Slacker and Steve - Super Celebrity 5/31

Wednesday, May 31st

Super celebrities do exist. Check out this social media headline shared of Roger Moore before his passing. What’s your celebrity encounter?

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Steve are there. I am rack my brain for Thomas liberty was cool idea critiques and stuff so. We talked about super celebrities a tiny met somebody. Or. We don't have to deal like a formal meeting we just somehow you you've got involved with a celebrity and it turned out they weren't do you died because more often than not in my eight experience. It is partially our fault because we build them not to be something we think that when we get to meet them. There's gonna be a connection in or they're gonna listen to your stupid story about what ever happened is they. I'm not a movie. Nights. Eat yet here and I don't care trying to eat a putting on my false face in my full smile hoping you do is go out all that yeah anyway. We have made a living Stephen I doing this show saying she. And. All of god girls through girls don't do cross do you. The true story but she's a little jerky they keep pitcher right we never a situation the positive. Front horse passing. It's a few weeks ago I remember how long ago was has made people come out and start telling stories about him him and she's British. So. I feel like. This stereo typing is very staunch. Very. Proper and probably a total. I mean I I don't know why I just look I don't know I was like a huge movie star. Had relations with tons of women now wanna be bothered with them. David de crap that comes along with being a Hollywood did and I love when the celebrities surprise us are not being what we thought there's good guys who if you haven't seen this thing it's a pretty long posts and I don't I don't wanna read the whole thing that he was. He said he was a seven year old. And she saw James Bond Roger Moore in the airport. And dot. His granddad to take him over to him to get her to get an autograph his granddad had no clues there that. Aaron this guy is so they get over it sank the good grandpa says my grandson says the same asking you sign this. Bomb so Roger Moore I sustain signs a thing to do is on his way he gets back or in the chair where they were sitting us. He screwed up he signed the wrong name itself some Roger who's this rise was to be James Bond. So I yeah. He goes back over Sony since Graham go back. I could did go back over to my granddaddy Sanyo bronze he puts someone else's name. Oh yes so I remember seeing better seats in my granddad saying. Said you send the wrong name said your names is James Bond whatever his face critical bout with realization and beckoned me over. So win this kid gets over he tells him he says I'm. Blow cells might found out I was here if I didn't sign it with my alias name bond villain you know blow them. Is and we'll feels I think it's huge catch petting guy I'm not really sure I assumed it was the bond villain. I mean. Brilliant comebacks she tells the kids look. Don't tell anyone you've seen James Bond thanks for keeping my secret so that kids from that moment forward I was like. Mateen spawn but he sang this other name. This is all right there is enough right he's a great they have a total secret together. Years and years later. There is a benefit for like UNICEF for something and Roger Moore is there and this guy is I helping set things up. And comes out Tony knows. Uniter remember me but I met you in an airport in the east end. We will do this exchange music you you said you couldn't sign James Bond because we'll sell food finder whatever games. Roger Moore like I don't remember that the thank you that's really kind of DeLia. And then. They go through the whole event and as Roger Moore is leaving he starts playing knows there's a lot of people in there of course I remember. The blue filters every seat. He remembered every detail and just years before. And even if you didn't. Stop or to story. So liberty I never met I think we talked about old Johnny I want him to beat authorities are great guitar player. I don't wanna go into the store but he was not a nice person you wanted him to be like he wanted to jam. Who kept. I think I maybe expected you'll. This puts for a layup. You're an intense. Urgent GM shreds. It's no use tool but I don't wanna tell that story to drag and what we're doing here down I want people to like. Think good things like we'd just awesome stories about shock. Yeah Sharkey knew what he does a lot of stuff. But nobody knows about you as a lot of good stuff behind the scenes he seems like just a huge oaks and kind of yeah I mean do because he's mean. But if you ever watch any NBA stuff human Charles Barkley fight like an old married couple. Like book. He. Said. What are you know that he did he pay for some he's human right. He did there resists both original big mam basketball player from the fifties it was legendary Bob Bly passed away penniless. It's a shack her dad he contacted the family said. When you get the best for the sky in a recovery at all Andy explain why not just because this other guy was a bass was tall basketball guy. But because he's another tall human being and in check could sympathize him going through every day normal life being seven foot plus tall so. He would hadn't paid for all those guys. I mean that's not what who expects. Your Justin Bieber is of the world to do it ready just let you down Shaq threw eggs that your house is we want the other site should act again. Was cast say. Somebody who worked there or was walking in. Like broke downing a bad news from somebody right yes we broke down asserted sobbing was a it was a girl and Shaq was walking in the door and saw this in my -- go to UK using American do helped Iraq helter inside. And then apparently there were that he was having lunch or something saw the girl again got up during lunch at one over to make sure she was okay. Return to that store all week later to make sure food I girl and her brother we're still OK who does that. Rights they just people don't exactly. There was a story also about ensuring another great do you clearly just as she so he had this girl. And his music had meant the world to this girl. And when she finally now she's breaking down she's freaking out any literally looked Saturn says hey it's gonna be you can't just try to stay happy for me okay. She said those words have been stuck down in her head and it forces her to live happier life because he's sorry as a person. And not just a strain in her similar buys his records there. I know we are nervous of that do you think knowing this the celebrity the rocky demo yet no one's gonna know. Who knows they want you when you sized pitch you know who you're right this second yeah yeah when I nobody's gonna I was action figure goes. It's all after he was called in well laughter. So obvious a couple of bodies were walking downtown the city and deli do another cross another couple group dudes were all waiting to cross the street. And almost on some notes my god is that is that Tommy Morrison and she was the villain in rock. Beat her wanna go say nice to meet you guys so as a Vermont across the street he saw homeless guy. And so Tommy kind of walked over by himself pull out a moorish sweaty water a 400 dollar bills. And peeled off to adjust candidates and the guy. Now I could tell thinks she was doing at shell all Tommy or you could tell he did not do that for show in fact as we got to the club we were going to be said. If they ask I always give. In Seoul and he was able to give all lots back 200 bucks a variety and that. Like when he was seem as to tour bus or giving somebody a thousand bucks right it was yeah they're in Mississippi is and always do 200 yet he's wasn't doing that to impress us. Yes have you met a single celebrity electoral they I have two great celebrity encounters stories so the first one happened right after I started being producer for you guys a show. I was in the studio and wearied by getting ready did you our show and Gavin McGraw came by. And he is a great guy he is one of the best guys have government but at the time I'd never seen before so we walked into the studio. I do you know record wraps around him and other people from guises from bands and fifteen people surround her annum plus people from the station in an all that's up. And it was when my first days here and so I figured I'm just gonna kind of sneak off into the corner and just be quiet and watch this and see how it all goes down. And so Gavin and all his crew came into the room and he slowly went around said hate everybody. And I was back in the corner. And Gavin looked over and Sami. And made eye contact and broke through everybody came over and you like pace rating get a chance me on Gavin while and it was just like. You know ounce while hey ray he noticed I was standing over there outside of everybody else and like you made time to Carlo or not save like introduce himself. And every time I've met them from like since then he's remembered. It's so we say you're not quite sure you call it. Not really does the I don't like because I told about one time I was like you're the first like rock star got Aminu is like that you know when he is like get your center over in that corner like kind of were by the window thing and I was like okay he's a Cervantes and you can see just thousands and there was no room Reilly's around San and then the other one was my dad used to do a lot of stuff with the W did when they were the WWS. The wrestling Sara. And I was a huge hole kogan fit and sewed they came into town and my dad was doing some of the stadium announcing for them minced. And he went so whole cocaine and summoned back hallway and he was like listen. My son is a huge fan can he may be just like me can you sign something foreign. And Hulk Hogan was like no problem just bring him down. Probably down not only did he signs up for me let me hang out in his dressing room the whole time before the show carried me out on his shoulder. All I still to this day like you know the whole commit our own you know that I pollution asserts that he would rip apart I have three of those that he would Wear in the ring that he gave to me that Blake so that I could costs territorial open he had that's that's for reviews. Awesome southern if also liberties. Are jerks to me. These unique company. While each enjoy the experience in the celebrities and it's like every tyrant and when they're just total deep and you know I think you don't want to have. I blow examined my life oh you guys tall and if you battening town with a celebrity you didn't suck there was actually super we want to hear your story let's start with Mindy. Not a super celebrities. Okay. I won't at rest trying to head little strip mall well and by myself having supper and we have very short dress two know. To into the restaurant and I got those millions who it was and I know life. And I found tucked into the host this it would spring and then they started looking at you they keep Auburn MIT illegal. Are you may be and while I say I go. Yeah. How can we go forward from your wallet out in the parking lot so I thought I'd try to return it any less than a hundred bucks into my wallet farming. Yeah it's always turns your wallet but he gave you money. I just I don't know how to save us but we have to we estimate note this can we're trying really hard to be positive. This is our first time it is anyone has ever said the name John Elway. On our show. I mean when we talk about celebrities Tommy John Elway still Philanthropic Lee he just happens hospitals and he had an amazing dude. But anytime somebody to people all these terrible tipper he's brood you're more size so. This is the first time anybody's ever had something nice to send you I'm I'm I'm happy that he's. Got decked hero that he would take the time. And not just step over a wall and they need to view money now. And you know for little child fourteen I drew a picture Palin made it look like it a rookie with both cheap and more pitch. And he came down maybe charity each in basketball and miniature donkey with a volunteer fire. Coach John Elway hangs on to strip mall. But we don't even know that I did the comedy well that's cool. I mean I'm really happy that we turn the corner with mister mister Owen. Alison. Yeah I supersonic. Without so much golf sang Arab calls a little used to have the golfer he asks back when I was little used to live on the spring international golf course and worse and tag he would come up and if I am very happy amount everything cleared it up right where we for a thousand dollars a minute weekend. You why would you use your your current girl and an eight yeah. Do I'm sorry what can I lemonade stand. OK. Any tips you sort thousand dollars no reading it that's what I needed it without learning each year. The style all. Died. I mean you can. How many glasses of religion gives her dreams. Outrage it leaked Saturn. God didn't. That's why I don't did you see or lose your license from medical since you left people every day. And that's our that's awesome NN news or loyalists and hey Andrew. Guy super celebrities. Yes so I was just urge her job interview made here at school then. Didn't also noticed an army airport and I saw I did can you believe it's just a lighter woods. I'm and for me that's huge to make huge nerd and I happened to house my entire air apology allure of the arranged with Ian my path. Course you. Okay yeah pain you when you say you're a huge nerd your hustle. Clay joking yeah I'm also glad to cover up which hey you know I. I know it's obvious flaw approach to make a tightness and he kind of you know this same and you guys did like wow you have a whole series. Yeah I'll always argue yeah. OK okay yeah it's true and there's no known I'd be in this humorous remarks. Super apostle on nerd since the death. But here's a look at CH I did you try to cut a little storage unit and trying to sort of back again and so those allies who would not play all my god so to me go to some of those great to. Are you join us. The chase he's doing my nerd can't do it if Elijah woods gonna Simon Lord of the Rings trilogy. I want him to sign it or not it was all six movies probably by now like I wanna miss kind of thrown up on that's his character of yes no I want this no doubt we'll throw bag and slaughter you absolutely won't throw magazines while that is not a super cool man. Then you'd call. Huge. Sorry you do yeah yeah here. Holes like I say god you're like six movies. They're really do I'm going to security didn't frisked every day Israel you've got to have some I don't know why the content that oh my god David. All right Don Zimmer celebrities. I saw a couple years back we can you money for Christmas. And now we're epic movie collectors and and I ended up getting in touch flip side Johnny jet's public says. Yep going to be blitzer at the time any I have to talk to you need GI. Each that you can overcome water perhaps. He actually ended up calling my wife on conspiracy. And Merry Christmas. Why are. Real Johnny Depp played just say he's staff and called. Yeah yeah that's super nice guy. And we get out of the country by you try to get her. Regular call. You just you bring in a much since he had it did I he wears Davis on the others were among up you everybody for Christmas it was like I would call Johnny gas yet Clady just stood there and how we might call a government assistance program note I'm Colin mr. adapt if I'm calling Jack Sparrow does he win you can do with the. I'm trying to get not just Smart perhaps you know you really like both working at trying to expand turn eight. In a darkened that heads the USA today in New York Giants beat guys publicist or member earlier stating that time many. Wow I don't talk to the extreme you know it's a complete library grizzlies had some losses they held the continued on Damon but I just it took a we are very. It's just weird column is known to have many will make my mortgage payment I didn't wanna call the Julia Robert this is. All but I'm Jessica the guy super celebrities. My mom was working hearing that tore at hunter venue and Whitney Houston wouldn't count on her seem ready each works and that talk to my mom a little bit my mom very recognize your skin and a ball cap. She ended up losing my whole family down cute front row seat change I believe the child and our future holding my hand. It's a sudden he comes backstage and remembering an ice cream like stand date that's coming back and had a drink cream cart and I got. Or do to put a good just you Hollywood crazies to assist does that same crap she's since her people out there looking for young people. Who she can bring back seized and I would backstage in netter for learned a social stuffy crap. Which is she still lovely but she does exactly what would you like she brings kids vacuuming her son in the after the season the thirty year they do while some really kind of was doing their own. Wow Bobbi Brown team Bob hey as a fresh circuit some or whatever could contribute to these kids daddy Erickson. Up front and definitely has a different take even the gun doesn't while I hazy day. Ai eight super celebrities. I get so there is approaching my life in my first year anniversary and I chipped up about six months to buy ticket to go he wicket. In a feeder out to afford it wouldn't and when we got there. The U Derrick Turnbow we want to take it ever thought I had no idea where they work. My life is. Falling because she'd feel that it was her fault early. In this always trying to find a Dutch pay I can help you out if you'd like and we turn around and it figured out jenkins' pick. Sleep straight up by that's all tickets. Negotiate out showed that night and they were incredible tickets like six Brokeback well right now. How does ran really nice now to have musical. One. That's okay how cool is that no he's not actually. I got and also daughter was very you get a call about any. Talking to my wife's been here dare do relax a little bit. Off. I don't think my wife is not a clue what it happening much much later. She didn't realize it was weird now. I don't want. That's pretty cool I didn't see him being cool what seemed either way you know that you do you hold this level. While those grow anywhere you face whoever the killer. More hits albums I heard Steve FaceBook needs.