Slacker and Steve - Taking Eggs Out of the Carton 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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Steve Collins. We have to dump sites on the story. This is really doughnuts because I've ride again she'll. I can you believe this is a coup. And there's an argument going on on Twitter online and some of the arguments we've been and is like soldiers stupid. But this month reclining the airplane seat or not is prayer mat on this is. How whole lot. Do you. Take eggs out of a carton third there is room. To ice when no idea. I didn't know other people thought this ice for years always sought a wonder whether we will do this and know I realize you all do those. I don't join at all but you don't do it why. Carton. And then. So it's sitting I. I put mine in disc DA this looks exactly like to garden on that I didn't answer the door of the fridge there mine comes out it's it's okay classic version of the carton and it got you. And then. I pulled the egg dish out and the egg closest to meet Boca I take it. And then if I need another one. The next closest to me yeah we got it right there we're really that we have to clarify as on the knows that the next closest one or removing like left to right or you moving front to back are you moving there we knew what. I don't discuss. What difference does it make do chalky but big time. Literally have given C until the eighth when you got started drawing diagrams. I know our daughter our wife nor I I never realized that this matter to. Anyone Owens I just yeah see and no eggs no I don't like to outline no doubt Willy Nilly. You taught. Still take one out of the middle of the of good. Area just well just take. Close to what you end up like there's people better light won't don't today and turn it routed from the other and so bounces out Mike. So I don't think that's important for you because you have the exiting the just stays in your fridge but for people who are who leave it in the garden that they bite at the store from. And you're taking that out of the yeah cringe every time it makes a difference if one side is lighter out here and both flopped down his friends how. It was still all your regs of gravity will decide that egg thing down. Hi I don't know about you guys do is you know I've been doing the rowing machine a lot and in so I feel really strong elaborate by the way takes. And I grab the carton full of bags or a carton where we have current problem are gone and whatever. Come on strong enough to hold it up sure. Whether one side has more eggs in that particular than the other set and it's not about doing. Really well. But two big day it's a it's a good. Access it's about expectation expectation drinks and outsiders the different because when I go grab the egg Curtis Simmons fridge it's got to be balanced out I mean I got going in blind elements was openly admits that they're opening up OK you got some of the hands of the other balanced on wrangling is all. And I just say it should prepare for summer to come and just pull out there when I reached for my eggs. I have zero. Egg expectation. From. And I. OK so we don't we've gotten to a point where we've there's an impasse here. And I need you Steve so just to explain underwriting and clean English that makes sense radio which you're not going to be able to duplicate that is true you're in diagram. A little. First I'd hate did somebody show you just know it's just simple common sense in math and physics and logistics. OK so basically I applied like fifth grade math that I learned to like you know MBA oh you mean when you stopped developing as a human though that together on the result you're buying Jumbo exerted here. Oh my god. Would tomorrow corner it's Laura for your now we're going off the cliffs okay clobbered us human bone is never cooked anything in your life eggs are good for you more a better. Because if you buy the damn jungle Agrium Megyn I'd take recipe you can catch the prize is more on how important and good luck. How are you also now this egged it's like one and a half rigs he just doesn't work there's. Then you're not gonna do this I did ask for three eggs in your right you'll use to those jarring norms once. You've got a large eggs still large number like a large cage free eggs as a reminder brown what some would eureka scrambled eggs in the morning you have to lose like six to feed your family to baht to jumbos disease three and new regs last month. He's got a point soon thank you. Thought I was when I would describe what I do with my doesn't exactly Jumbo how. Well you know it doesn't matter how jump shot low so what everybody picture to rose six nut case. So do Brennaman sit in front of you. Looking down left or right to rose six years ago. What's a first and do it gradually keyboards so Q is your first day is down below that 123 board classics. So you go to the Y and you go to the H tank by tank unit. Anybody's got a keyboard in front pull over to get your opponent out of my legs are does one. What's the first and your take out. I leave Q and aid is a T and you were rumored TN HT NH sorely missed four corners filled. Always until the very end the my book court so the waited out the corners are weighted. And then this is the dumbest thing this is our is that there is some notes your first. Ask a single and metal yes yes you take from the middle and we need. Yeah. I'm just tell me a based on the diagram that he can now you're pretty obvious first we take you or ask patriots yeah spent cash. And then life. Oh I don't know it's been a mood I'm in good cheer or you would do literally grabbed why are we don't see that and also the U. Eggs always easier looks and so if you take the Y and then the next thing you would take would be from the other end yes I would suggest you have to be balanced again if you don't why would just topic you take it which is bottom but that's not balance yup so I decided. But there you go it's dolphins are an ever heard it's the smartest way to have your doesn't make Stevens basically the equivalent of like putting on what notes on your tire it's like when you move cars yet to go on like the star Saturday June you know I start tattered. You do yeah you did I just put him on no order like 12. You gotta do Arafat got a what do you what you really does that keeps retire balanced look at you don't know how to do the tigers right you don't want to do and I'll just say this I have my entire let us but when I would have changed spare no I don't yet get your car because it's all wrong and we got to remember unit titan America you've driven like 1015 miles either resign. Did you that's OK duke you're excused almost I don't know I don't know except at a club. Reconfigure the court and yeah I I honestly believe if I. I have a very important my guess just I'm gonna throw another wrinkle and really I want another wrinkle this I'd done this and we. Why would I removed aches from my card I go left to right I just said. Typewriters back yet typewriter like. Huge should teach whatever you had to fight a utilized yeah straight across ten but my wife. Just grabs Willie Millie oh Willy so I would go through and I'll rearrange them but here's the problem that I have. What do you do with your aches chills after you crack the day because this is gonna debate in our house. Four year doctor garbage and trash yet not disposal. Actor Jack in the court that she Communists immediate vicinity and then she can put them in the guardian or do whatever with them but she saves. Every single HL after she's cracked in the full -- court in the fully cartons so you'll go to sometimes and she'll put them in their upside down so looks like there's a regular Reagan their opinion rattling bass it's just an empty egg shell PG that's you don't would move its core I really read the bottom of the that's what I said to rise like its you can read his only complaint do you have. I know Dick you guys love each other but you've got to dump Zacharias that's that's us. I was seeing the same thing now you know that's so and so you can view it's long term of the things I knew what are you talking about accident. Her excuse is other people donut that's like it's actually done a sixty camera do it I don't care. His parents own slaves should they do that I don't think your parents own space but I was just making a lot of it's I don't go to the phone actually. Awful the topic that I now opening up to the gawker you're do you take your right now do we let me. No I take it on the right way and see everybody sooner miles. Sorry you gotta you gotta work outside and I don't do LeRoy we do run Brooke do you know now. You got to do light. What have what it would the first link UK and then and wide age and then keep going up and down into you reached the middle the person that it is. Willy Nilly pulling them out of the box did very well be a psychopath. I was the first ten minutes leaving thirteen dollar and when they get home if you're not changing and few. Weeks because they're probably the type of person that's also how. How do you psychoanalyze. This. Kind of run that so Dahmer. Yeah you think yeah how do we really need people to tell us but he had people I tell you before today and he. This. Never occurred to me in my life noon and the fact you have an accident. Gloating tasty you have where like I am somehow doing. It wrong will somehow my kids are going to suffer or are no notre kids will suffer just great to. Break the cycle soccer I hit it if you wanna tell us how you do your eggs Jumbo. Why don't bend diagram white board apt and put your answers on our FaceBook ads.