Slacker and Steve - Tough 4/23

Monday, April 23rd


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Staying on yeah talk to people who are toss toss toss. Twice. He's been talk about this didn't he's twenty years old any act attacked by a shark Inco YE. Asked us a year ago it was dead but there are in Colorado. And three years ago is a snake in your job yachts off. Cadres and woods out. I walked by my I have these excited cheers late. In front mile island am and I'd like nicked my pinky tell all I'm not come into work for three days. It's not very tough. I mean I told you guys a story out of woe and despair but it's really that I just. It almost resource when you missed it always suited his full blown news January led to let you know let's numbers that are fighters does bode board. He connoisseurs waiting headed back down to catch another way loose. Not a must is born fifteen feet of water about thirty yards from shore any self searing pain in his right cash used. On he started to panic just didn't know if he had lost part of his leg or not. He saw six to eight foot tiger shark David kicked because he's tough he's ninety. Got to see. The ball better. You do is you start. I get short settlement between his leg dripping with blood paramedics arrived tests he drove the ambulance. Okay he didn't cut out of it I could have just looked at the he ended it didn't sense it's just from a sharp right and this was after giving attacked by a bare room a minute sneak by the half it's almost as if nature finds this guy that you like your other. Melissa Leo the toughest guy in the bar you like nature's pride themselves out of the suspect didn't need anyone imprisoned and nature guys I got a division. OK it's only did you have got an excellent Nichols on an undertaking it with the one of us is gonna get him all right we try to bettors Nagin took sharp what else wouldn't. Seeds get what I am whales appear. Do you think you're just. You know you know the cliche that guys are much Williamson when it comes to sit there with a brilliant ill. I'm not because I little lowlands have to be self sufficient. I do but I'm not that way I'm tough when it comes still again real you know I believe that there are about you ultimately it's a loner thing I think I'm an extremely high tolerance of pain. After tip of the airplane door thing but at the same time I don't find myself talks you know I'm not a tough and I just yet if I'm if I cut myself severely. I can get myself to the hospital but I'm not the guy who last time we talk about task somebody was like there weren't dance source it was like some. The more brave or something and barn and they literally like Rip Torn their fingers are now this party is so fun. I'm gonna dance a couple more hours yeah I just was oblivious to the PC that's tough soon and I don't know about that. Another dude walked 35 miles along the Appalachian trail this this is wicked with a leg that was broken in twenty places why eats no I read that I think. He never choice right he's up in the mountains he slipped on some things what I thought his leg breaks and a bunch of places. And he's the dude with his arm under the bolder than NASA saw his own arm off that's a tough guy right. No this isn't broken forty win. Us off he adds some sort of accident and his leg was too swollen to cast. In my in my getting details on little Caesars put his. Wait if you're gonna chime in that your tough. I'm yeah I didn't turn your Mike our growth could get the I played basketball game with a broken off your mouse and I didn't. It was broken before you started yeah. So we had a game on Friday night in the we had a game on Saturday night non Friday night I'd like it was going off for a lay up and I had my legs got taken out and landed awkwardly on my arm and stuff and to do so I went to the doctor right away and they're like not so broken your finest just spraying the idea. So I taped it up and next night traveled three hours so they even played the game with a broken arm and then. Like forty is a week later some like that. The hospital that I went to a group and a small town and so the hospital went to didn't have a specialist to specialist rolled in a down to look in my extras in the hospital called the Bakken like. Actually army is broken America and the you're 080. Yeah yeah please don't you heard a whole should hurts so bad. All brand X yeah I just I taped it up by put tape on and dispatched via cellular high secure that now and I was not. If you lose the ceremony was I cried more than me. All of the video back correctly you're right that are mean so we'll talk to tough people and here's what we're thinking and Mike I feel like every every example we have so far dude snake like there. Did tell if the woman delivers like to breech baby by herself oh I'll tell her say and I finally just. No not pandering right now I swear. Not one of us three could handle the pain of child Burton. Any anybody's had to do it themselves kind of thing. I that's when I go tougher than a guy who saws is only normal to reckons it'll do includes both the Astaro back. Now you do all that Toronto which I guess eight. You're a girl you're a boy we don't care what you are but if you've done something that will make us. Source the way we were acting during little d.s story like just kind of cringe and go. You lose your toss what is the toughest thing you've ever done back chief. Yeah right yeah I can be O. My son and he will secure old and Enron Elmer buyer should be 15100 pickup truck. You know whom want to hack you turn your back for sectarian. You just you were paying attention or what happened. Oh no he supposed to be on the school bus and the school dropped the ball and didn't tell him the spot to get on and he attempted to walk home and he didn't make it. So she knew. He's so then what happened and. And he actually eat coated side I can. Skate they brought him back every single time. A bit. Never in injury it would not sell short two months despite. You would not know what to look at him now he played College Baseball. Wow what was the school district in yeah I'm a little better. Oh skin but I. Oh man in my way of Muslim movement yeah. They announced that. Yeah Ronald. Are they musical legend that is when you are built bow hunt. Just in. No I tops. Are right at my brother actually he's terrible when he was sixteen years old and really China show our broken arm on it. Or tried. Omelet at the hospital and I get a cat been out and debt omelet Dolly can ride the following weekend with a cap on what home cutter opening act this. Yellow it's a second wait all my money. And arm. Don't mind doing break clean break all the way across a forearm. Wow. That's off I'm gonna say that's me because I grow at a moment we had them like bold agenda fairgrounds there's a rodeo digs. Toughest human beings I think Nokia dinner I mean just recently they started wearing helmets. Oh lets you always wore cowboy hats and I just recently they start wearing Mike Dee Kevlar vests assessed. Those guys would get launched across the arena by a bull and they'd be out of the next time just threw the most polite Subaru Isuzu temperament I mean now it's crazy what he's just or right so I mean if he's your passenger. What he's fuel right. It is not perfect it. What are your second please don't mark I don't know soon I don't know whoever. I. You just in Oakland on series don't mess with remember. Peggy. Yeah he's a guy who tell us. Yeah I would blocking IQ you Iran one night and went on and crossed in front of me and it time to protect myself I and my job. I want it hampered I'd be speaking every couple cut my teeth or not a lie. Again we're told me that I had a broken you know. Jeff. Like why you like pushing back you know the rights but that wasn't enough concern for you to go eat. Haas you know not maybe it would get here OK chip out in all it. You're. The current hurting a lot don't they get at a pro. They wire shy. Yet it. Oh he's Nancy lane they shakes the peninsula you'll be able first two holes I didn't I'm. So just everyone I what you did some days seem Steve panda inside. Leave you little hole chipped it. By daddy can I. It was our drew a yellow but yeah it was really awkward I'm getting HR appear as I. And how I feel about what you just did with the that was weird Kelly. You guys. Leaving a little hole I mean to the. So I don't this story Obama of course natural childbirth moods I wouldn't labor for over twenty hours students. No drug known happen. Signed to deliver oh yeah I did a thumper. I. It would just it would just safest thing to do little things I. And style we look we go to that there were finally at the last stage but had a twenty hour. And I'm pushing straining draining and I sterling so hard that I break all the blood vessels in my eyes. Holy war hurt not blows it's crazy the last. Can you still you're still like yet nowhere to distillation epidural down point right it's way too late right. I did I can understand why. Your eyes one half. Yeah ha ha I. Well yeah Steve I know she isn't sure I do want Sony to see if she can write. Inaudible I don't. How does a good job falls out in new easier right arm that the momentum. Little easier and easier I don't know tell all they give home Laura. Yes but I tell us. And low and a so I would. Wreck a lot lunched. And it didn't mean. Oh. Wall off court. And it broke my ankle in the first game. But I do my top up against the wall where I didn't want anybody did you go at her I need cheap mortgage you. With a broken ankle and I had to go back to work and what he'll sign all my. Alert it wasn't you should run eat. It would try reunion and I'm my friend like you should go to doctor McKnight you're really want chips while you land they could elude brocade and and I get a lot of trust in Canada would. You want to attend clash with my attire it's. I don't track gold goes into. I'm fifty. You heard your task force to be sure to play another game run with tingles yeah. And yelled. Yeah yeah as does eight. What kind. Oh you went how could Peter out we'd be there the lightning term outside my dad told me get off the current of course I did the less than. And measure not lightning hit the telephone pole came down to the wire. And exploded into my ear. Electrocuted the item I mean in my heart jock. So. It expanded inside my chat site internally bruised my rib cage my heart almost exploded. And then I had heart palpitations after that approach they had a young heart monitor her about thirty gauge it then you're. Make sure island hole and we don't live. Animals I think it's a bit to finish the call the mom and all of I.