roommates or something was in the same house because of poor woman. Apparently she came home. Since slipped off the other woman that was living in the house that's never good thing you have. Yeah announces the woman's nose do you need to leave the house. But you won't bother woman jumped in her car. And then stabbed and the other woman when. But she's started with just look at somebody on jazz center escalated really fat. This is stabbing the figures though she didn't use a knife to stab the other woman she using meat thermometer or. Your coach Bruce Michelin chef of those sharp loses. Mean it's it's it's what we need to know he's doing the right you can always and you can still read or was it clear they're they're they're. Equally as we need batteries like the regular one you're talking in it takes thanks. Yeah I sit there and you're holding in your next domino like. Oh you're 98 point 60 like make history that I use in my smoker coach Kelly brings out your letter pretty quickly you're up like once you stab somebody would. You can tell other temperature pretty quickly OK if I could trigger line actually listens to read those pretty good this kind of flimsy stuff other kind of just have thing I think would be a better stab at why are we eager to zero. There's literally yet is we just don't admit I don't know electronic part of the other thing I'd get. And if you step where did you might break okay don't just all one thing you can write you know little dial on the night. Okay no okay wow. He's an attacker was charged dagger rated I was aware person using a deadly weapon. Let's use that none trigger seeing as hasn't triggered the relationship between the two women do really is no strains. He's gonna OMX it disappoints it's. A strange strange something like there's Mercury and those who. Ball. Which is evident you eat this food I don't I don't think so yeah I was well I these levers and police are shown program would be a full grown to the country. Ramp yeah there's some sort of I saw I got eighth Florida woman's. Not just change the name in this era. Today in Florida. This has released a stupid stories and more extensive. Today. And I'm on a 67 year old Florida woman grabbed me taser no mom and he's shall refrain from. You said she didn't wanna be was there any moron. And she grabbed the taser she seasons and even shot just. All right I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's probably Danny probably made the stage for a little bit yeah to clean up the yeah open otherwise but then after that a big and maybe if he just wanted to break now it's a break up. Had marks on his side he's expected to be fine Beatty did called I don't know where you know so she's very share and Zell went wrong or good or it's. I'm sure all us Canadians we can't find towards it and the.