Slacker and Steve - Things Women Do To Make Men Cheat 4/23

Monday, April 23rd


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Steve on the day. Now men are pigs and we. We are apt to not remain monogamous commitment not I can say the words he might do is hard work for me is not meant to say it or limits. Sure there are consistent so so manner manner terrible humans and here we occasionally step out of yeah. Bomb well there's a leading expert. Who is saying that it's not our thoughts you have basically this expert is teaching women to task him blaming. There are more men cheat you're gonna not like this if you're a female but it's like to hear us outs end. Understand that these are not our words. These are the dating experts. The Victoria maligned their her words who will murder this is a Hertz is saying this is a female. Who is saying there are things irritating things to you as a female dies due. Armed. This makes your man cheat I don't control even sane and allowed while I would be to you on number one frequent mood swings. Oh yeah seen new relationship you'll try to stay positive so it's easier tracked him a partner but once you get them hooks you start showing them. Who we really aren't you do that up and down and the guys starts to craves. Oh opt while your down in. 97% of men said this was the most irritating behavior. They saw on their partner and it led them. Stray so exists that behavior is the number was free Ramos thanks to that's never been it is and I. It's out on the tale I've cheated. That's I don't think that's why I cheated. Did and the use of nudes mood swings no I mean you when you're not getting along unite in a woman that's not right like I'm not sold. Steve pulls it like oh my don't are getting along today she's been such a B I should go sleepless that's right it was like she she had a mood swing you jump in your car drove to a possible. Okay yeah is there trust Russell I know I mean this is an eye on next is jealousy. 96% in the men in this survey said dumped. That's why they have a mistress are tired of their advice being jealous all the time it's Harvard to deal with because even when I'm not doing something wrong I feel like I'm still doing something wrong. So then it. Do you do the wrong things is like if I'm gonna get accused of and anyway so I might as well just as well. That's its number two on the list is no Matt that's never been not trying to get that that's that's. I've been there where it's like dude if you think I'm doing it out. A mine as well yeah. This is really weird for me discussing your relations life with your friends. Is one of the big reasons. Why men cheat on their women because 93% of men who are were cheating at the time said they found that behavior. Irritating I guarantee you than those men are inadequate. If they were good they want their apps you do right that's nailed it. That's kind of where I picked it much if if she's around telling everybody about our relations ice. I feel good about it I'm not worried but it's it you're right if the guys feel like he's not rock unit. But now she's so and all the growth results on their husbands and other husbands know so any do you have to cool the so it's due. A lot of men who cheat are inadequate. And they cheat. Because they're they're not satisfying. Long term partners so they just trying to find somebody else did not satisfied that's weird as weird as that sounds I kind of agree with that too. So it's not the great lovers. Core stepping out. We write an average to below average on I think so because I had in my head of pharma great lover. I wanna be woken up with as many peoples and as I can but I'm in a relationship. That I wanna be a great lover to that one person of Y Mineta equates. Then you're like I'm just gonna keep session because I didn't thank you when you may know how bad Dorsey just keep jumping from treated treat you right you are getting upset easily. 90% of men found this leave you if you're just on a swivel I think that goes back to mood swings and I'm closer to this one is if it's. If I feel like I'm walking on eggshells and relationship. That's that's unhealthy. It's not I wouldn't say that it's a again I'm not so unstable that one any one of these little factors would drive me. To cheat but it is definitely not fun to know no matter what you come home and your leg cannot harm how's this going to be. Here's hero quick jokes so be married you're so used to your partner's mood swings is the way they are selling future who hid out. But you're so used to would you just kind of let it ride it out or do you know what to things to say at this time were. Thank you for being kind but it is like you tune it out OK you do get makes third dude and I expect her do the same thing yes there are times when she knows I'm just being tried a little B about it whenever I'm mad about were welcome mat about something let you do that lets you do your saying and have been just there's a brick while they're missing when he's done an all addressed some when he gets back to being a normal person right that's that I. I don't know us. Psychologist would call that a healthy relationship and that's still it's what I I am always on. All never explaining what they want this is O'Neal and and they're saying 89% of men. Think one terror. Alms. Want you to know. Yes you yet they tell us what you want it will tell you this whole ambiguity in the in Europe settled. Think we're not a mind reader is in Sacramento are the simplest creatures on the planet righty you say this isn't salty and else. Will will go you taught and bring you insults from Salt Lake will do whatever but if you're like there you know any hand in hand and that we can never please do then. That is so frustrating and you can you say a lot slacker men are sixers. Were supposed to blowing my mind reader know what to fix it if we don't. But we're in trouble for not in the we're trying to fix on a lot of eyes would you commemorate not say that is it. Somebody's gotta give us anything I'm not saying it has to be the women but if you never explain what you want. You're never gonna get it from us he men were always going to be in the doghouse cousin of finding ways to avoid relations. Guys in the number one reason women finding ways and sorting 80% of men found this behavior that drove them away. From their current partner again it men we have those physical urges more than women that's what they always say baba baba baba. He was OK so. Which are they saying that. As America don't lie don't say you have a headache and that those usual crap just below is this that is a long and I don't feel like it's an act right if you if you said that. I'd be I'd be actually better. Then like you because it was not mean you retired I think I am assuming gay or whatever it's like dearly he's just. There's no real honest to say Europe feel that but there will be a certain point you where if you say you're not feeling and enough time Imus. And yeah pom almost some of the list here needing constant reassurance. Yes that's kinda goes back to jealousy but it's just another saying and by the way these are from not from us is is from Victoria mole. These are the behaviors that women do that forced him and achieve. Needing constant assurance huge turnout the you gotta be your own right I don't sign my my a lot of women are still this person easy now. The constant length being obsessed with tight I think this is weird. What but it's a fight yet says it can be huge turnoff for men. Mistresses naked men of lesser height few more desirable and confident. So like moral disorder and let's say oh I can't Wear my heels and I because lord query and site and mistresses make their men fuel. The matter what stature. You real quick I tell you used to date a married woman forever ago and one of the things she liked to balmy over husband is that we're standing she can look up to me. Excuse against her partner is not not a solid Z and women like to look up I guess or something I don't know I'm not very tall man so your arm I. I'll confer. If if if if you're like in ads should I have to rain should you can maybe we'll let you. If you're gonna hold. A bomb wanting to share food restaurants can't believe that this would be a thing that drive's been achieved but it's according to this stat sheets so if she Aslan the bite of money thing or something Yamaguchi on. Now we are I don't know what were you I don't care I find that sensual like I'd find sharing food we you know me I I'll take gum out of somebody's mouth I. If I'm willing to swap spit with you then I could swap its literal Smith twenty and if so taken something off my plate bothers me zero taken a drink off of my winds last bothers me zero but for some reason men stand on this irritating and a reason why they cheat high ceiling while like where your heads that it brings you together makes who were more intimate we're share via these dudes are we are great. This is the last one and it's the one that really just ask and Jimmie questions. It goes back to the jealousy goes back to bed needing constant reassuring all your sister's degree or a trophy or you're constantly grilling your guy. It. It speaks it does he goes back to a jealousy thing martz liked. The other you make me feel like I'm doing something wrong all the time when I'm not but I feel like early it's constantly feel persecuted. You might as well just go wow that's cool again if you're doing any these sayings understand your man is going to cheat and it's not our sing that. It's a female old joke and she smarter than us so stop doing those things of the one thing is not on there is just have relations service. Our time we talked and then we'll never chief.