Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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Stories to make you realize. It always be worse plus. Slacker and Steve stories are stupendous stupidity. Ready around this give it up let's go 341 year old Donald towns walked audible sort of banquet 400 bucks in cash. After appear Michelin concealed firearm. Source around. Bank employees he would kill a called totally totally. I call the police 36 minutes later the robbery. Now here's what Robert just a talented little bottle towns early initially wanted. All about like an application to open up an account and stuff people go more for the Robert Reid I. And as a Z zero dollars for information that's what he handed the manager of the bank that note saying hey this is a robbery gimme all your cash booms are basically usually he's literally minutes trying. He had filled out this application with social here Ed Alvarez made me really. Lucy just like paints her bed. Right yeah. No police will do in the short distance from the bank and he was taken to jail so just a heads up your go to rob the bank to hold up so well now the anything to do one. Or the other but not stated John that's the word broadly it's just going to walk multitasking is not. You're a criminal guys just FYI. I dude who was in south Carolina at a strip club. You had apparently he was having a great night for little girls were not doing enough for something totally went into the turley and now he was getting. Frustrated. So it didn't feel like you go chop toilet content. Yeah and now. You try to leave it. Fresh off catching the deviate from the media could bring this story. Con he's been charged with malicious injury in public intoxication. Caused a thousand bucks you. It's really just hit it in 3000 dollars. Car breaks. You mr. Plummer to the main stage. It's no. Oh yeah we combined boards today.