Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 6/18

Monday, June 18th


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What regular stories just aren't dumb enough. CI RS slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Stupid these stuff guys do it comes from Los Angeles the release of authorities in Los Angeles they would call it. To call collect a brilliant guy was armed with an accident was threatening some of the Jackson. The other side. Police arrived apparently slowing down your weight is when the suspects on the police arrived he jumped into the lake in swim too small island. Just come down there when I. I haven't packs. And bright blues weren't too concerned because you know he's on an island so did you ever want select he's directory easier than actually do. Exists eventually you guys didn't get back to the watery scramble around whole. Firefighters hosed off the fellow before receded in the custody must assistant. Give him some anyway. Early not blown. Yeah but be careful some renewable. Lee and I won't get there eventually catch your round please might have access to vote do you know yet turn around and I say a solo woman who. Time she was angry at her ex husband apparently team into the house. To repossess or air conditioners blows anybody see you know I guess she was like he did she wasn't happening so she sat on it. We'll keep exercising your house the AC unit and she was so committed to staying cool in the Florida weather actually shot him. The main area school who walk Cole the actually I haven't but still you. It is big goal back. ABC now that's not my DC area she was able to numb to all. Hopewell and an ambulance and she has been arrested and charged with aggravated. They have essentially Sears general. Oh I'm afraid Joseph they don't tell what you we hours if you. Honest to god people I lead understand Steve is not afraid of going to jail for bad as soon almost solitary job I do agitated and whatever. And stairs except for the lack of air can only see what you. Do any more try and you've done the tie did you know it's OK if it's now all systems are the problem is human people we get well. Cooler today.