Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th


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You know that dumb for you guys this is gonna make him look like a genius if you are that don't train. You're welcome this site. Slacker and Steve stories of. Stupendous stupidity. Noon. What you want your old do you were on Mitchell from Ohio he was stopped by police who responded to reports of different shots scenario all I. Yeah I jumped out of his glory to god for road and on foot this. And police gave chase and followed him to a nearby house re trying to climb in through the second floor window to make some cops my. And he was taken from. To pull himself up. Basically all the police did was to stand there underneath them until finally he lost his grip pretty literally fell into the our show signs copies here your. Jet Li says it. Like so. Now it's just let it go. You get any easier than us here this right. Love's funeral may around after a brief struggle whose voice of restaurant going to us it's with repeats guys. But maybe sinister dark day I thought his base let a couple more books. Now let's say here it is and pull this in the big house is out. Another genius fellow unconscious in Florida I need to know where this is viewed it's just Jacksonville hope there feels like you know Florida story. Plus there's a man who went to Wal-Mart to clean up Florida and yell Wal-Mart we re no stupendous season. Stories of the Tom. This 36 year old Christopher Raymond hill. Which a Wal-Mart and decided I'm gonna I'll carjacked somebody always so he goes until the first person. And says. Yo actually the meat backtracked she rubbed the woman liquor store first phone and he's fleeing in a silver Ford SUV. That wouldn't start so he tried carjacked as dining staff Riordan. At knife point is well on what happened was stuck Riordan had happened haven't gotten caught off Cole knows Riordan says something you know you've got a knife to a gun diary. I hope so Christopher Raymond hill was like oh crap why do drugs liquor store so you've unsure. I'm gonna go around somebody else could actually got into somebody else is dark. And decided at this Starbucks instead look I've got a nice putt cardiac and you heard AM com I only got. I have her name but she says oh by the way I don't this'll do you. All I'm seeing some theater run out of card number 20 rain into the bathroom of these super cuts. Okay where he manager of super headset. Are you kidding knows you forgot judges call the police always try to. So bring a bigger and Seubert its. Next door let's us pull up. Are you gotta go I'm doing Nardelli didn't nobody in the Jacksonville Florida who knows her own stupid people we can find cooler today.