Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 5/18

Friday, May 18th


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Describing this is dumb of political life in us dollars. Slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Want some more stupid to that so let's see here I have about two airlines passengers were walking through the Sri Lanka airport. This feels like the beginning of close to rabbis money in Obama at February until passengers or Sri Lanka ABC viewers who lozenge OK yes there about a long that's what the airport officials trying to become a Conte officials' attention because he would notice like walking suspiciously you're walking not normally covers one in Washington right. I'm trying to like I'm trying to suspicious self my Watertown Oaxaca. A good lawyer it's tradition and my pizza you know I've been told what's oh my god here to understands what's I'm told that I think. I'm this weird to say but I'm an approachable because I want to taxed. These why some inertia storms like you looked mad he was legendary and like I'm I'm wasn't true you you're very brisk walker when when you have someplace to go you're just sick I just why these. Number you just get there now. No more true yes so I need this suspicious I wanna tell you absolutely no. How surely won't ship passenger is the likes to do I want approach him but he looks. I'm a little suspicious Schwarzenegger. The officials and got a very good team these two passengers at no report there. They put him through that so where they you have to go through the security of solid metal detector and a mask that's what the officials discovered when they were searching their bottoms. Please give their bus they're you know. They found gold bars were concealed inside of their bottom. Yeah person was hiding its gold bar is ultra right I'm taking picture in the gold bars tonight. They can't be a big ones they got to be little they got the campaign. Beach bar weighed a hundred Graham. One that he concealed in his bottom the other had twelve bars concealed the total weight. Did you two kilos of gold valued at DV 2000. They had this inside of them. This has them yes. So all of those well you're out there in your putting gold in your portfolio you can look honey into shampoo. Last. 30 god oh no there. Hello my goals from anywhere here these two bypass. Sri Lanka and I saw it and I know dude who grabbed some exhibit. Legal calmly and went into. A coffee shop. And began to smash beat eggs against his head. Really have any Mac Murray now. Says yeah domain and walked into this car coming and smashing its onto his head okay Denise mirrored the do we insights across the coffee shop but the video went up and began to bang his head at the top. Coffee shops window and why. This guy and he's just yet they called the police I'd hate cold please on an earlier in the day when he was no fun to play. In the middle ground. So what are Haywood is now getting these. No I can do it when he's smashing exempt cleanup guys she's got no car in his. Look at the well it's not going to jail for disturbing pieces. Those girls are stupid people we can sign for today.