Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 4/23

Monday, April 23rd


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History is full of stories of bravery intellectual expansion and overcoming insurmountable odds and the stories are. Not even close plus I don't. Slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. That's stupid thing that we knew already then Omaha police are looking for a guy apparently this guy he broke into someone's home. OK I guess he was gonna like steal stuff. Process of walking around his house he noticed that took camera the camera that was rolled my experience. It's now you're on the surveillance camera there Barack do you have so that's when the guy he went up to the camera any sort of like trying to but he did the camera and bring the camera. And realizes the cameras lives in the whole time it's shooting and you'll lose. He's talking attorneys get the skip. Friday's home specialists say retired general to extend the marvels at. There's a reason taking. And all. Yeah that's harder to get out of error which I wanna do is not put your face directly in front and I guess you're single once is Cameron doing my so they got us pretty decent days out. Remains. Is like a biography. Yes he talked to enjoy it's your impressions. Like Michigan dude who was driving they don't. Really no he was under the influence to win your little story you're gonna assume he will. Don't. Creating millions. Our cars while I got out of destruct in immediately decided. To take off all his clothes and danced while yelling I'm fine I'm fine. Yeah yeah yeah. Mod and everybody's like dude you're not fine you just have Fort Carson you're going to be close on music you're right any tried to run away. But it was shoot laser system is naked danced. Steve the police. Our team get there oh here's what I agree with your concerns. Dye construction truck flew good yeah plays today. I saw one person was actually injured but some the only person taken away was. Crazy could. You're taking naked dear. These same industries and no word on whether they even close before you went yeah. Total flow through the knows where all the stupid people we confined for today.