Slacker and Steve - That's Not Beef! 6/21

Thursday, June 21st


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Stay on as governor the other day when we were talking about the dude who. Severed his foot. And ask your doctor if you can keep it in name he made tacos out of it Yahoo! yeah I'll never forget that guy actually. There's a more there's more yes. I want this to not be true what is going on in the world would I mean are we on the verge of something you feel like each. On the east Huckabee his work each other a Michigan woman there're people claiming she served her lover's remains. Years ago and a barbecue okay one. She's recently admitted that she murdered. Her former lover she and her husband. Murder of the former lover because they had a pact they would get rid of anyone quote involved in their extramarital affair spot okay. The woman killed her lover with a Elise soul lethal dose. A heroine. To name any it is believed that she served his remains at a barbecue after one of her neighbors said he tried burger. At their house and said. This tastes funny OK okay so the process this day guy. Allegedly yes we've seen this. Leagues days. They have a meat grinder I mean how do you rate or you chop it right I don't finally either. The woman then killed her husband two years later her taking quote the only good thing inner lives. Her former lover okay what do you say it could just and she's now been sentenced to life in prison and she. She's got 65 more years in addition to all the other stuff she's still in jail for I guess my only question is. Can we talked about taco foot guy here we see toes yes. A lot of people writing us and texting you saying it's not illegal. It's clearly not how she did not believe who consume it dead human slash. What how what. Past there has to be a loss somewhere that says that we we need to when now currently it's just it's the same to new rule I'm not. Not a guy who wants to like write my congressman and go hey there's a guy just. I don't know who did this is different things. I know. I go to a barbecue on the fourth of July guys that I embodying. I should know what I have to ask for the package while I see many teams they. This is all though to get rid of all that remains in evidence this is kind of never really close it's sort of diabolical group yet diabolical good work here's my next question about. If you kill somebody with heroin. Okay doesn't your Berger have heroin and a while how. How disappear when I go in there. It does marijuana will stay for ninety days cocaine for roughly two days heroin I forget how long battle okay when marijuana stays for ninety days where in your sat. How does not just your brain which is the biggest source of fab but all your fat all your heart is no purses surround. So what's your plan nine barbecue and up to neighbor. If if if if if I mean they should is there is there a big pot smoker yeah you're right technically you do within ninety days you're suggesting that that dead bodies TH CC with cocaine within two days. These journal. Yeah I guess so I mean so why do I wonder how long heroin stays in and if if he had done enough here went before that if he's just got. Didn't. Oh and here is a good boy you and it's if that's the tit okay then why are we. Where we learn how is I'm unlock a totally different level well what are we weren't how's he we'd 'cause we're doing. Cookies infusion pot and we're doing the drinks there's beer infused with pot every there's any infused with pop out why wouldn't somebody want hello Alice eat we'd. If it stays in their sat for ninety days then you could have do you put your like ten steps ahead though we burger yeah cops quote. Dirty. So we were from cannibalism to slackers editors don't need any edits the Peta people are like oh hey you can't feed the cows the pot. Then more back to square one where we're eager you wouldn't do. Glad I would assume runnerup what Truman rather path of nearly another good spectator eat a burger and we don't slash greens fees we don't murder of the old and probably first in commerce city he's.