Slacker and Steve - Swallowed 9/29

Friday, September 29th


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I no this this is not as guilty as the town though we want to swallowed debate is. So many different stories in the news and they've won two different state run beat the little kids swallowing something they shouldn't write. And then. Grown adults swallowing drugs that unless you kind of basics that we have here isn't mules but usually you swallowed something weird. We we wanna hear your story that there's this little boy 88 year old mom. Who swallowed the party's corner honeymooners. Which Steve and I both decided is now officially the band name for tiger Steve are you ready to or. Yeah. I'm so I mean the night. Now what I'm saying what Warren things. He slowed the party tutor you know couldn't get it out and and apparently couldn't get it down I wrote some notes lodged so then. Including yeah this is definitely time you know every time. If the a little less it was a begin lodged in his windpipe you know and it was a apparently someone Obama. More of a comic effect three and out really the party not a Big Easy how do you did aside shelf coach he's a sure. Thirty tutor boy I'm so so I would like this lab suggest I think we go back and forth. We're waiting for you call with your swallowed stories go back and forth between kid. In drug sore but it worked real bug here's and who swallowed a bunch of balloons a mass now this story is not for the week carted. This is it this is a drug mule. On. 4849. Years old. Slowed for balloons filled with masks some. And the police are like we know you have mass there so they just waited. And so he goes in the bathroom. And passed the boots yeah. So in order to not get caught. He immediately re swallowed. He's very good chip well one advantage is would that didn't. Do the good the did. I'd rather do time I coax you by each sorry am I crazy just take regardless I'm. I don't want to keep I don't know it's good when you're. If you found on the fist time I'll see how Friday finally stood over him shoot at a bit but what do you digested so I guess the balloon is never gonna it was I was stays intact. Just a sneaky news Taylor it is and it just steps and so there was any. This Colorado child and this this has happened a billion times I can't believe these damn things aren't so you know and this is so dangerous you can die a two year old girl swallowed Tony in those boxy but Bucky ball magnet here but these kids always where the parents doing getting these. A child at all. Bucky ball magnets for children. Right there not just children put. I'm proud CFTC did get separated in your intestines but do you always for children writing I. I don't know I don't know why they would be here and there there are just a terrible because you know we knew that it happened. Didn't she tell you're making fun who's Sheila go offer an easy ride it just discussion big time I wasn't making fun I was sent more troops should just about died from magna yeah. It was like in public to your kid swallowed there once whites yellows meg it's my hero you can slow it. I think they were just super cool people thought they were cool and you forget that you can she comes the other in your gut they do. You just forget to your kids most will swallow anything you have on. Two drugs Boca AF thirty year old woman was a wrestling team town international airport for possession of cocaine. She'd swallowed 100. Bullets with a bullet. Autos and auto notable that things are just tiny little thing must be yours one grameen Emmental skins and under to deem. I'm guessing they're probably just more of the balloon just bullet sized. Yes they waited for earnest it's hard to sort those out and then on the other one we really want is our about was this. This tumor this 47 year old man body had he is costing a lot. Mucus is not feeling well when he and and they space dot com. Because he was a smoker dates yet something in his long and whatever they thought it was just too low birth tumor you. And apparently. Upon further examination he was he played mobile traffic. Come through for us to see here. You Howard talk did I thought I thought it was Lego you order a Lego would have been a lot smaller travel Doumit has played mobile so it's bigger everything is bigger employable. So you're like I. I do not wanna get off topic here just we definitely want to Russell so little real support brands like go or don't play mobiles worldwide public when I play well this might Weis I was likes. You know as a child we I was pour right and I never got to play like noses are so when I finally got my first job that was one of the first things ever bought. I was I point nine new laws have a son much I can't wait. Mumbai and Legos I wasn't simply no wind clean mobile. And Mike. Cause a plea could. I didn't literally never heard it but apparently. In other countries and I noted is now tied invested. Outside. Don't lose on this crap to my kids won't even play tennis well yeah. The school allows us move put the tennis but we sat on the difference. It's that this student Magnus swallow. It until it's upon you just might lose here this little one piece is that rhetorical. Pledge that we. But since then you go to another country and where would you go to target types or in any other country. Where she'll display Star Wars Legos of being he's all plea deal. It's always good size secular level and lowering other countries who don't want to coach in America as I'm like oh yeah. I seats. See you are you receive the pieces are bigger so when it will only. Our traffic Koenig played. Here is yeah Yahoo! yeah since she was except and you sort yeah clean mobile traffic cone stalked him. Tumor style so everybody is 140 years Emmett he was caught with seminal works. Unless damage to their. Let's go guys would have been a lot better. So. Here's the deal if you swallow some doesn't have to be drugs order or toys they can be just about anything. We want your home. Swallowed stories I don't think it. Yeah I so want do what you swallow in the name of love. Well for us and they a lot of that my white so we're dating back to college arm were on the floor mind. Dorm room and she established she's quite. Being hit it and trying to proper but accused grossed out by some nutrition slang she had that accurate throw Hershey popped a big movie which has. Unusual for her and so this is joke trying to grow strong war I opened my mouth just like him or her own benefit cursing her out she. It'll amount it's I don't. Sting. And I'm gonna tell you you people know my buttons you know all my buns and I'm not gonna go through right now you are right in the wheel house. Girl she she literally. Stick slammed in your mouse. So shocked by it or yeah your name and just ask forward yeah I'm married are. Very. Hot hot hot hot. Yeah I'm a mile no go that made you come closer. That is an amazing scoring. Right through it bounces. Seoul. Urban why why is she said she was inhibited why would she do that our ports is Bob Dole and we just to me just say one more thing about what. That's some domain folk I hope he's ERS season until you can open your mouth right now I know I didn't like how. I never pretty good yeah. Truly. Yeah I swallowed. Up in all why won't let Leo sewing needle. Yes. Why I was actually that's not your old IE has been this kid an automatic. Take that follow up I had a that. And I went home and gotten to my mother's sewing kit and try to keep saying that it's my teeth and I get that Brett can play all my throat. What's. The hospital because it's short you don't know what kind of damage it's doing on the way down would you doing. I was so scared that held my parents are like three hours. And shook my sister by Lee may be kept telling me I could I. I went finally told them rushed me to the hospital had to go under surgery. To get it out. So they go in for your mouth or did they actually cut you open. They went and turned out they expect a big. Two bit of magnate Allen that race you know put out that way. And I. That's. That is view Obama thank you for the cause really he's. We need more around when you were swallowed mucus stories don't know brief. Yeah my silence. So I have a friend who is having stomach pain and make gambles liver he had in fact that I put great true. And they did an actor Eric turns out he had a ball point pen in his and had. He walked off. Hack yeah remember swallowing a ballpoint and how do you not remember Riley's little ballpoint pens. You could tell us the story we thinks that he actually remembers but he will montella when he swallowed up all white hat. The capsule on her she's she's an off such an important mentors the clintonites no Clinton could think that the clicking on how to go in India they surgically remove a ten from his contestants. We still righty who tried it I definitely saw in my orange picker yeah. Click here at the title cupboard like just about every day I know you know. Nobody is more stress that this isn't and then I sign all my important argument went nerds like this is a good look me in more ways than you can possibly imagine the Lisa. Yeah you guys so I know. Are what are you wouldn't do it for and at that I didn't. And we had been drinking quite a lot and he thought it would be really mean anything if you smile and one of them went off. Like health caps won't put them under. John learn more serious the lawyers didn't. Kill any new rocket in the water also knew it takes a while in the water makes him and it turns and like a dinosaur. My guess on all its toll might shrink or some excellent news good solution to limit. Yeah I don't think he eats well I didn't and Mike McKinley had been drinking a lot and then he immediately went outside and Lou. That's what I have heard that he. Antonio pastor told my. Weight can. You swallowed something and this size but still and we need to come. He barged into. While that. When those things called. And drove other people's drink yeah he's he's a yes you can just keep.