Slacker and Steve - Summer v Winter 6/27

Tuesday, June 27th

Some activities are better in the summer and some are better in the winter. Is getting drunk better in the summer or winter? Taking a vacation? Having relations? Are you more of a summer or winter person?

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I ever worked out to the fire up the debate we are actually we've got a list of like ten things. And we have to decide. Whether they are better. In the summer or in the wind shear that's it you dirty in say a missile today nanny into cinema matter no. 95%. Though everything's better in the summer almost everything in the world as veterans. Whom I am an outdoor person. Who looked a little rattle ice. I deeply but there are still says he can it's fun there's some things in the winter like you just said that a better in the so. Number one. Getting drunk summer winter starting a little deep doubt winter. Incorrect why. I I think I don't know I just like being inside and haven't like something warms you up inside makes yeah winters better as the winter for sure. Three words patio day drinking okay John Candy drinking just amazing you love to be out in the hot sun and mowing and doing all this. My son and nothing to quench your thirst more yeah simply back that cold as some think that he's he's headache I'm still alive I don't want likes to drink I would rather a water that after mowing him being hot the sun. And people say this. I don't wanna get hung up on this one for all time. Red wine and all drink red wine all day when it's freezing outside. I got light things that warm rebellion good burdening or something now in the winter for the most part getting getting drunk is a summer sport. Yeah brochure Tony Tony don't get me wrong. Play in both sides of the Olympics yes you can affects the idea of the Beijing Olympics that. Number two this seems like an odd the way did the poll that we assets 86% say getting drunk is better in the summer the other route you were drunk I'm number team driving. We observed definitely winter. Summer is boring wintry stuff go to the village of fresh snowfall. Tenet angle towards the curb to be the first one to carve out your tire tracks bench yeah. A sneak its work around is our east. Our flood windows down. You do I listen winter exactly and if someone else is driving us have a drink. Couple's toxic. Look I'm I'm summer summer driving oh god we are. Newell didn't have to go Steve thank you I'm winter driver society. Do you guys are doing is you see that resolves the U there's going against all of our normal what's the read only 3% say driving in the Summers there are there don't. As you don't you know what I like about the winter driving is the unexpected message every single words like your boring it is crawling along doing and winter it's. You have to be like paying attention like Steve said get fresh first one to carve out that you have. That's true in block there's a yeah off road a little bit of an adventure how many times some before you got your. Thrasher Jeep vehicle yell at you had to have your Audi rims redone from curbing them by sliding some more stuff I was love Bethlehem will let you know how many times are at least three that I know up to okay though because they're they're just three rumor Maldives was only only the ones I remember but it's thought Nextel vacations. Another no brainer. Which one do you see summer. It's why it's working would you argue who's your who's hot and sweaty I was flying to the opposite hemisphere to get to the other season might it's fun to go to Brazil. In the winter because it's summer they are okay our current okay but for the most part vacations are a summer thing now some of 100% move a little decently during the Carson soldier just you just like to be ins. But little thing on Rudolph through a little bit but you are it's like she is more we use our needs. Here's. A quick timeout Doris Steve's got a zero answer I'm fine. What are you win your vote euros to abuse hunkered. Summer is on the outside blood I go into a now in two guests tonight I like the quietness of the wintertime like when. When do you stuff in the winter it's. Mostly and lets you gotta like pat ski resort or some like that. If you if you go out it's quiet and it's solitude and I doubt in this summer it's packed in this loud and annoying and stupid there are things to do outside in the summer where you don't have to like. I don't listen to bring to snowmobile. Doing meaning he's go outside and you just go do stuff. Showers. This is a no brainer. If you sit them. This. And notice. So those. Senior using shower for the winter is to warm up a little bit yeah that's dumb no that's nice it more appealing to you even though you and your. Comes might my age friends are gonna get on the again. There's not a better and more along the an hour which are almost shrine you and then coming inside it's put in your face directly in the cold water having a rinse all your hard work also view that's true reaching out to the little area where your soap and shampoo is. And feeling the champagne and beer and Miller high life. Senior cold shower in the hot. I'll give you that went through this was tough for both and others to your Doug do you use and where are you leaning you have to choose I don't get sweaty because they don't exert so argument mostly to stay warm in the winter with a shower. Yeah exercising. Past. I'm what's exercise in this little showers 159%. Summer so that's the exercise it was 45% summer eating. This is the only one that well when two digits there's more variety of food the Summers are grilling now I know all the meat smoking and all that stuff going ons you have that whole genre. I'm hungry. I I did ice pick winter because like all your eating holidays are in the winter and it's true faith seriously and all Altria and so while I don't want anything but sushi salad in the summer I don't want I don't you I don't like I don't care less Soka. Did you go to some. Among women ask your legs like we're. I'll leave idol winner warmup and its shadow on me or whatever but it's like this summer into lets me. Habits like general lost the content is regular Lola we check my grill that's all right. So eating. Was 56% winner with with the winner. Leading. Yeah you don't do it every season. If you had to choose a you guys you've you've certainly you like to buy incineration solve all spicy Indian Summers always relate their goal on the style is my favorite season to help us all the men. Car seat. I don't know Arnold during another big coffee drinker but I'd say whether. Because it's not yet there I had to take him to virgin guys toss you some okay. And final one and this is this is inward we have to discipline is thought yeah I would put them Paula. Sex relations where it. Boom. Price spring late fall got to choose winners such folks that. Yup both. But can you both so I take what I'm like I can you would drift to what ever know which ones are voicing winter I could never have relations in the summer now you you sense in which where it was a better. Are gonna go with winter why. Because it's like you're good you're good I birdied ten year old Mormon cousy did you would know it's not stand and that is by the way winter winds on that when he wrong I'm a summer good. Yes so much every scantily clad you can get by him. Stories this revelation three articles of clothing on right now but I get that there's nothing to the imagination nobody if you took. Mentally there's like an inspiration low energy. Nine simulated in the event that. You online and I so far only winter in India to fish in the official saying winter one Mike's four out of ten yeah. Russian winter with Steve Steve measles. Giant grizzly bear arms Shia holy dozens where throws but our FaceBook pages of the soccer and Steve fans page over on FaceBook. Would love to hear your opinions here.