Slacker and Steve - Trapped 9/27

Wednesday, September 27th


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CNN. Com there's some really weird stories. About being trapped yet. Do you know when I was young I was not claustrophobic knew there was. I was just drew the same then the exactly same with him we get older dude thought of me being trapped known a small space freaks me now when I was a kid. I would give if you if there was something. Was large amounts for me to get inside even if I had no room to move any muscles in my body I would do it and I need to I don't problems inside drainage ditches I would do it inside like in in my parents had a coffee table book and opened up we did inside that. There was slowed. The idea a you do trapped anywhere right now that you can't move I can't stand the thought of that. Bomb apparently dude got stuck in the elevator at the World Trade Center tower warmth. And the elevator were stuck between the 75 and 76 floor so your way up there bug which we track tire Lyle. He's doing the low side. IE how there's less if if there's a malfunction in the elevator. You wanna below sea unless the fall ray or walk down here. My god only think about things and I walked heat obviously here are generally build a new element of the town with. Bring supplies up to meet but I rather below that I because you write the rescuers have been to a time he got up to you know it's like whatever well apparently there was water rushing into the elevators on the 82 floor of the of the trade center wants. So where was up just in general what is coming from I didn't make that's weird. Leach isn't has been addressed everything is safe to eventually came all the pieces of what was there a watering down yet they they think that it water pipe. Broke his I think what Arad and so was leaking an 85 that shut down all the other elevators or something so the instead water was leaking into the elevator shaft which killed the electricity so they can also hear that. Should the Obama transformed you're always in elevator searing water seawater yeah hearing just competitiveness yeah. The only December to break is that why they didn't talk. I they must doesn't like to ask is yes and had to have kicked him in fact did you know that other Otis elevators emergency brakes that are used today were the were the ones who were invented back in the ninety Charlotte yes is the exact same car that's great because then it was it was. They got skinny people three story she's now Laura sat country and our buildings are a hundred stories high water come and yes yes oh my god yes can you imagine being trapped in an and makes. Yeah I was what are actually drift and into the elevator was yeah I watched the video and admits. It's like the elevator is filling up but it's coming in the ceiling dripping its knelt on the floor and the floor was like tiled so you couldn't sit down in the elevator either just getting now some are yeah you're forced to stand up there and would you say though if you're trapped in an elevator I would. I would I'd I did that it would make you more claustrophobic I wanna make myself big I I don't wanna get small when I'm trapped in something but respect compete corner. Not Tigger from there you told both of with the water coming and you'd say hydrate and I'd want the water. Otherwise it's not that's not terrible yeah otherwise I did yeah yeah. How long do you think you're going to be now how what's the longest somebody. Unless somebody just traps like thirty minutes we trapped in our own leadership like thirty minutes guys got on our elevator it was gonna freak you know she goes I just spent thirty minutes in the elevator over here it's as she thought of what we were on was going to be the same thing as well. Our caucus. A little rough on this one Florida its arsenal are hardcore resume when you couldn't get off on that in a card that she goes weird I was really weird but he jinxed us some above above the kicker rob Florida and I. Bakalar you on too much is adequate to talk to you if you've been trapped in something. Com. Thanks there's another story of they Indiana University freshman. He got trapped in caves for three days old Mac guy and what I did understand if for some light. It detect heat this doesn't happen opened its taser is something you. Why you want to know look hole in a rock. I'm going inside the hole in the rock here and then he couldn't get out of them. Rock tomorrow I'd like but these are they did you don't we G drizzle like I was beginning Lazarus stone's Thanksgiving role and I. It was a case then what are that's what do you okay. You know protect you know some kids don't run their leg Tom Sawyer Mbeki stature did when they were. McDougall K this is you know make do look at it and you know. Anyway it's okay today that happen in Tom Sawyer right now that's a totally read a book I. Cliff notes when I can't no 150. I just remember it was our food they were trapped friends that Karen Thomas for somebody got a piece of birthday cake. They did they did why would they can number taken because it was the bird it was her birthday and all these kids were by the case celebrating in the took though to worsen the cave. They forgot about the Yankee Tommy got trapped it didn't just isn't there and he was a murder they thought it was a murder turned out he wasn't right but always he actually murdered. I'll seriously inform everybody away so she kept OK so. If things don't want to kind of one is your kids read a book report on a Tom Sawyer. Well couldn't we got jolly good caves seen since we've got hundreds more safe now. Just did you you have to do that guy. So she goes in with a group of people. Yeah I didn't get separated from the group and a blocked and then they grew comes out may lock up the thing digging Tom and that's hearsay she's writing. All I'm saying is if you're a tour guide for something like that. Head count everything they still all the other forgot how to what took three days to do realize that's a thing of the agency looked like cave walls to Furlan Warner that's hurting a little Wallace yeah all yeah yeah like Clif bar. We see this clip for you how we're crumbs and move them around the crevices of your list are house you don't get all the little crumbs you easy no that. All that these are guys it's easy if you get trapped and acumen to our god just lighter torched him in the wind. Ball just follow the wind because that's where the hole for the cable that you out he knew what hole was M. There was just we still talking about here it's no wonder that. Now fifteen new word I think she knew Hillary was right you are blocked the it's retail you can without damage on the most sleep behind Iraq right next to the borrowers Selig behind the gate to get out. How sad and we will you're trapped story is not how pathetic is your life shores but lights. If it was locked in caves for three days I would hope my son my wife somebody would report him missing. A little more quickly as I always buzzing heated did Euro budgeted but let's not checked there that's a good way no one loved him no. But for three days do you would like. You're doing backtracked. To Obama last things he did not let me go Liotta bold date knows that book that is the line DeVon got no income that we did it. Is English hey that's us. We've sixteen seconds to find his stool as soon as somebody tells me he's. Send knowing cared he was trapped because no one did no one loved him home. But the good news is as you pointed out he knew where the hole was the and still talk days three days were not a total costs and perhaps that's okay. Is what I'm saying OK so you've been trapped somewhere many we may have ruined because now to be al-Qaeda stories and they're good people call when they're like yeah. Our blue white does our extension day I'd like to get a book report and that's what it's aren't soaring. A little web that are all I know I didn't Wear the red fern grows among things look at a new movie I went through the movie he was a dog that like. It mainly old Geller tennis you know we've earned it against a topic of my friend got trapped between the bathtub in the toilet. All I wasted here now here he was staying on the toilet and it was wet any slipped him. And it was just wide enough there we he lets start here my stance and close when we're kids and he was kind of a husky your kid and his mom was in the shower and so you and indigo try to ask her something and that's how much is hazard and Kyrgyzstan about my. I don't know why wasn't he tells the story this sounds sketch was trying to look it is my right so you think you will loosen them up there you're reading this. It's might get yeah. Did your mom. She missed a guy who went out so we know until they got lodged. The truth is there any couldn't get out and then they have to go all the fired part of the fire department coming cut apart the bathtub in the toilet and all you get up on rescue 911 Jelena show GAAP. Must only shower yeah. I just seriously you've been trapped somewhere elevator caves between two appliances. And I don't know if you've been trapped with a Sears store and Sarah. Yeah Arnold. And style attacks on a school app pool when cops are. Feeling to that point or they can go all our and our. Went on his dad and me and I got up sent UH at this guy and he can he be on straits and they say why learning. We literally climbing to 100 per leg OK oh god oh job. And the I want another army air act he got Barack you are the sort. Sugar and I I behind and black and you need to present app guys on the top cushion I don't eventually they're like wait it out. Hole and it was like when it at all. Don't chimney yeah so it's just an Daryl little and you're just trying to like wedges okay I'm free could become a majority or you don't mind I. Actually accurate all over the place but not like. That streak to my waist or lying to me. And then I went app moral ethical and don't let that happen I expect I don't know Mary. You have to actually me and I'd be immune to gun down I don't electoral court. You know you sing may have the airport we see if your Babel set hole yet now they have a good road turn kids when are you doubles chimney. This slip I didn't know yet how your anger and I don't guarantee big. Oh a look at his wallet. Now I'll lose you are it's what do you have put butter on your arm gets these traps. It could reach up under the figure for your trap stories I would believe it does seem to take contraption to make him a victim of the crime if I'm. Becky. Hey. You've been trapped. I can't my mom at my knee and I hit me I'm. Where like that split like the dark out there that our elderly did via overnight locking in. Outlet that intermediate. Track. Yeah I yet though I'm it was a group but I don't know how old I let Oakley eat out there about an anomaly that chaparral on the and he absolutely not I'm not settled in and night in the Arctic girl replete patent and he'd be electric she forgot the lyrics are a thing. And another part of the EV and that he went again and he got trapped and I'm and other original. That we recognize auditorium. On court another partly. She's a girl no seasons she's one person in charge of you guys oops. Yeah yeah unit. But you assume you're yeah. I I just try to how does she did outreach yet to do some sort of light. Tom Cruise sort of like Clinton and John works incomes like slide on a rope or she just after almighty. Yeah he actually ended up breaking into like one a little security opposite they're opposite yeah got a aren't extended on an acute at adequate in baton and call a number that finally security and he. Let their Al shot. Impression please. Dapper only. Got to tell my kids to talk. That's super I am I put my version of your stories much darker hook. Up a little love. Usually golf. Did you ever do one of those what I've heard I just recently heard about why they do know what's it's like what's fun about being in the museums that's. Invites you to sleep on the dinosaurs are so I guarantee you to walk around look at southern just looks different I don't think they allegedly used it to be easy did you begin trio Umenyiora did some creepy old curator on rig it. One can only hope dockers. Or shoot chip. Brad after. I got I think I don't care we hear stories about me give you the dark version and a good thing. Boys and experiment start good and Mara Elena has infuriated ADM. Like a softball stadium like nasty stating it was 80000 people there they would come get to the right. When I don't know it really don't smaller stadiums analytical report all stadium that same announced. How long and there I mean there are about six hours yeah. Almighty the host names so it is unquote that was after the game so everything's now. You know I don't know some would you just hunkered down in the mid Hudson. All I'm saying they don't look orchard books for a six hour or so and I hit it at all on the even separate at a certain point you gotta stop you got to realize how he's out there. Now so I'm unit and I didn't I in my current and well let me you. Some didn't some finally heard you after six hours there. You know tournament coworkers actually heard me somebody isn't unlike Indiana did somebody finally misty was and I love you. Or is it.