Slacker and Steve - Trigger Warning 6/21

Thursday, June 21st


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Steve I asked the question Torre answered have you ever heard. I I heard this phrase today. And I'd never heard bit and I wanna run past you and see if you've ever heard it could never heard a trigger warning. A trigger warning I'd never honest honestly. It's sort of self explanatory once I can tell you what it is. But the gun thing it's not it's a iams. It speaks when you warned somebody. Pictured getting upsets. Before you get upset. Is it is what I. Rudimentary. Terrell eat. Understood okay let me swim what's going OK there's a friend to show the coaches like a softball team or baseball team is some ball sports and I don't care about Oka and the parents. Have asked him like she'll occasionally snapped off on the kids when they're just being on ruling 'cause I don't know. That's what coaches do righty did they yell at kids and the parents have asked the coach. Would you mind giving the kids a trigger warning. Which means. This is this is what they told me. Would you tell the kids. Okay everyone. We're getting close to the place where I'm going to raise my voice. So you're letting them know it's like a warning. Both for you simply your face says today. You've never heard it I they've got enough and why why why why it. Why indeed so how do you get their attention when kids are running all at like thirteen year old kids on on. Team. How do you get it's it's she's. Our kids kids that aren't that led to spear a skinny kids they they I hate media I need to prosper these trigger warning here this is my eighth. Is my 832. Warning for. I'm gonna come from the battered. Bust so if you call could stop now before I have to raise my voice. That'd be swell this you were literally doing the trigger warning I I don't know if that's what I'm doing what I or he might. Yeah you're you're rewarding children that as a coach I'm going I'm probably might raise money boy he sip. Why and we indicated see how why are we doing wants I don't know. And what what I've heard from other people that I asked about this are like yeah a lot of businesses are moving in this direction. Before you get reprimanded for something for you get yelled at for any thing. Or even called on the carpet your supervisor. Your direct to report you they should start giving you. Eight trigger. Warning I itself. I have I go wow dude I don't. Actually. Yes within the last couple I don't this is kind of a site tangible the last couple weeks. Ice RRR brand new an instance where someone told me that we don't use the word mad. Any more dramatic now we don't use the word mad we we we say we need this person was speaking for the human race or just for the area there around them into a pointer remember I think it was their sale Moline both can sing that in our household we don't use the word meant we use. We use frustrated or we use passionate. We will we say I'm really passionate that that this happened. Curley were renaming emotions now. I it's still OK to feel the emotion but it's not okay to save the name of that emotion anymore. So if I'm about to get passionate yes I asked. I have to offer a trigger weren't you warning that Obama does get frustrated. So mad means what had such a bad thing is that it is it like. I use is such a natural emotion that every human being on the planet seals yes but now we're gives we have to deny that were were denying that work we feel that emotion and we sure Zach can't say the main change in the news still feeling it you just can't call it might have what it is. Because I guess people take umbrage with I don't know if that's so I did with everyone else. Yes so we're just OK so as a parents and I just as I see him doing in schools yes he says that parents are certain news is there. I don't know of any dads that really would be no check and so are. You don't go to China sect are. Am I just yeah okay security are feeling there's a children's feelings. Are being hurt I think that's what it is we don't want our kids. If we can avoid having their kids ever feel yes ever being exposed to a negative emotion or have somebody yelling at them. Then we're gonna try to do that we've we've gone from. Me and I don't wanna bring this word up the leg these words. We've gone from participation trophies were known to fuel mad about losing young and now we can't even have genuine emotions or have a coach. Who genuinely coaches because. I I think each. I I think that should be in the handout league which as you all come together the first lady's night. Everybody I'm coach Snyder and I want you to know how many do my best to make your kids great football players. Art sometimes. I'm gonna a Mona you know. And how your generation. Telling was the best thing could happen you the coach would you say I'm gonna knock some heads and he wasn't being secured his place he would wrap two players talk and knock their heads. To get it do what we learned a lesson that. You know saying we gotta go all the way back to knocking heads but do we really don't world. Where. I asked Warren knew that I'm about to get upset. I have to have a trigger. Morning leg I. Our high IE IAM literate I have no I don't know what's this fact I care relate to any of that tube the tube tubes put the the final bow on my point I feel like when I get upset about tests. It makes me sound old but I don't think that most. I don't think she could but I'm not old and I am not thinking. Then I wanna go back Garrett where kids were sighted and we know Ted junior went out and got a switch in. I'm not a bet. Have we lost our minds so much that mad isn't it staying right and that. There has to be heat some sort of a Levy warning light to goes off before a man who is hired to whip your ass into shape it. Does what he was hired to do we took these kids get to a boot camp for the military. How much golf incorporated changed now do you. He took these kids get to boot camp when the ticket to the boot camp at their mom shows up the first day it's his skis and place yeah a brightly I'm sorry I think the so if Johnny is used to trigger of this country. So. This is really. Or you just screamed dropping give me twenties you're gonna need to let him know about five minutes in advance into the he's getting close to. Rock critics that's exactly what it's come to us or you're all like us law you think Madge should still be a word. Net and trigger warning should if this and so then I mean I don't look for it tell us please only don't really did you just a little tour. I do get a job because you get it do it's likely to quit when somebody if it's my job to make sure you guys are also lineup and running sprints and you're running around. I don't have to warn you I can go it's. Okay this cut. Your tax that's my job I'm wondering your actual GM. The coaches got to go Arnold and George is no. Arrests no that's all right yeah. I realize I never did you guys would trigger warning put. This dumb enough away and say you know I talked about I Maurer. At this you know the rest of today's show should have a trigger warning and it's.