Slacker and Steve - Terrible Teen 10/9

Monday, October 9th


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Steve Todd and I just you know I was a good teenager you were and I know you want to get Gina London but I wonder. Do. Why would I deserve this. People who tell me that my my kids if he's one of my kids my sense is going to be like to browse teenager oh what are deserve. No one deserves that. Could you were such a great TV ads that don't don't do the opposite it's gonna happen with your storage people like having a terrible team in their licensing these or tenants for the way they treated their parents. Yes support I don't write penance yup which you never treated your parent didn't didn't screw for Marie I. In he's ready you're near a teenager who already got all the yeah. I'm just not fail many Steve's YU he actually you're not far audience. He's got he's a shy stir she's got to beat these guys introduction downs good attitude it's one thing well. You're better you're always a step ahead but as his age he's good at that. Text cash apps in four were you due to be hard for you is to keep up. You know I don't know I feel bad for you so. I sort of deal is what you did some teenage starts off your chest so all the stories in the news right now about teenagers are. Light. Wind I was young so more stinging teenager would do you. Is drink to parents who knows maybe some got a bass master relations yeah that's it now anymore. A seventeen year old Florida boy attacked his mother because he was mad that she woke him up or school. She woke much talked about he'd been missing school. On any apparently damaged and set a school like a clock and a computer monitor or something and he yelled at a for twenty minutes she tried to go outside to get away from him. And he pushed her and punched her in the back what's the OK you're done kid I mean. You know I pushed my mom down to and that's the simple one tie at one time yeah. And it took over you can Joseph took over right did you know that's I'm glad that happened and I'm glad you know we did right arm and I'm glad that there was like. Enough of a soul in there are for you go. Well that's too far but she did she was never physical much but she wailed and then I deserved so she wailed on you yeah. Baja I'm a team led police on a chase one using his mom's car without permission and done you done that all the time a lot. But you'll be careful as a body reminded that it has there been fairly suburban to a different joy ride plowed through an apartment building. And that's what did you out and so his parents would know we can say this was stolen he stole our car but otherwise they'd be on the hook for all I know you told me before and that is a little nugget that is like I had implanted in my brain stem because. You wanna do is say your kids from any damage to us but if you if the car's not stolen and you as the parents are the makes your insurance covers some amendments and they don't heroes or look for the rest of your life. We'll insurance companies let you clean your car stolen by your own kid that die are I don't think so today right just because it was. This kid rammed several vehicles in Pensacola beach before leading police on chase he was driving his mom's car without our permission. It starts with him sit in the car didn't stone. And a cop walks by in smells it's like look could. Talks on the way and he's like oh crap. Are already know all of the officer and this. Totally opposite. Are you sorry but you're done almost down with everything he does from this point four which is your dirt dude you're all ready unity so much trouble big so now you know she got in more trouble yet. I mean he. Omelet deputies on a chase through the gulf breeze and across the Pensacola bridge. Are you stop my train she rammed through a metal fence alms. This this sheer number of things this team hit on his way to believe he got a new up a slick chase at the end of diploma united. That's a terrifying the terrible team big time. Another team got arrested for breaking into an elementary school. Broke through a roof patch stool water bottle. In a terrible. Women's shoes we do that tore middle school in the summer we get so bored that we would go to school. The points to do what are you talking about so we would all be playing in the in the schoolyard sofa bed at night when it got dark. And our schools the door was all that had almost ransoms over the doors thank you see in movies yes I'm never doing it actually has one jokes you know you just unhooked a little hokey you push the tenets of heat now you're free to come and go so we would brighter bikes around in the school we sold out and one guy had a Conroy the trans am open or assume no alarm no nothing. So literally were so bored that we would go hang out after hours and our school building for that reason and then when your first school you might see just Irish. Does Osce that was and it's just a there's school. And at first she. To get an idea that's so weird junior was good they're really small towns will usually hears me here's my terrible team. I did the exact same thing in high school you but. Except it's always friends his dad was the orchestra teacher oh so we had a key store I. I would go to school practice instruments. And then when I was bored I would clean some of the flutes are clean the brass instruments forums so they'd be ready for the band did in the Cobb school here walk. I'm better different situation you're recently back isn't ticking off. Productive with but I had any kind of lift. I don't songs on the grand piano all my nieces skyline high school. A home in the general nerd but I know you're that much of an. She she diploma. Schuylkill put chicks are so I don't know that hey guess what was all a demos and then learn piano that's what it did for me. He she can you guys love your view on in the industry. I know how to do Internet but I could still run a bite when it's like you and the concept that I used to write that I can school. If so. Do you don't know it's my skills act from the Obama team thought no curses your. I know. Sue lets you want me wanna go to a party alma played the piano when you go see the trends over there. And get to number not my granny. And we'll see who gets what. I'm actually okay what are the bad boy they're gonna boost Gupta venturing. All of Trenton and I gotta go sit and watch tiger play safely on the piano. As bad smokers and shrimp and know what's a topic or they get. There. If you terrible teen to college I. Thinking like more fun stuff he didn't know night. No it was not your mom over home where you want you know if you're an awful awful teenager or you got a terrible team we want hear all about it's let's start with Gina. Not a terrible scenes. Easy you have. How guys who are you still a teenager is this a while ago. Little pilot I am now I am flight one. IIAE. My mom has these emerald earrings that we're annaly heirloom. They were my grandmother is there real emerald Cilic is really pretty. That's bad and I put them Ifill the money today and I saw just indeed very tickets with them. Yeah waffle. Stanley heirloom. That guys. I IA I still like him I wouldn't really add up to them at the time movies are really expensive I wanted to get really close and I would death spread and that's how I ain't decided he has. They noticed it easier rings these precious Stanley heirloom that have been passed down generation to generation probably hidden in body cavities through Boris. The Holocaust. I was more assets and they notice that they're gone. All blue. And where did they think they went. So you my whole garden link they are now I just played down. So there's probably some other delinquent in your team new nineties it was cousin Jenny is the only. Yeah the masthead. That we all that is that it could. I don't I didn't really basically pretend like I didn't know or they. No perfect and nobody thought it was odd that an un employee dumb teenager could score third road Justin Bieber is the only found that odd. I had a friend had like one out of them yeah. Well doesn't she doesn't know the bottom line is in the year and you came out ahead and nothing really happened to use this is actually a good whites but it's who I sort of got every time you do this is what it makes me wanna give out your address YOK my odds raid your house and sell your prayer looms for Justin Bieber tickets but because. No real well only you've got to a number of seeds address your so good to go. To pay zero gone Xena. Makings of you guys teen terrible mess. Amber hello my name is sixteen. OK that was over a different path afterschool and we decided ilk. Expand my adult beverage says and I ended up getting a blackout drunk and driving to work. Hole and I know should he keeps you stool liquor and they knew. It is your. Are around. Yeah I don't I don't like a bit keen are even aware yeah I don't remember any. Killed every via a little minds John. You I mean you get now how incredibly bad it is right. He had no I mean like almost immediately after I realized how. Has it been realized by now that Keenan drunk I didn't think about it. Oh my god. Did you yeah I busted don't. I don't know I don't play up but it. Worked yeah yeah I showed up but I kept trying like my job I had I guess emling all over the place and I ran ninety. Durbin a bathroom and I kept trying to say that. I'm and my mom had to come get me an app I got up. Today yeah I mean I guess your bosses would notice if you show up complete. Sleet leash knock her out of your brain on. They do for the Romanians any needs. Yeah you guys. Terrible scenes. Oh my gosh I'm the best team ever and I bankers now it's a planet that is being caught smoking pot in about pacer the school parking lot. Behind me. Why the police. Like my principal of my legs. And the arresting body of your town he's okay exactly in memory I have and the do homework he gets angry ticketed duffel bags diverted at the all. We have hatch pulled him a lot from him. Treaty. What are you gonna do it like it is what's the punishment for smoking we can thank you for you personally would you do to him. Oh gosh well videogame can land so we just to dilate several islands. Grounded him. You anyways we calculated that. If you don't want him to go there withdraw so if you're familiar words are you yeah. I want to God's. You Brokaw yeah I he year. Please no please no one know you I Zacks. Yeah I API is terrible scenes. I am the first to have a drink. I changed my mom and step dad who really really expensive worm hole from Jamaica. It's and then. We can quit over top of it and I put an Ice-T in Turkey this. Thinking that they wouldn't find out of action to protect the natural color. That's true if you picked the wrong type of alcohol would try and sneak I have definitely made this known already I want anybody if you know my kids tell him if he's still smile called just come clean but don't waste my don't don't deluded don't. Don't ya don't drink yeah don't yeah 'cause I had like his public inexpensive bottle whiskey Zach and I also named Jason Ice-T in C and soda does. I don't know custody. Boston the first time dad wanted to crew ready for anything but that is nice why does this is our shoes and Arnold Poehler all the sudden that. At that but I still exact word lover or perjury claim her luggage is some real stuff.