Slacker and Steve - Technology Screwed Me Over 8/16

Thursday, August 16th


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Steve I'd ever talk to you about how old technology screw you over to attack his job not us. All these different stories and Steve is like the you're right most more often than not it's it's person it's you lose your error I admit I don't it's it's always me I know because here's a thing. Back in the day. If you wrote an angry letter like your boss me Jim Matt who. There's there's a person whose whose mom made a really really Matt so they. Wanted to tell their brother every single detail about how their mom was just two total B and she said this and she said that so you wanted to tell your brother that. Forty years ago you'd write a letter. Or you call him via and then. He would answer or not answer and you accidentally called your mom. You'd be like chronicled the wrong person and you would never express an envelope to your mom is really easy alleged shooter. Right attacks too sure. About how about your mom is. And then we can send it to her oops. This girl did that's. Mom mom's mom was not. Almost almost unhappy probably there's a due to quit his job this is a story from a couple weeks ago. He's in nineteen year old dude who was a receptionist at a design company and just loved his job. His dream job we somebody texted him sane and basically somebody dies in and said they they said some about. He's it was a booty call yes I remember talking to story on the here when it happens. And around it wasn't booty call me. Joyce attorneys say they said the boss try detection and say I want you to come in tomorrow. And they left the word Janowski yeah. It's that he thought a low. You knew what tomorrow and say hey I don't remember schedule of a hook up about a buck and ease. Broke back a lot off. Racy stuff to his. Who is boss and you know there. Sorry he's not the bus is false lead you know. There is that if it hit its wording was there she's called bull he's culpable. Technologies the victim here actually ultra. Critical at all. Old shoulder. I'll lose. I. But this I actually seen this happen and it's kind of sort happened to me before 00 there is this person they said they were in a bar and they saw super hi guys. And they wanted to take a picture. And if you don't this is one of the many reasons why I leave my phone clicked over to silent. All my its own ringer none in my sound text or ever. Ever ever on never write mine too because if you have it all line. Your camera. Goes. When you take a picture. Oh all the mix is OK guys miss it makes the shot herself not she so there's girls Jesus super cute guy and is like oh my god I gotta finish as Alice adjectives as Aaron stretch. And tries be all on the down loan go it. You Fisher had the whole thing on plus the room was a little dark the rendition to the shutter sound would know there was a flash and so he. Size beached I don't know. Asus might not undertaken after the super embarrass yeah I see guys but to go back to your point. Is that it isn't the technology so that no method students know how to work attack here's here's. This is sort of technology legitimately stirring somebody over the good. Banked it rhymes this smells cargo. I'm sure they're fantastic. Arm they had some sort of computer malformed showed this over the last leg. Few years may be. On the bank claims that there is a calculation error utilizing the company's mortgage underwriting tool mean. It caused 625. Customers. Who lose their whole you like bear a film they were denied access to modifications it would have made loans more affordable. Bill we leaned yes 400 of them literally lost their homes to foreclosure and you can't we can't turn Europe and isn't a cure rate their dealership didn't. You get somebody else's dinner in my. You don't go and commuters messed up guys yeah Steve moved back to end at noon. You know you're screwed they said arm. They're sorry for the mistakes are red and they're gonna say eight million it's nice always there's OK on a new food. You'll sometimes intent salute the measles usually have a story about this seat is your technology had no. Yeah you guys took the call you make you undo and so you don't see any and all the bombs. Or should I got yeah that's a really technologies could you're watching a guy you're the guy who couldn't get anything to work at his house for like two years. Image simple web sites CU is a slash browser. Because you hadn't checked the restart your modem in so long I finally did Steve might. There's an app on your song called speed tests yes just just download the app just like much like even if you're on the most basic package I know right now extending he's like can you up acting you've got lights. The Internet but at the time. You were. Like what am I just don't know the app you should be getting an even if you don't pay you nothing you she didn't like forty or whatever writing annual job is like. Hit it would you get linked to raw food if that adds. I don't know if I would tomorrow's Q what the but the tar and ask your question yes there did you ever surfed porn. True but the I would through a little law does effect the credit bust out the you can car. Let's look at that is what technology emphasis. Should look good sorrows over the news York five you apologized. So whether you sent a text to the wrong person. You took a GU solid GPS in New Britain only whoever is. We don't hear the stories of how technology. Ruin your life in Scrooge you will over Alex who yeah who packed technology screw you over when aberrant. I. IE whether he can see how I'm playing and had a girl and I have sons they added bailout the playland. What I mean he opened the Internet Brian Baird. Which had not been cleared to sit. Move would do well here now and have now let's. My aunt Barbara and I don't you remember on the night before her. And. Oh you're always your boyfriend. Do is that it's an honor it was watching so they know they saw an adult film. In an adult dominated by the adult web I say I hate. That's my bond back and quicker than they can do anything else but it's so I would I mean talk there and their parent and I think it's funny. Yeah I mean her tiara and you were fired because it now I know yeah yeah. Salt at all. An honest mistakes is. That's yeah. I mean I don't blame man. I I don't want to go back do don't do. It's hardly new eye contact with anybody we ended. Thank you for the -- let's try tea news. Yeah this. How high technology scourge over what happened. Should I have my own pocket dialed or another got a debt and I do is that he. Reiteration that went out. You pocket dialed somebody you were also having relations risks. I mean narration it wouldn't they look. Don't I am thinking it. A with that and you listen to say it was obvious lately you heard yeah do you have special sounds or something or were you couldn't say that you're working out there remain ways. I can't Rick on I think my opponent in the greatly been a good thing it like you're aiming at hello. Oh you know there's an amendment who has that he's done it. So that was the end of that relationship. And me well you you can right the guy he is. You know I shopping and I hit it he area aren't you. Act together and I hit it. Yes yeah it is. Brian Lara. It's similar deal but I. Not a country bar at the bananas dole crazy they give me the call IT NT. Yeah yeah I technology scourge just over. Okay they sent out an email at work that announced that the people have promoted and I didn't really curious and alert eat at the comment I thought I was responding to a friend. When in fact I can't WT FQ everybody. But the and then I live like yelling allowed a little I'm send and they already yelling my name telling me to come down the offense. All they know it sensitivity training. Oh. There was ever a promotion. You can go you got more attention that it meant late without our. She co written notes that these I can't com's. But you didn't lose your job. No not yet. Oh no it is not sensitivity training go oh yeah I know where I would probably stop buying office supplies story just have a boxing you're over the that they human ecology and he AJ. And I technologist or Asia. I grabbed it you know legally here or is humiliating diet. Several years many many years ago I had dated not a fair why do you like how it and hear it in my iPhone and it gotten Jarrett when I. Try to get behind the wheel my car I know a bad idea. They had to build a car was trying to check one of my age. For aid one night signed and I actually taxi officer. Oh. Yeah also I had checked him into medium. It's. Better. How old he was apparently perhaps that would I didn't realize until after the oh he had one of the opera there's meet EMI Howell and I got Eli. And I'm terrorists try to kneel mean there is soliciting a police officer for such. Which really nice and I didn't. When they kept me to recapture Q each action and I kept getting phone calls. Charge from a friend who would be off the third thing I'll pick you up when you just come around the corner I can't see Yale. An immediate Sheila. I didn't think he would call somebody coming at me. I got in the car it got home he added upstart keep me and I how to how. A restraining and on and hold you. Sacks this case 50000 dollars streak Eli later. I don't drink and drive at all. And I don't keep people numbers and make phone that I don't see more than one. All's well that ends well. This is he's.