Slacker and Steve - Taking a Man's Name 4/24

Tuesday, April 24th


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Steve I. I don't know if women are going to be upset by this or not I don't either certain women I think might be a surprise this what we need on the song we wanna have a debate about something. We meet women. I guess you have to be married you are have to happen in your head what you wanna doom we women who are. 100%. Committed. To getting married and taking the last name of your spouse some and we need women who. Haven't taken the last name in their spouse or our 100%. Committed ten not taking the last name. There's stuff there Rio. The reason I wanna do this is there's this debate going on mine from this woman. Who says she's constantly judged. That she didn't take. Her husband's last name okay 'cause and people. Call her. Selfish. For keeping her maiden name. W zero cents to me but I guess there's a reason behind them the reason people say you're selfish I mean it just becomes a sin. Her argument is I don't know which way to start this. The argument for taking your husband's name is now you have a Stanley. Surname. So you're not planning on ever having kids I can see why you would just feel like it's no big deal but there's confusion. It gets involved when it's like. I mr. soccer this is my wife mrs. Smith. Oh and okay so you can get past that initial confusion but didn't go to parent teacher conference isn't like. Oh you're nowhere slackers. Mom hi this is records X and now that's your right now this isn't a reason to do it. But this is just tired of Roy through Kevin you explain every time running zone is yeah. I mean that's part of it I think a lot of women. Don't take their idea cut debt. A lot of women are perceived to not take her husband's name. Out of like an ST you do society. He doesn't own me and I when you take his name right did as a woman does that make you feel like he owns do them. Yes you took your dad's name is Shaquille O'Neal. You know I mean it points it is a tradition. Till I go. I was mrs. Smith and now I'm mrs. Jones. If it doesn't. I know you've always said you're not gonna be married but you hate your last name so much you would change. Or wouldn't I would I feel bad for what I would never if I was a woman get married to a man I would never change my name you wouldn't because this is the pain in the butts. It's what you you've been married multiple times. Now I had achieved if you don't even look at how long did you wife had a she had she did I mean we've both been married more than once yeah and so. I think when I got divorced have been changed for me right machine when she got a Porsche yet to do know she went back to regular. First of all and can hate this word to maiden name. Can we find a different phrase or differ word medium. To me that was always disrespectful to her anyway so sorry. You're you're Kapanen to a whole another conversation. If if you're talking about this. Like we changed where right now with all the different things that are coming out Dick dude could be sensitive and might not be sensitive and whatever. It's like we can you send it by any means and now the word maiden is sort of in a sense of static. I always thought it was and I always hated that Serbs are now even more like you said now what now today. Yeah that's that's up so early so she your wife went back to her maiden name yes when she Mary duke when she had a changer Mimi and she didn't want you because she had. Until the whole process she's nice. I was my maiden name then I changed his name right and I'd change Barack music is so much pain and I was like. But it. We're gonna Davies and I'd like eight and I was like I just I I felt strongly about it I didn't do a man I didn't say. It branding you with my last name brings me ownership over you and I sinks. She she's glad she did it now I I feel like she is because. We are worth Stanley and that's just who we are it's that's our name. And you kind of brought up a point to get away until I say this and how. Oh honey you change your name for an yet that is and guess which was a 100000 times percent worse. If you pay mine and my name is much easier yacht but then she was reluctant to have the but I get it though it's just a pain in the butt. I just I'm curious how many women. What are your motives are for keeping your whenever we want to call your maiden name is it. Is your only motivation because like what I'm not doing whenever one else does right. If that's enough reason few great don't do it. It's it's fine. The argument it's happening on the Internet which is one woman she says people are coming and going yourself such you are your purposely. Making it a longer conversation for everybody all the time every time he goes out its sights. I'm John McClain is my wife holly generics could could could could you tell if he's there. All of the notice and it's okay eat it's just. The people who are blasting this woman and are saying just being selfish. Zinc is having the same last name isn't the tire I have with my family and it's not you're never an emotional time your fame no matter what. But there's something happening. It's not like Canada seemly cresting right Kevin your castle but it's the shape it's idea we feel you not I feel like my family we're really united yeah under this name. My team it's not I didn't get it. It's had its name my great great grandmother what you know since the label when his he hated his last name we changed in my current last name to. Last name was Essex. But that was my let its edge that's a bad ass there. But I. I mean when US a year earlier it is yeah I would say and I who preferred shares of cool lesson to me is just a label I don't always wrap up check whose last name was Quinn. Check I know you look. I did in fact if we were gonna get married I had no problem taking her last sixty core and I was like cool logic to me is just a label you in this industry we go through names like we go through doors he could assume you know eventually it's just don't blame but it's got to trivia. Yeah yeah I I didn't ask him enough know I am now I do for you why. I'm I'm professional. The pain he changed and now but also I. Like my name and I'm realistic about what it actually get divorced but I also work and divorce walked Kurt start all but cart. So to but you sign it weird that your kids like the different last name we you have your kids have Euro last Damon not hits. Not I have compromised and told them not our kids can have his black. But I'm keeping in mind. OK so you're prepared to have to looks. But there's a lot of explaining going numb for the rest of everyone's lives are. Right totally but I mean I have my dad last name but my kids can have their dad. I just wanna keep mind. Nice yeah I know I'm a totally on board with you Laura I don't know why hasn't. Motivation is what it is III Omar was exempt. I just sort of I don't like the idea protesting for the sake of protesting if you generally don't wanna do it. They don't do it sites. Showed universe might want action is like the user not really show on the you have to figure out who announces entry into this now. Are any of us from a little bit thank you Laura. I Cheney. And I you take an Internet. I am I. I like he. Tradition behind his name. I also know how much you hear it I'm actually also a wedding planner why feet are all sides of the argument. All the time you orange there's a lot of arguments for. Changing your last name is that you any pain in the butt and a lot of guys don't understand what act like eyes. Were just as a world what more patriarch or in art in our society you can fill the winning changed their name which goes back to a lot of other traditions rate spike. The women are finally getting to a place not quite get on a soapbox but. Women are finally getting to a point where your name means something he met and know the woman before me said she'd profession in her professional life. She'd already establishing a name for herself brand rather than change that into a brand. As much it is a name. And there's a lot of culture to get you pack your traditions a lot of times through your name. But and that other cultures like in Judea and I'm. It passed through the woman who really have to know in Europe and so they're all these different I'd give it a bit. A lot of people aren't changing their name because they how life before they got married. I'd just because they're married doesn't mean they're uprooting didn't hire a lot like changing your name can lean on her other people that know what a giant pain in the butt it. I have to admit she lacks name. I don't looking couple that they get married they each seat in the air remarried my own and they actually their kids. I see net sales wallow in things are really long football uniforms that CNET tale where we're real high for me to kids is names with you do you you do your maiden name and or vice Versa insights Zell Johns Jannero McClain. Kids are yes you know it's John McClain and it. Ended Jannero hello McLean narrow our kids. Where is so this I see some NFL players the dudes will have hi I was a disastrous 01 K okay thank you are caught K appreciate the perspective. A couple more to Lonnie. I what do you think he's taken last name or not. My fiance actually gonna take my lack. Do you have a cooler alas there you go who's got the door and then he or she wears the pants let's figure out which one more of that. Yeah yeah. Had you. The dollar could not name but I would adopt it and I find my name to be I had my camera that I don't wanna give up. All year and they. And loves Sunnis and let's take it yeah or another he snatched Cole writes I mean that shows. I don't think you call I do that is awesome Alley. Alley. Not polo world. Alley. I had what do you think you take Internet. No all I remember her and Simon how long term relationship or common mom Mary Beth I would never take command black named it because of the history of every inning and and we weddings go how I'm. Men have to ask. Permission from a DIQ how daughter's hand in marriage and you're giving away maybe Altera moon only healing like a production like I am who I am and I said he shouldn't have to changed because I'm getting married it all wraps up but not bulk. Your birds that met wall isn't move I identity should not matter. Like whether I'm married or not has nothing to do it till I am of the purse pants and not just make me like people properties I would never take him while. Good for you is thank you nice here's Mike Mike after listening to these people I think all I really care about is that we have the same name. And I don't care if it's that would mean it is a crowd here is my last name your last name right hyphenated version we all choose some random name out of phone book for me. To be able to go in and say I mr. Smith. This is mrs. Smith and this is our son Noah Smith. Hi is it together in a way I feel is important your unit your unit yours again and bring in my for a bright you are we're dismissed Blake. Century laws against a more open apple if he gets so wanna yell at each other relatives say it's much less awesome. I don't know pleasant over on the slacker and Steve Danes were prince.