Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 4/26

Thursday, April 26th


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You know that dumb for you guys this is gonna make him look like ingenious. If you are that don't trade. You're welcome this flight. Slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Dumb sister yeah. New York City there was a couple lay out the bar area and drugs and stuff inserted teasing each other she was sitting underneath the dart board. It started missing and so she was like I imagine there's no lawyer you don't yeah I assume you went ahead through the dark of the darker features there. Just to hang your head. You'd think after you know what darted back home where ballots is kind of fuel you dodged a bullet he was able to me that Florida now. You congratulations. So lies she what I had admonished me through another guard this time and hitters smack dab in the I don't know I was usually that's a girl saw. These court that are your own principles I know whether the dart out. All right barges hit the skin around her eyes lit butts that's probably that something you've learned. Yeah I do as an ordinance in a bar there shouldn't be seating anywhere near. Dark hole and she was star Aaron or use in order a bubble wrap do you ever. I don't think there should be tired still executes. The is our ears are technically right next to the lawn yard area to. There's areas where you don't have to click the tigers are now being carried tips and more shoes county it's to. That's my candidate or this is my mentors have a nap and then there's the guy. Armed so I'm a woman in Ohio who apparently done some bad things as they related to drugs and alcohol. Yeah so she had those you may as well it's sort of analysis tests scheduled and she knew she was not going past she was still doing the drugs dirty. So she went to one of her friends and said. An early outing and do those few days to European Cup forming and they did. So she just down. It turned then it turns out it was one of her drug friends. Going down a little bit of Merrill. Yeah you don't get this to us you legitimately bounce but could someone who had more bonus dollars. Hot in my coach who this person had marijuana prescriptions. It's lucky. Show yeah here in New Orleans Kennedy esque but the Steve does continue to grow. Well I wrap this whole thing I took it but yeah anyway it turns out she turned positive in his own man who found her in a positive but I. The studio we can find slower today.