Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 2/21

Wednesday, February 21st


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Stories to make you realize. It always be worse plus it. Slacker and Steve stories are stupendous stupidity. Gets to. But you're sheriff it's okay 31 year old Brett Angola Loveland Ohio apparently jumped into an elude a little woman's car killing the box cutter. I think it's worse the only woman to drive them to a bank okay. Oldest saying you it's. Your money police say the suspect angle that the woman drives to a nearby Wendy's remain devised something to eat. She had to use her own money or did he use some of the 200 dollar stolen summer I think you made your do you feel it's. So beautiful. On the front end the to a gas stations were driving a dual white castle restaurant where now be conducting a drug deals this season is like elderly who are driver and and good answering well aboard dangle enough back in Google injected himself with the drugs made the woman driving to a couple of apartment complexes and gas station before leaving. On seriously are unified and or negotiations surveillance camera was also quickly gonna try to provoke one hopefully. He has. You don't and I don't Bristol she even was in clean fuel security cameras all. Ordering his trusty dusty is making her pay us it's good to know that when you get sued. Pat white castle yeah drops hey you I didn't. Tagline it's liquidity which is at your service but we don't need drug dealers and it's a lot of Florida dude you got any master of sites. In the street. No street room apparently. This. Yeah she doesn't like yeah okay on when he stops every now and again and didn't heated arguments. Put some more stuff. And stopping chug a beer shipments while. John then tried to hide behind electrical box for minute that got into another argument then apply some more. On the problem is she well. Total it's. Just hit them yeah so he would push slight pull argument he would get into was with themselves. On our screen a little bed to hide any chug a beer they need fight a lady told they need argue with themselves. And then the police finally came any team out. This hands out. His name is Richard Bernard knee because agree governor he needs I assumed his name is Tyler Durden. No I don't. There. I'm no word on what else she was until May call acronym or human we himself. Gross human being redesigned. Ford today.