Slacker and Steve - Suspended 12/12

Tuesday, December 12th


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Staying on the pitchers have been suspended action laws trying to figure that I get detention a ton of times I think it only escalated to a suspension for one day wants. Really I was third fourth grade. You've been suspended from here. Oh and I just don't know yeah we've both been. Talk about when you're standing deal will be when your kid Reid and adults map from live from the old folks home where he had this is from. On air hosts this is only Conan. I was kind of Doug never heard that yet an air hostess has been suspended as she was caught on camera eating passing. Your meals so well so it wasn't like she served into she hated man served until on the so what. It's still illegal so Gibson just taste testing so they were done sir doing the meal service and there was leftover food and apparently she was just kind of eating the leftover food. Or some of the ones that weren't served. And some video of play another flight attendant videotaped her. Yes is that if you eat all food that's aren't you really do but the airline doesn't it's probably a policy it is a big time policy yet. It's the day had to suspend her but you're right she wasn't hurting the other passengers it's. She was pop it open and taken a bite but so where does that sort of fingers in it right doesn't like to. Can. Utterly that's worthy of a suspension variety by the water Loudon since the act like did you eat. I think is gross I definitely don't wanna watch you would like W go around the corner if it isn't you know what I'm terrible when I go want to eat. I don't finish I never but. Only job I do and you know this American portion sizes are out of control perfect day are. Out makes it easy to you know men need to eat your full portion here in the Dick and I. I don't like dress over her slow because I didn't do all the way I like my stay Creighton medium rare rare plus second thing here how are you an. Boca so I just links but sit whatever and it's like portions are like. Big news waste them. Yes so what's if somebody walks round the corner and wants to Mal down on the rest of my rare plus states so for this typically. He's I think I don't wanna watch yeah. Truth now she's been suspended our odd loses five year old boy in California now all fear Steve was I trying day. To goad me into I was a goad your goading so this easy got suspended. For not taking his backpack off. Do you do well woods it's it's the he got suspended because it teacher said take your backpack off he said he can't 'cause the bomb inside would go. Offs if I do there it is so when they had to call it do all the procedures emblem above the law they had to inform the parents that your son made some sort of I was ago. Be terroristic threats shall most stories like this most parents eyes were bright and most parents in this instance would blame the school blames decides everyone else is small but my five year old so I was asking you it was apparent. Your job you have to back your kid at all times or if this kid who's blatantly in the wrong is it okay for a parent can go you know why you're right it was. So using this kid who played clean our own. Yeah absolutely. He doesn't know kids don't understand similar eleventh and there are you better reads all lights. The parent said she was trying to use his imagination. Right if they couldn't most parents would of sued everybody the world because then my kids never wrong so what kind of respect the parents there well. Easy is it is imagination as a matter he still broke the law. It's a sign here do you as a teacher honestly think he had the skill set or. The HT PC. Elton receiving his parents or something like sort of cinema school I thought this was our our archer kids taught us now live procedures when your kid goes to school are pot rules of the school witnesses should be run on the right by the way you can use these words you can't do good and which don't tell a five year old don't make a bomb Turkey's entering in an order bomb threat is so you don't put that in their in they're. Now steeler you don't even see that to a five year old is then you're almost put planting the idea in their which you gotta correct the five year old for doing wrong I would covers what you did wrong but it's like kitten suddenly say he made terroristic threats. Was like being a little boy is like little might GI Joe's got a bombshell. To my keys mounds. QQ won't trumps. Rules and regulations and laws instead hypocrisy. Is the man who waited in a liquor store to steal stuff and spray painted things and so clearly you're right now you wanna throw a cute little bomb carrying five year old out of school bats instead mark you know Internet is there's this weird but the law is the law who once again we're gonna make 800 exemptions to one law than just give. A lot of I think cute trump suspense steadied the I heroes don't get ready for something a five year old her five year old and a one day suspension as he showed of a word. So you would do what you need to sort of organ when your turn guy wrote the B word on the chalkboard just sit keyword yeah just to be were. Right so it shows a Vijay is broad the BURPI and everyone knew I was. The substitute teacher that day who by the way it was a sweetheart she was anything but a B. But someone told me to do it and they did it million erases sat up there so that was what one day I finally schools actually and a couple days I was in public. Okay yeah we heard a little different outlets and that was like ruler against arms like a week after. I'm I. I hate other than saying yeah I on the air when our bosses told us not to any other sites we've had with him I've never been suspended for me because you feared authority in schools you've never got to school suspension but you and I together I never saw that I never thought I would get a work suspensions ever. And now it's like that almost looks forward to talking. Could protect what we do yeah. Hi to the bust our current occupants and I got suspended from middle school one time because. It was lunchtime and there was this group of girls that were taken a picture in and they were all huddled together in one of them in the middle how to. Apple on red choose hope and an apple there on my friends is like some he's got to go hit that apple some Hassey and so I went running full speed in just. AS and the apple went flying directly into a girl's face in the back row and Mike shattered her nose now. Are always everywhere she's all yeah disfigured for life if you think so I I had this I don't. Three day air and I wasn't pretty there as an ambassador I had dropped blood yeah first look you've got to go towards automatically 30 I feel like you don't know. The opener but what do eurobond should want. I think Lawrence dumb yeah. Five here first of 55 you know it's his first offense but so apple to the faces of three now we see Ella I was three days I see that you have to cool some people are gonna call what they're suspended number no I'm trying to gas is CEO how limelight it. The World Cup or from school. You tell us what you did to get suspended and will try to guess how long the punishment was we want your suspension. Stories Danielle. Yeah I suspended well. It wasn't it. Mean it was my son and you did this golden. On that score the salary you know all the kids later on on the plate there aren't running around your neck saying he is playing football. And one of the boy that you think football list operations are nice I. And the kid broke his arm. Who. Means you know hey yeah. Yeah it turned into a brouhaha showcase these broken arm and this was after the bell starting on us yes this after bullet Okur. I am playing football on school grounds coming amazing gallons worth. Broke and other kids army he should be a suspended for a living but I'm gonna say because it was after school is wheezing now send us are playing football that that's gonna happen near you started OK okay. Among say the school overreacted in dude five days who China. I do you will go. After school. Varieties. I'm dual but it's a broken arm and we've Rihanna still Garcia is my reactions due to Jack L needs. I'm gonna try for this summer no one day on this one who do they get. You guys treating his parents don't need you also got as they expect and probably crests are designing and you had to Alter marginal crop this. I'm always on what our probation earlier. Oh my god for Floyd Little. It was horrible all right. He came running home to mama Moammar both part of what happened. Press charges on crest target Donald Lou we're at eighth eighth all her little football bowl and we eat at a carp aren't. There's EU capital of the book he's a cart will be well if you file out you know. Warren tells her name wow yeah that's out bird that's beyond a suspension thank you really cause and you easy shoe is on the weekend and just right call upon the other stuff. He. Had a nice spend. All I do and an eagle I think you're new here and Mike and I decided that we it would be a good idea they're right through. Did not appreciate that other clue about what a great great great start spatter up. How we ran the MP there that I had a guy friend quite yet you'd this air react. Add it up the healing but I was a lad I'm adding I'm glad. And the didn't it Darren and directly outcome overnight get down get out and we are getting an audience you act yet not bad. It'd be pretty neat out. She is spread so you you didn't there's multiple totally are they getting wet but that's their full tuition and the sprinklers on its true. And then you have stated Dan and taunted them you go. This is a loan because it teachers egos instead I received that deadline has a good note I'm gonna make an example of this little girl who sat on a legend taunted me. I'm doing a full time on the strongman Paul do three you jokes are how long do you suspended for. Oh it. Why all liked it you know I do and I'm telling you videos that's exactly yup I dare you do fly what I. Tell somewhere. Eerie. Now here yeah that's when you'll brutal. Whole idea and our area and that's why did you humiliated them in front of other deep balls. You can break somebody's arm and get the last days sounds so that's pretty good. You know married. It goes on your leg permanent wreck heard or we try and Ivy League schools will back all our elite taunt her drums kick it there was the yeah yeah. But I suspended. I we're gonna coach Kelly maintenance. A pipe broke on our pool builder which was like up 40000 dollar or not cool. On our drug dashed in all of our off who were directly under. Are you are put rubber boot on it it lasted about three days. Sunday morning between morning chewed it burst and jump like a 100000 gallons of water on every. It's G. Said yeah so robber who was a that was was like not a company sanction thing was easier way of the guys bring it. That guy I didn't know anything about Cordelia I thought I did not commit it held for three days. All while I I can't believe you're calling for suspended because this is. You're tired and we're suing your strings out a worker I'm telling you the astronaut up I would say. A minimum of three. From war three days he now works a little bit this is still there does punitive variety I just have to. I suspend them you know what. I'd stand in long enough that he quit I don't I don't two weeks he's got to be removed from those yeah I anything I do nobody wants to see you tell us okay. Two weeks no tech and kids even if you don't 200000 gallons of water. At least two weeks how long we've gone far. Five days I have one workweek. Hey okay. Under hey good I would hourly upon their reasoning was. They now knew that everyone in our maintenance department understood. What not to do with it looked up and didn't want to risk by hiring me. Bringing in other people and them doing the same day law. Hey miles good runs here. Morals. Yeah yeah he suspended. Yes orange order could junior prom completely trashed a myself how could not really the problem the problem of when I decided to. Go on stage announced grunting and clean it wasn't my dog. You now know who Steve I'm. I'm wolf don't match the refer other radio stations it's within. I am sure those wonderful people all saw. On this one I'm sorry and then they realize you were drunk grain alcohol. Yeah yeah yeah new class of us there's going to be here that's the minimum that's got to be a week I don't know if high school ever goes past two weeks so I think that's I'm going a week on that he I got a agrees with five noodles I didn't how long's. A mandated alcohol toting. Yeah all that other crap that goes days sale until you do that in my head I'll probably go into iTunes I don't announce and so I don't know what. There's guys who.