Slacker and Steve - Things You Envy About the Opposite Sex 11/1

Tuesday, November 1st

Sometimes we get jealous of the opposite sex, we just think that they have it better. Some men wish they could carry a bag like a purse, while others wish they could drink those delicious fruity drinks at the bar without being judged. It happens to all of us, we just think it would be easier if we were the opposite sex. What makes you envy the opposite sex?

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Slacker and Steve on the when wanna be girl. Hey I'm Libby. This isn't ready is that we're suing trying to move they had that Jim yes I do get what you we're just gonna call. Certain hours of our show ready Reagor dictated bomb ripped off rip dossier Yelp so they they did the same about things you envy about the opposite sex itself. But the and we won't know what you NB about boys suits and we'll tell you what we NB about girls. And down will all come doing deeper understanding of one another. What are you Indy. Okay I'm man enough to admit it. I NB the fact that any female can walk into any liquor establishment or any bar in order the best drinks. Known to drink dome show. She judged. And knowing that you judge finally the paper that you can just ask one quick question if there's a place called drink dump can I mean mayor. But yes I. I don't care who are going to be colder my dog I may your world Harlem. Then so how he's tough but maybe something. Maybe murder me. On the left. I'm the Chief Justice of -- don't drink don't CP feels right it's magical OK so girls can drink anything injuring don't know I would order anything they want and never give judge like a slow Jensen is. Bats or. Lied or Camarillo does honest to god steely and these women because they can order much like you just want a milk shake when booze and that's. Everybody yelling when he didn't they learn ANC would you order for these. True statement from Norah OD way is a true statement I like a nice steak Dallas or a nice burden bar. I mean Q we are anywhere bar in Italy and a including the entire back of the glowing amber it's just every. Flickr I mean I'm not enough designed ordered maker's mark and make your mark is amazing they're looming on. Do you miss your blood sprite and Mikki Moore kinda old. They have like he's played in C a he's like upper Gloria Shyamalan I ordering the low end and your site. I look back me Obama's skeeter restaurant. Steeply when you hear Steve talks as his huge booming voice he's a distinct but Steve at a restaurant turns into. The church lady yeah I'd like to know why don't you know waitress says can never hear your order consume what it's like unlike. And yeah your blogs I. Bull hook and Dell are different. And in comes seems like. A you like we want but if we can have anything with pineapple and. Chocolates and. Only visit to people who Peewee. It's apple and I. As per week alcohol since. Chocolates. I wish I kind of foot but over the state house said something at twelve year old so I gotta be a man about an extra day losing that status is now how. Welcome pineapple infuse Martina goes. I think those are good you feel weird about order I can do because it's like you're judged as a man that's dessert treaty in their color used to and Newsom mainly Logan link any number taller so early Amber's the masculine color. A whole slew of your mug the home. All sat at any and had your apple crew don't mean I still think you look. Andre do an amber dot com yes it is not see any known Evernote that in these pineapple. Why share ideas order views macho or. I stream was creamed a mental case and it's just you know yeah we carried it putts on the but will instead Smith that the tape formats. The main thing UND about women. Now that's okay I like my gender can I say this sly one and when blaming him. I NB that they are allowed to create in carry much you know and beyond that China to protest a Madonna no bright moment in time. It's the fact did Dave get to know the miracle that is something moving around inside there. We tried yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah oh yeah. No I don't have to I don't need anybody around. I do sort of NB knew this is a point where people start turning the radio oh I sort of NB. The convenience of dropped and in ninety once a month and he's going oops yeah my. It must be my time in the months you right they can do anything destroy any thing they can't do any anyone during a time assistant. And I think oh I guess my gadget geeks like cheering around the little orange card fits it. Outside oh my god did I see those horrible things he didn't I don't know it's a word about it knowing this like OK and then you Cecil will be what are you got. Mine was kind of on the emotional front. You just said OK take it quieted down. I know what I really do amigo is I hate like I have forty things to carry every day and I'd really hate that I only have two pockets he carried it. Winning get to carry this big on her low balling the size of a suitcase with. Anything that they could possibly need to survive an apocalypse situation right now and they're they're good to go so you Indy car since I kind of do little because if I already Kerry won I would never hear the end of it you know like I can't have the man bag you can't do that essential well it doesn't work I don't know enough to know you don't. Out here women. It between will be and I would break up our friendship forever. Did she ever talk again we send like pork card you are yeah. Dissident and see each other's car off fifteen seconds when we turn the Mike so I'm a little Diego got one. Yes exactly as you guys are true tomorrow if we were females were number I guess I don't I don't any doubt at all either to hold a grudge right until the end of assistant exhausting me to have to constantly be little in B rate every other woman behind her back just. Had I I I I it this is our bathroom like 25% estrogen because I do that. Amateur I yeah you need a humble little or oh we all you know now we just hold on to. Ridiculous that's yeah. But another thing that I don't see that yeah when I turn my back. Yeah we are very typical. The body so that you've got a ton of the guy perspective here on what we. We sort of Ting Li and B I do indeed and like you do you give free drinks I mean that is still I mean what you go through it again I if I were able to switch roles soon. I don't I don't know what. I could never bulls you know wringing gender right. Well Kevin you constantly and movie deal what's weird dude drunk dude Stockard do not act like every now. Mean yeah it's. It's not worth it it's not the usually does it all the thing it'll do. Writes a machine all those things we kind of wind dies can I mean the little well I mean. We don't need to win I choose SH you late oh Bergen go all. You if I choose PP. Let's assess the. So we wanna know what you why you wanna be a guy I mean tomorrow you know and she wouldn't want this book and now do your I'm ordering mudslides once a couple of them come Tuesday Merrill's. Couldn't I don't I don't open and new planets out there are right about now deceased. You know this is a hospital in good. I didn't know why what do you. And me about the opposite sex if you if you can't annual voice is guys if you don't want to and you can get his. Mean as we get anywhere you can tell we would skidding right you see accountability saying it. A zero I don't remember any of us as free milk I. PMS thing was I do not generally doesn't there is anyway why do you wanna be the opposite gender or venue or. Rachel. I what do I do wanna be asks. OK so. I've been in several situations where I had wished that I. They treated me standing. You that seems to be popular. Arm if they make things. What's itself through always did I think it's just saying it's like just saying hey it's ID goal is overt I don't and then it's got to yes as you hold to like to your home berth. The saying and then you just would you would do that doesn't interest you. No I mean really now it's a hauler our I don't know donated by Larry all it's where it. You whose party you're pantyhose. Leads and then he's got you did presenting on their nose attitude when music movie. Whit whit bit out sort of does so to speak which irks me to know when when guys like slacker purposely sit down compete when they don't have to. I don't have to but I sick don't you think he's my tunnel come want to answer right after it's like I don't care my son comes on dean of the bathroom and it's it's. And daughter and his surname bush is at eye level and it's like hey dad and I am like so I'll just sit down to the UN EIC so it's designed a you have to grab other male friends that would always system like you're due to the luxury for me to do what is you don't have to occur I don't see the here's a same Rachael Leigh Jean sitting up is great in outdoor situations but he's sitting down routine is this is good thanks. It's couldn't you just every day Alexi you should try come on you're your house and Coke cup squad teams I do for other things I don't I would just do it all the time from. Yeah it's timid guy. I know which are all so we inherently sedentary great country. So it's like you're surely it's quite so I. It's actually even when you're standing if he's got at least one armament and all of that is really good for you look this isn't exhaust. Now last Clara. Another example closer that would sitting doing. Using a public grass early asked their owners don't tell is definitely not. That is a joint news does I mean we don't we get exposed to nothing has really been touch to handle that since. He we can do it all which is pretty cool you're writing your eye is going to just help thank you re chills. Linda. Yeah hey guys when you wanna be yaks. It didn't you people experience that they know every single time you every day. The live with the meet you it's huge so I don't hundreds of my loan. On. Time since the day nobody at times that I. But here's the thing with the football until like a week or so ago I didn't you know you guys could have won and she should refer it to the the only fifteen months. Of so I mean yeah you're right it did yeah violence this kind of common for us is not a really big deal when you guys finally doing as I. In July zoo. Right it's like it's like it's a weird it's like why isn't their kids dates and there's mothers if lousy way near today because every day's kids and that's what parents they write so. Every day is no day for us yeah it's right in when you're all you're not by the west. A couple of. You're just like he really you can let it. Arms. Yes so we're sorry about that. Every immediate immediate you could make coached your boys along a little more time how to view of the tips and tricks or I can Selma if you you know I'm pure no. Any. That trump everything that I was glad dirt eat. I know I girl's mom my girls were not. Why I think it's hilarious honesty is turning the if you have slept trustees of the FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve sands. Only a new sums up for the comes down the it was I didn't say how many you'd think it would lead to even ever really sums up to its own zone to put as many songs to put eggplant pull whatever you. And I do is look at him and I know yeah. If thank you for the call though Laura. I didn't think when you wanna be you know I mean I'm intimidating. I mean it. I really. Yeah and not having like stereotype. Well. Looks back on a girl regardless of what anybody tries to say it didn't and I vault floor it looks I don't care. So you'll know you're single women gives everyone I standing in judgment of guys do day don't you just. Under. I I I assume that stereotype this changes were you oh I did what I did winning you guys are way more in charge of your big go in stuffing you're allowed I'm guessing. I think my parents' generation he'd be seeing it slide into history slots but our generation and I think I think honesty Norse. I'm a certain. Maybe it could mean card I completely disagree I think it looks terrible okay. And what's your what's your the winner take Eddie. We all I don't think in any better I think that lady should have a little bit mark national. I and my check it isn't that they got jacking it up. I'm assuming it did wake up and showering now. Tango we there's a debt to double edged sword die off because as a guy who likes had acne when I was young and stop home it's it's one of those sayings or even as an adult when you like to digs in on your nose and I and beaten like my wife to get is and she's like the puts a little extra concealer there and so good to go on and if I put a little concealer there like I coming here and Morse is a really it's like it's like you ordering the pineapple dribble you manipulate. Oh. You mean so is true you guys to come. Your flaws and we just to like where our lawns but I never thought ability I think I EI so I substantive Lauren and I new. Completely busted nice fellow mankind. So they can O'Reilly appreciated gone sleep with somebody you don't even know yeah. Happy we don't know you might elect. I was where's the bush are you still wanna say like you rather be the opposite gender. You know deliver a decider and Steve page on FaceBook.