Slacker and Steve - Superstitions 2/15

Thursday, February 15th


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Steve tight end who wanted to superstition who are no reason you. Obama I am educated so I don't have superstition you we talked about this before when you are baseball player oh lead things I had one. Which is ahead have a pink home in my sock. Now. I through your. Not quite as much now I did throw two no hitters without pay tolls so superstitions work I did good did that with the will you you know you're banned marriage you all superstitious. Did you ever was. When we go grab a couple glasses of water and when we cheers each other. At that I know your doing their winnings this value are supposed to do that. Why would you not do that to me it is a matter but it's all. A similar line. Okay Narnia and above courtesy if you're like why would you what how what do you how would you visiting Nevada an old German saying it's based on Greek mythology that if you cheers with water you're actually wishing the other people that they are dead. 100 died. I what I wanna know is. Who's wishing death on home is it neophyte instigate to cheer. All say we also wishing death death on each other it's like oh yeah. Should. And is now in the hour isn't the person goes I just. Do wonders if Jack I wish I think that's the dad's name and question that's a weird superstition that I'd never heard before today I thought it was just the person with a water truck -- years ago everyone run into those cheers cheers and I didn't have an alcoholic drinks are held up by water resort on. So were we wishing death on you then no water persons wishing death on the others. You wanted to be that way it is I'm wishing but any time you're out not drinking and we are. The death wish is well is now. This should change. And that's all you saw the designated driver. Died. Do you don't play they do. I was really well Clinton who also new is it you've got wind what's your superstition. Is it isn't something lucky is there are you one of those people who who's afraid of all certain scenes. Night you're the one that's afraid to EC a pay anyway its heels look did the article that's it I won't pick up a penny details of any changer just depending. He Buick. Okay not spend a lot of time picking up change show. But I you stomp on I don't. I don't know but I did yeah it is not a sign because you believe in this one it's mostly a penny okay mostly you know. Well I mean so let me ask you this so there's this list of superstitions came out about a bunch of Hollywood stars and their mostly clothing related like Helen nearing an always gets a pair of clear stripper heels. When she goes to an award show detectives hear those heels are so old but every time she wears them. Gillibrand do all the women are like little film or digital Eli got an album only wearing to the Oscars now. Our Serena Williams ties her shoes and a specific way like correctly. I would sounds silly title god there's like I'm. A bridge and into it all okay has to be done was say yeah there's a good rhythm and then somehow she wins mean she's she's the most. Winning tennis ocean almost all time mocha gap com so I knew what I superstition I have my I had my black trench coat that I truly believed. Rockne power over women and infect you had a nickname for a total power it won't this is your lucky yeah. Go to tower was sent to the people were always want to borrow or steal and I will say this and other people aboard the current power it worked so it's it was not a lot so that that helped to Mike you don't look up to the ladies what kind of power you it was just like you were doing. It. We're more powerful and you're you aren't exaggerations seem like when Jesus and Coca out of Manhattan rallied up. Let's wise too strict on you like just kind of boiled down to start a lot of time thinking about to go to tower because it was nice wolf. Trench coat a wall locally and make something few weeks but it overcome you would Wear over a suit and stuff yet. And I think their reasoning had in wielded such power is that I was going out a rocker clubs. Where everybody was in Jean jackets and leather coats so I don't think actually any power dealers oh that kid can afford a 400 dollar jagr as opposed to this Jimoh crews got to thrift store. Did you Jack generate a war zone here really I don't know that it had the power that I. In retrospect now. I'm so superstitious about it I wish I had to go to tower balconies would happen when will resume power I don't know what it once he's a while sometimes power comes in deer lives. Sometimes these things so you left and on the bus I. Somewhere. Or somebody stole it 'cause they knew this all the movies you'll go to power the power doesn't work anymore you thought you accepted the power I don't know. My I don't know I don't know the total power rules this sleeping this. But this superstitions sooner we don't weren't addressed yet so there's here's something in Lithuania that I do that is superstitious and bad what if you whistle endorse. What are your work why you whistling and whistling while you work it's forbidden to whistle indoors because a new ways is believed to summon demons. It's not. Was happy and peppy young hose is beelzebub. Gonna go and foreign element you're still here. She took it up for him. In Tucson meeting carnage that there. So yeah. I whistled and knowing the game that you're you can still be here but has anyone ever seen Satan and Steve together no. Game whatever happens and ours are whistling that means. Jeers. And I can you ought to minicamp but not undermine. Pressured our lawn. Don't you must be great in bed by hale shoot technical. Yes I whistle almost all time distract myself. Okay I wasn't bad and so is what we wanted to there's we worried we can go for more superstitions what we read or hear you Duca would rather talk to you about. You're afraid to sleep when your head to the north's. All so real saying it isn't I forget which country they forget to watch it can. I didn't sleep in your head to the north is bad. Luck because that's how the deceased are led to arrests into the net all the dead facing north. You know on Japan I think it is you know when you take your chopsticks and you stand him straight up he jabbed me in your foods we stick up that's really bad luck because that simulates incense burners and a funeral. And so if there's to construe what. Yes he then would ever ever ever do that's me all my. Don't wanna sit and also what you don't know why is you are and yeah. One of my split down on the table so I just need to put it on the side here played in a lot of nice Japanese restaurants and the Little Rock there that you satcher I always wonder what the helens is in the way so just stab them and you know I've been to a nice restaurant review and you spend the entire time trying to pick up the rough with chopsticks and Mike. It's not what it's for dude I protect your iPhone four with a youngster did you want to it was a long time ago clearly because it was the iPhone knows what a month ago I just don't. If it's you gotta superstitions. And it's we heard. Silly we want your silly superstition story's not Katie. Yeah I superstitions. My mother had an address book that will predict if people stay married. What's important for protection we always knew grist in your patents or whatever the hat didn't know how does that work. Every every person that she'd ever known as she got in this address book it included me and my little sister. They like when they got married in their life if she changed their last name to their Mary last name they stayed married it. She didn't change a whole horrible. Did you stay married. I called up my agent follow Obama. Where he's sober in the books I had she scratched it out programs have been like me to. Help Erika and I don't my name yet. That is kind of weird that's really weird so then it's really hurt deciding yeah deciding as your mother decided where she's like. I don't put my blessing on this wedding so I'm not a change their name right eat. Well machine gun ones like when they got married the second time even if she didn't go in. Are the wedding she found out that they got married again if she'd go and she'd changed their name like she's looked back a few kinda like the one that should eat it just didn't change their name for whatever you then. Who need it their divorce. How how slacker listed in her. Yeah I don't know is probably a lot of axes served time. I mean. Through drive me do my name's not actually slash news slash page thank you really can't dating. Haley. Yeah I was your superstition. I hate stabbed animal life and Larry Young their bet my grandmother gave me and and an attitude with him and I couldn't come out silent how bad during. He's head couldn't. So it's like he had to watch over the dream spirits are similar in what is that about. Like. I had bad days I got the Atlantic even if I spent and I don't have an apparent how I would call my parents and the like a pennant in other. Whole foods that can they tell us. Yeah that is kind of cools superstition words of that now. Actually and a three tell me how can give them away and get the. Did you leaving it in stride Rite Aid for the next person. You know. That's who cried and I don't did you see it now ties to their dreams are they like you just put in the landfills of the rest your life this film a nightmare sit with the but the. I'm I actually don't know them. That's a scary as I wouldn't let someone else possess myself personally no idea whether it Willy Nilly indeed thank you. Nobody. Guy what's your silly superstition. I call volume and at. Britain like Heidi even let you live volume art and. Well radio stations all our our odd. Yes they I mean there's no. 106 point 82 that's true it's one it's all I don't know yet but so you're all you can't be an eleven you have to be a tenor while number. At el camino as well. I know that they're lucky station the bond that even. So they're all doing it's good let's switch this. Everything about our station is not by the way yes include new channels you know. There you gotta go Melanie millions. Yeah I superstitions. I mean you can't encrypt the final minutes not Christmas. We wish you Americans. To zero. It's what happens what happens with. It's not bad but I don't know burning up my mom always log out and I'm sure it's good he didn't wanna hear encrypt the fun. But it has stuck with me my whole life and at any time I guess you're human being that the army like. How weird. Through this sort of breaking news right now ready to deliver this message do and doesn't own them to run ours no doubt it's okay but Iowa used. Yeah. Is to us.