Slacker and Steve - Things to do at Red Lights 3/16

Friday, March 16th


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Stay on the end. We UAL little public service thing for anybody stuck in traffic doing that in itself to the reds last day there is a new study out that sounds. Talks about things you should do it. Or could do to make your red light experienced better I be OK they're called ten life enhancing things you can do while sitting around like they're real bombs. You remember. Yes I play your number he was our boss she was more your boss and he was never my boss so cut and he and his wife. Used to keep clown noses are hard job that's right I remember that they would where there clown noses and drive around and see the reactions that we get when they were stuck at a red light or stuck in nasty traffic controller clown noses on in just. Wait for peoples to react to reaction to their we'll put that on the list I guess. I don't know that same here or not this is from a Roberts solely a psychologist specializing in adult individual therapy in San Francisco so here's the things he says number one. Way to find happiness in a red light. Brees breathe OK yeah he's saying imagine breathing in your belly it's a good start slowly deepening your dream modes and its entry yes I once you actual characters that are potential when the light turns green and didn't go right. That's the only thing I want you just Zocor it's okay. Sprayed you know that's. This event. It's just you don't need it marine roughly. Us all especially if you're the front car saying you know. Most likely they're like oh I live here now it's that you don't you know this. A red light speed reading puts on the phone it's not breathing. A number two. And life enhancing thing you knew or sitting in a red light blue guy makes a gratitude list. In this is stupid. What I'm telling ya I generally regarded about it why are we do a court order don't. Apparently it's a waiting teaches your stressed out just keep getting stopped so instead of being stressed out about the things. You're not getting OK that moment which is home. Yes that you you you knew you make a list of the things you are getting. It's you write your liking your head like I'm thankful that I have this nice car and it's now moving you know we. Let's see here it comes about that I never. Current on us is them Nextel savor the good. Basically he's using them to feel the those who we're gasoline guy just said the same thing Ford is sometimes the number four there's a big 12 Eagles. All you sit there you clinch your garden are okay but still critics say July pay attention to do this by. If for if no other time if you've never practice your Eagles and end the doctor says you guys should do a team yes agonizing girl's soak models that the red light. Yeah Nick's face a drop in general that means is arsenal to a minute of mindful Max just let go of thoughts and tune in your senses hero and sounds around you even knowing what it's like cars honking are you going it's. Okay yeah. Just get the fitness stuff that I guess I'm just haul but through the rest of this list is this person has acted with nostalgia eyes what is. Doing all these they have your sealed up on the present check out the past. You want to still energizing to relieve melancholy and help us feel more connected and his job for the green lush it's just. There's really I don't know just down the stretch out. Do it safely you are in the car after all but at a full stop at a stop light you can gently stretch your feet and ankles. Arms and yes she is your pelvis your back and your next picture jogger can't stretching luxurious we enjoy the pleasure. Those I like the pelvic shift but otherwise I mean I don't have done a CBC to. Just read the rest are karaoke tune in Ireland and meetings with wish someone happiness. Love is good but there and finally work on your relationship. Devote some thoughts you could do improve June. He your relationship to make your partner happy the last car yeah. Oh that's just part of the answer really is which is just electric trucks is intended that's a single major everybody in line. Passing they do.