Slacker and Steve - Toilet Lipstick 1/12

Friday, January 12th


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Staying on the day. I don't get this I know you are right what could this possibly be Fridays there's there's a saying circulating on Twitter. It's super confusing if you've already seen it great you will want your series in any way you can reach out to mr. Twitter FaceBook text however you you talk to us. On this dude. Claude humor shared a photo. On a lipstick like kiss mark you know I don't what do you do when a nap in or you'll do it somewhere on. It. Don't I'm where there. Don't its bottom of the twin boys did you down not sure Andre and all yes record though where the water underneath the water line Leo we know. Yes. It's Elisa is an excellent chance that part of its with a bull how they're how sick. I mean I did in my opinion did you have to do this plus but it still wouldn't stick necessarily a water would be topical and you couldn't you couldn't put. You could it I was lucky my had to go through a few different ways right. You put your head all the way in the water but now you're looks a wet it's public not to transfer okay. So you do it during the slush okay the water's gone but the water still during the plus one is still rushing in. CU and asked almost turning the water are I think slushy it. Yes so now now there's no watering Bruno rent sufficiently dry in that area okay very implant wit your actual lips you got another hostage you don't. Okay Sawyer figure barber as a kid you don't you take your fists and you go against the window that has like condensation on tomorrow maybe he baby's okay yeah maybe put some lipstick on the side of your fists are used to. On their I don't know it would make perfect lip shape here's my other reasonable take care as much. It will lipstick even stick on porcelain true and why would you even do this why would you even fake the kiss lipstick on the toilet. I feel like it's either. A mistake she was bar same. And sell wind if it at all. Whoa wa Laura full lawn deer who bra okay but it's athletes female wouldn't be a guy put little could be. To Telluride and others say it's a weird other series. You have to be just a retraining and try to wipe off. 'cause what if it's just there what is the toilet manufacturer put it there because I read it staying a few years ago where in bars. You you go to these guys bathroom and bar in ST. Unbelievably they don't even try to go when you are clearly media in the journal's right it's just just wash ever sold this this company who makes Euro notes. Literally printed. Off fly. On the bottom of the Euro and remember that Syria is AUS guys would come and all does apply to. These they're mopping jobs in the bathroom floors became nonexistent just every guy tried to hit the fly so do you think. That this could be the next fly printing a set of lips. On the bottom of the toilet bowl. And I'll give you this what I avoided. I don't like to splash the water all go on the side to side of a toilet yes yes that lipstick is right on the side where I would probably aim for. If I was eight. The thing about it is if you're gonna pray that you may do more pronounced it's definitely like to vote is pretty I don't know it was a copier well I mean it is a copy but it just it. It's light enough to you almost you have to believe it is real lips I'm going with that those did she sell she so she'll join up in bar for the I want that not to be true. If you got a series. I mean we've we've given you artists. I I wanted to be. It printed or somebody put their hand in it were not the actual live did you get away someone could put their mouse and a toilet and make their living transit directions we'd love to hear about it.