Slacker and Steve - Tried to Help 12/15

Friday, December 15th


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Staying. At a time of year where. People do volunteering things they do. Watson's good samaritan type activities. And I I love to see you and we like to encourage stacked no but just not for the next few minute they do you know when you try to do something good. And and it backfired I just blew up in your speech something bad happened to you as you know I remember. Bomb. Friend of mine wit and Morgan analysts say where but it was a -- holidays and it's like giving back so they went to one of these. Places they can get sued for the homeless Boca. And the job that they had him doing all day was just. People just. Q what you literally drop SARS is creamed corn yes it's inexpensive it's a McCain and nobody wants it beautifully no real idea in your pantry like what. Somebody doesn't have any fluke well but it's still keep in mind maybe they don't even the data from. I don't go home insulation. Really I guess that I think creamed corn only is consumed. By the whole mood yes anyway so he's Joba was just sit there and like. Rule Kansas food together into boxes has done so instead of just having isn't random box of this is there's cheese cream corn. Cream of mushroom soup all good the test sauce canned food world. He estimated output it tastes of just beans a taste of just can't creamed corn or whatever. And then. Once he had 24 cans in a single whenever. They they seal it up we'll nobody told him they were just like make boxes of the stopped he just the wrong size boxes. Started but do you put might sixteen. Cans. In one box let's too heavy. He found that out doesn't like failure boxes are about a truck appear start load it meant we people try to lift wanted to do source Bosch. No he threw his back all all all Miller. Is now these noble all know gee next you couldn't go back to his real jobs right. From what I remember. He was in the hospital for like a week Jeddah I don't go back to his job shouldn't couldn't go back to work like six weeks on this costume costume so like he was just trying to do. Wondered to one nice thing and a bit him in the blood I mean ultimately. Does this mean who's to Mississippi you Tim who 6010s of cream of mushroom and slow here do you like that you know crew Russian. I deleted it hits and other community it's number two right behind cream corn nobody likes it what cream mushrooms I tell you muluzi to cook no I do not who I used creamy chicken. What I like both of them cream corn and cream assumes no idea. I hate much and you're going to be the best homeless person ever IRA if I do I hate much in the cream of mushroom soup now who do you a zero out of Acadia and also there's also a story in the news Connecticut police say a man threw another man 45 feet off a bridge. He sought to people fighting all know don't in her nanny got would you ever. Not anymore I'm sorry I'm sorry everybody but your own would have at some point in your life oh yeah up until like the last five years or so forget it and they're worth a little. I think yeah there close a couple months ago when how blessed I was like driving on the highway in the card from me was drive and all radically and those like what the heck is going on. And so I went to go past them and it was. Dead it was full on domestic violence in the car you interlink. I did not I mean I called the cops and I got the license plate number and called the cops ended all that but there was public would make it especially driving on the highway at seventy miles an hour like what am I gonna do it over a brake check him and then make him pull over his shoulder and get out and fight him in the right way there's ice right you can't do that anymore. You'd get thrown off a bridge this did he try to like this don't get killed. No he you're killed well you just got thrown off a bridge well in the water and everything was good. Not only was water thing was sewage. To what are our enemy sort of ST. And so we just have one on the air. We were like stay in let's do let's do I tried to help and went back in season is why don't do. Does is why so it won't help anyone else is now why did you kill apathy is why you pay you lazy does but you also you lose your legs his mom lost her legs of telling that story and get a chance every now so she was helping out some other people had car trouble and almost sudden she got drilled by another car smashed into work some other people she's helping had a turn around and help her question of losing her legs on the site but she still alive and people pulled over and try to get her going to doesn't know enough now she got shot didn't I know because she's trying to help did not happen this in my school kids a couple of years ago I think it didn't really think siege. To stop. So I eat my dad almost lost his arm. Why I don't know what there's there's a dog and cat fighting and you it's actually. The cat scratched. Still many got cat scratch fever and got all and as ten -- no way I I never knew cats receiver was a real thing really tell your dad I know study was that Ted Nugent song right there they like writing it yet but no it's a real thing yeah to have like seven surgeries because that they literally like had to surgically maze like says he vision in his arm and leave it open for weeks or like bird sings well and trying to clear out and all of this why beaches you tried to help he was trying to help to sop we had another friend who just volunteered to go to a soup kitchen wasn't as bad as like losing your leg or almost dying. But if you remember this she win volunteered she came out toward car and somebody had keyed the crap out of the synar. While she was doing something nice for other people so if you tried. To do something nice and something's not so nice happened. In indict the background. We wanna hear stories of when all you are trying to do. Cindy. And yes guys aren't you guys what do you tried to help what happened. Arm I've given them for you right arm aren't you kind encryption and we'll hear. Tom in new doubt. I mean diarrhea are always remind Kosher. All new. She's she's ultimate Cindy I know but no I never do anything they don't make a film about. Are we ran and got it Bacardi gold. Why and make an early move out so I go to the almighty god you hope you billed her for all you. And you know. Older. Enjoyment of sound giving your rise now when she got a new car and relay each. Oh yeah. I'm home unless don't want anyone who read disguise yeah 400 newer item by her remember that rhetorical hole buried. Look each usage you are also. This is so you don't have to trust her royal suite your guilt all this is Eleanor OK just picked on. Her you don't know you're here rice and your growth through their. Your odds and she'd heard the Arab anyway thank you for the cause. All I'm telling you right now the way you feel about your car she she would not be telling us or even house back home dope. Oh my god and drills that he does and I tried to help. My neighbor actually try to help me. I had. I am left my eight like kind of my car and she came out and and was camping my car. And keep tighter iPhone like we're right on that brand new phone on that. And I have heard head. And when he went to close their head after jumping my purse behind her attorney and. Oh my guy spends her full blown guerrilla groups. You show your car when you. I didn't I didn't really see it and then I don't I didn't provide proper later she was like direct my newfound helping him. All kids did you need to pay me for that so and. I don't have the money to buy and I Sony and we can have different I've. It is not your fault though it's not your that is sage she was just China are hard there's everybody's a Mexican citizen and I know. For apple it's. I'm just came back from the then don't you. And so yeah yeah yeah so how is this guy's outside the nightclub and with the. All that stuff and Kurt say even the call Andrea goal Camille. Yeah. I you just tried to help. Well it's actually about my grandpa and I'm the heat 96 now and he's still alive every Jane but I crept in Alaska election and I was so he had a neighbor who had crab pots and we're out and they needed to eat chicken out to see if carbon I'd gotten them you know and so he went out to help them conceded that anyone else touched and he actually end up with you create rich being your pet that got caught in the lineup the. The crap eyes. Yeah pat and guys religious right here and yet the stamina Weiner being there are still and that's happened like it like it's sixty long time ago. He's just China. How well he lost the previous couple crabs aren't so easily lost fingers calmly and Jesus it's. Slowly begin geez I'm really proud of him and it fits with the Stephen green is though to have tips. At the daily news and I debut for the call Camille back on such Mick Coles. I hit your show and now it's. Yeah I predict it will be activists and greens this season will go home. You know they added to our top story that's getting upset and I public from getting drew and doctor. So I think empowered you know what can go to temple completely. Turned drama about a fifteen dollar and catch proposition 81 post special K as. Took to kick the ball might chip where this is the time now called who took the Andy Young lady I just didn't renew a little money list is that if that was when you shook and I very much like you. And I. So why would you do the dollar FDR but hey things. I didn't get it that's the. The loan it'll get started screaming at me all your guys are awesome then you go on us.