Slacker and Steve - Stupid Stories 6/19

Tuesday, June 19th


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Stories to make you realize it always keywords plus five dollars. Slacker and Steve stories of stupendous stupidity. Tides so where we're overloaded with stupid let's do something that I don't miss the Tennessee couple had a bunch of clear arrest warrants against them stung. Clearly there were a driving around and yeah. Police are on notice some driving around so we tried to lose the officers went pulling into the driveway you know like he just try and always. Does us. However though the problem for this couple homers balloons do belong to the sheriff who's actually following member in his remarks from what we. I said yeah. It's funny man. Submitted. The government needs to do. Communities these things we'll also and you don't want you and I know where you're gonna go here that's. The woman was a resident really your boyfriend flood clearly. Who's got a summer owners stolen truck. Young and new parks and magistrate offenses sort of good judges and what is it even more time. What they're doing my partner in crime he's part of the jail whose uncle road trips its buckled. These people are who are taking its ten C. Overflow or people of Florida. I'm so I enemy you know everyone's mind you just probably not you mean just touched it. Don't just focus on. OK so South Carolina and really just wanted some attention and no one was giving him attention so. He started breaking stuff in the house hope its legends series starting with the TV I'll only. And some windows. The lure us. Hi they did pigeons enjoy him for a little bit silly calm down then he got mad again and decided to star break and others just. But this time. And he threw a cross talk headed. Guy in the leg and then he went outside said you know what I'm not getting enough attention so you have the house on fire only true right. Moment and apparently they're ready to give them all the attention okay. BC you know. By the please notice he scorch mark on the house he said I'm upset and I want more attention from. My family and they said here's the attention you need your arrested for assault saw. I'm arson and battery you have a lot of fun. Running any love attention and yes. In jail for. Stupid people we inside for today.