Slacker and Steve - Text on a Plane 11/17

Friday, November 17th


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Do you ever I don't know if you guys have noticed Steve little. More about courage lately you know you're very Corey I'm all about honesty about telling the truth even wins bridges out over here so Mattel Mattel will truth here. And we tell something and knowing full well that everybody's gonna crucify me oh cool but at. But you're all lying and you do the same thing why why why are we on an airplane. And they go honest hard tarnishing now reported an airplane now I Shane a little swipe up and do some success and I don't. I don't put it dude what are you look what's up yeah. Put an airplane mode when they sell the tennis they turn it off flee the you don't even put it in airplane mode. Oh also I wanna point something out. Everybody. Every single plane I've been on has crashed because I screw up to navigation system the fact that I'm here in survived. Oh wait none of them crushed what are the odds are your favor as of now now. Because it's a lot. There's a stack just not to sit 14% of people say they haven't turned it on airplane mode I say BS 14% of people. Do you put in an airplane I don't. OER itself. You just I don't know I it and I'm not I. Okay sweet just flown together recently and so I had to sit in the middle C between YouTube and just imagine your receipt you Jason Bourne movies you don't pull them all these computer screens in this I technologies stuff that's basically what's going on your treat him around me and pull a watch both do you ignore that announcement but no he at least what did you put in your absolutely. You'll do better. Regulations my friend see Ollie might sort of my best pocket I'm not texting her on that but I won't reach forward to put an airplane mode lets be honest. You know how to put an idea. I think I was just handed over here guys Sarah ten days you're making those. Save a horrible trashy guys though I get it I I had a dude so I was on one of those. Plains where you get you boards like cattle and whatever and I ended up avenue I was like CE 900. So I was like the last person on the plane. And I got middle seat and I got seated next to some. I refuse a pilot or flight attendants at the same airline he was like riding somewhere. And I I did my scene staying. He's a co. Com GU I'll walk up. I just say they are just did what do you do when looking at close to my personal dislike for the safety of all of the pap agency oh yes well it's. Yup there wasn't important why would they make you do it. You know why they asked you to do you know why they asked but because there there's they don't know for sure that if these signals get messed up so just an error on the side of caution there is still ahead Nestor wanted to here's here's amen sank his little diesel chicken little when it comes flying. Little day. I want you think use your use your brain not to fear aside your brain but the thinking site. It's it was really dangerous they confiscate our damn phones before we got on the plate yeah. Yeah take your shoes off in your brother thing on your hands make sure you haven't touched explosives. They're doing everything in the world if they talked there was a one with 1000%. Chance that a stupid cell phone signal would take a plane down. Anyone would have detector sounds data fact they wouldn't yeah lit up to the owner code. All of slackers and I don't I got three more Texas and while we're tomorrow which actually titles three I. I don't think there is such thing is an honor code slacker is can I I'm owner but when I think there's owner an I don't I think the rule. Is meant to control us I think to flight attendants are sick of people my listening to him and I get that. There's nothing there's nothing like when the flight attendants do that it played very airplane mode and also and somebody gets the thing they've got night. You know as a ringtone it's like yeah. Enjoy oh that's that's you then that is then you'll every time I did. But we're you gonna play one time anyways the first time that we ever flew with the boss and you guys had to sit like six rows ahead of us and so I'm sitting next to the big boss. And I am terrified of fine so I'm white knuckled grab in the arm rest looking out the window and all the sudden. Sure we're probably good eight to 101000 feet up in the air also. And and sure don't like what are you know hey I'm sure all of we did the plane go down no it was adjourned until that moment I could've been Hillary now. That's sent you into. Though you do know you know because they stopped us if it was really because there's it's like not imminent danger and at. Every flight this moment put in the catastrophic situation. Like I would rather it even if I'm wearing fireproof close I'm not gonna go stand in a fire like that why I'm on something that could be better and trying to hijack. I know I sit around and ponder that they're actually did what I September 11. Those guys. Started making phone calls and I found out what was going on and that's why they stop that's for flight that was the cigar in the White House. As I use that to me because right because they called turn their hands on stuff like there's a serial. It's always claim when it got where was supposed to go off. So really the moss snow is just because I could have we need to know Unilever monde Mo in the slides and it looks that you do that pretends like well old guys just and then don't do it real cook without pilot busted do you do with a streak swipe did you actually didn't do the real Sawyer yes. Caught I had no I like and I did it sell like well. Plays a huge singer like poop look here in America I saved our lives I don't. He weekend the country's.