Slacker and Steve - Tailgating Doesn't Help 12/15

Friday, December 15th


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Staying. At Kansas where the line starts it. I start and why I don't know if you're talking weren't talking little easier and higher truthful. Horrible lie I have no idea but no. Okay what you pose the question together and then I'll answer miserable there is a new study out that says is finally. Steve has been proven wrong with the way he drive okay this is not why I do this though gaining doesn't really get you to your destination fastener John. I air well I guess but that's not how that's not why I do it. I see why will he does it why do you do it the only time I tailgate is elect a person in front of me know that they're doing it wrong. That's the only reason I know I'm not to begin work I'd leave plenty early you know that saw a member in a rush to get somewhere why do you drive attack because to let other people though the to give the program you don't roller. Welcome you with a program so they get out of your way said he you can get where you wanna go faster so yeah okay. You don't care then why do you what do you have to tell them because they need to know why they need to know okay. Also route is hoping someone will step up and let him know that I'm happy and they don't like I don't actually should go by road is like. Yeah. That's because you'll step up knowing dude yeah I'll take a step further OK let's say were in the passing lane the car in front isn't passing anyone the car behind him there does not allow Olajuwon and on the third car I get mad at the car in front of me for not taking mark responsibility to let the cargo truck and that there. Yeah second car is just a is guilty whose car number one right agreed to a 100% yup yup there's there's a reason broad ranges exit nodes you. The reason why don't just get the program only have a reason to get married. Our program. The world yeah this everyone's so the fact that there's all these dumb drivers and there's you guys could easy even remotely possible. You guys at the time no word we are in the right you know what I like you want to drive over the speed limit to what you're doing right now what your purpose is deep all Carl and I. Because I know. It's okay you can't see it Jordan's what you're talking right now you know what you're little DT to show caught up. I'm gonna run and grab some water some severe hot. It doesn't get a little extra something that it's it's that is how road rage happens yeah. But they studied it says if you would stay roughly half way they. Between the car behind deeply did you leave my guest house a car or more distance is actually 10011002. Was the law but anyway go ahead. All we're talking about the law on this show you rarely delve into what is legal we're just trying to ditch in the air filter on the right way Jack. I was there would be a more constant flow of traffic can you keep going because there's a great term for all you morons in there it's a towards you know remember does that the wide. I'll same time we know the result there was and there were some. But by bad driving habits seasons all caused. By people would bad driving habits all we will do you do is she going out to you pick your bat driving happened. Hopefully he'll rectify what it's doing so you. What you're not getting some there's lots. They're saying they could help rid the world looks and some star Los brought on by bad driving habits not deal with the bad driving Canada's all of you people are tailgating. The entire story. Is about tailgating. Still gaining isn't so bad driving attic where you're doing it to get somewhere faster car or you're doing it sure. That's a bad. You're like you just pointed out though you door doing the bad driving. This whole heartedly disagree did you just yeah. People didn't. How did you guys we have some snarl ups are caused by these morons. Who were trying to point out to do wrong you know the sixers star closer because you soak up a map per cent and then they asked breaks in US to break and it makes you run enough room sealock about the people walking up and it's like an inch warm and it goes like here it stops but if you guys are all at the same. Just since I don't know when they slowed down everybody would slow down and wouldn't turn into our biggest symptom or they would just realize that they were going to slow the vehicle and and wouldn't even have the illegal let's play would continue to move everything you're right what goes yeah. And new world the squirrels can run out some gonna happen though it's still and because you should smokes are tailgating. Actual cause is the you wouldn't be too old media if you were doing your blood for no reason detailed job Georgie. Yes how hands on what are you do you think are you are yes yeah I who cited this in your own. Had cracked I think good food related to tailgating. So what I have to say is your own any. Considering drivers out there. Elsewhere example confinement a right turn the brain the first car. It is the first car that Beckett a car and I knew that their car. So all locked and the second car has slept like a half my old. You sing and dance too much space. So tailgating so bright idea then you want him to suck up on the car. There was another study a week or so go about that if you leave a little space. And they have time to pull out you have time pull out if you don't if you if you keep on if you're too tight each other. Nobody gets going fast enough. Don't know saying though let's if you if you come to a stoplight and you Gil de suck up are McCarthy. Like the route you Oca. Because then you don't get to take off in time you have to wait for them to get move on the Brazilian high aren't you in the predicament if you leave. Forty feet in between two cars chaser too don't you start to go you could. The flow of traffic it's going much faster if you don't remember it Soria a rumor that stories are automated. Food supplements. But what. Why it's just do the right people. All of saying it's your head in the game when you're in your car that's why you're glad you should speak to that should he you know we don't. What are your diverting attention to right so from that story like this flower. Is it bad driving habits whatever your motivation it's I'm do you believe this story was real and from the Internet. I don't know where was the. Switch. Don't lose up I could tell I made every now visitors McEnroe yeah. I beat it is it's blood here it took me a long time to read this yeah. So.