Slacker and Steve - Turned My Head for One Second 12/7

Thursday, December 7th


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Staying on and so when I say this sentence. Turned my head I. Heads for 12 you know physical cost. Oh yeah. You're immediate reaction and that's not what I expected though when when you hear that. I feel like most people think we wanna go away to register gradually. Once you all know something bad happened but I feel like it really your stories that start with atonement for 12. And something happened. In my head. The first thing that springs in my head is there are all going to be parents stories they don't have to be some kind of came to my attitude is one of those things Byrd's night I just I swear I just kidding. Error an aura she might two seconds ago there was nothing in the end. I doubt where termites for 12 bowl my kids don't char p.s and just when people who know. Like today you should stop turning your guys' heads for second or stop having sharp piece or kids. Thumb so this one means Stephens thirty did I want everybody to be aware are bright and so. He's already in a judge's parents he tried for 12 he wandering toddler climbed into a claw machine button that. Yeah a lot of Australian woman sure toddler son vanished and arcade. She searched around quickly sound and inside a claw machine. On the young boy is happily looking out for mine the glass in the of the prize area of the club machine. He I had to go on the call machine and in winning thing. I then step dancing machines are continuing bottle block he gets up inside and Steve somehow believes this is the mother's fault. Well if you Mozy age of the child. Toddler was a mean 3230. Okay. So you does your incense in the -- to get into it's I would go so I did my three year moving out of toddlers Ernie is like technically 44. Is when you're not a toddler sons stick to the forks and toddler and I guess yeah and that's usually apparent apparent ploy to hold him of the toddler. It will when when they're together right is that so young has our time yeah we'll Torre says well you always have your MM. Holding their hands of the kink into the Oklahoma we need this sounds for when you're talking why and all I'm doing is rolling my eyes a Google T no damn right I'm expressing the same emotion that they could locate where you don't like. The whole time you're talking to his defense. How it works either Africa or you're for their got stuck with a claw machine solutions have been prevented if repair it would just you know what to respond parent. And helicopter and costly hold the Taliban and blown up just yet I hated Mo costly and hand nominal does not know just tell. Country means being above them you actually wanna be married and so all Derrick tell the parents just you know whether that's okay. It's. You know you gotta have your here and you can. They are doing in my way December when it happened. OK I enjoy what I would tell the public. So you wonder how different they show would be a Steve knew what the hell was going to have. You don't fire the only way I understand what's going on you oh yeah you don't know what it's like to be apparent at all I should I can judge on Heidi you don't know what it's like to you don't stick your hand on your toddler all times. Explore a little bit that you just can't imagine a world. Where you're at a place for kids are allowed to roam free that they can get up inside a piece of equipment you. Yeah I'm in addition to that shouldn't happen right he's your your parent there should never of happened so I'm putting this on the month. This is a never what happened. The mama's doing the job as a parent. That's our whole thing that you do know this right guys that's like you know what I'm actually too tired. As I can so I actually eight students from being so far back in my hat I think what happens is is you guys kind of you can introspective go to north Steve's right I do this all the time and it was about her that's almost exactly I think Arnold on election it's user your owning a TV so we want from you mentally you know tell the story. Not you Steve but other people to tell your connected to reality TR US story embodies this sentence I turn my head from side. And it took me about losing your kid there's there's stories of a woman her daughter banished for 25 minutes on the beach and why is that what happened. She turned her head from 1 seconds am. That happens I did this in the Apple Store the other day turn your head for 12 to what happened meal was gone. Think after this what happened a couple times you would probably like maybe not turn my head to resign it may be like make that child the priority like all the time. It's the truth that's his voice I guess I would handle it if I literally started out in front of the store bought. May not know much crap no. No I turn my head for a really long time on no luck and he's standing army not think she might be in the bathroom and like. Jesus is closed which bathroom bottle gloss like go back due to this war animal rights might get to do what am I gonna do. And then she comes out about him in the Apple Store to know they had bathrooms and Apple's oracle while there's no. Room and individual stores in the mall there you can any store you can add to your ears stairs and I didn't feel like I don't find the bathroom out there. Apple stores how. So really nice toilet the summation of the story is that. I toilet yes it is I turn my head for 12 my daughter but the ten year old. He was kind of knew what was go when he was on top of it he knew what was or shut your hole I just don't hook shot just. You do Cairo or lose you know this sounds different to put the pieces until the tigers covered. Yeah. Just to tell you they don't have to be two stories I don't quit one of the story that has kids in it. But it's a they're just and there are profit in the story okay there's this woman who had saved and saved and saved. So she can fire red sports car with chrome rims with the Nassau horses under the hood to outrun secretariat that's exactly what they want while. She was able to afford a mustang in red mustang a belief. Gosh she got a red mustang isn't she went so yeah 12015 mustang convertible nice she was text and one of her friends or whatever like. And we've let our. Her current. And she looked down her phone she looked away from she turned her head from 1 central to see if everything was okay. Couple of kids playing basketball basketball rules on the middle below. The way for 12 looks up the kids out mineral road. Do all test this worksheet clips of kid she hit the kid. But pile circled her brand new. See through this for ever car might go into a light pole and totals dip for just a true in my head for a woman's eye. The only reason reason historians. This kid was more scared than hurt he's fine we'll everything's okay with kit while many unions just. You know with things season. Kids should just be banned shoot it well. And here I TCU. This PC only has about seven describe your shot twice after that and others. So if I I have one really fast yes I'd like not to related either I was in my garage a couple months ago. And I went out and I was doing stuff and I was like I needed trash bag really got into a term liberal and I you know the items can run as I grab trash back. I came back out and Jimmy parked in front my driveway and some guy got out of his car and was up in my garage like rummaging through my stuff smells like. What are you doing man you should open garage. Just like I literally looked away for 12 turnaround he's like in my garage don't do my stuff now and I was like. Hi. I yeah this is my is Brian. You know you're just like all I talked isn't my friend god judge Doug Doug is a much all know that when I got out of his car and laughs he was dripping all you lose weight. You don't turn your head cheers the moral of. The stories your match here. Keep your head straight big Christmas hero kid never turn yes that's the company you got a story this arson I turn my head for once again we wanna hear it right now Sarah's up for Sarah. Yeah I turn your head once again. This is which you don't child let me play not actual com. So I picked him up on the moon out there but either Bartlett and we get a homer. I get out of a car as he gets out of the car and he like just blocks away won't like uploading something. Keep initially and then they don't like being trying to teach you what. 45 and later. I'd like dragging your neighbor at what you Wear light a lot about how she tee hitting on that but the wider and there are fortunate like. All aware of that or where he'll since I don't like I think sitting here this all the time waiting trio might know you have not why. Suri wasn't her. Assume what not now I don't completely sober. She alike I have no idea where he went. Six years later we still don't know what happened he's got black out somehow like. Apparently wandered back to the house. And hoot who you Lawrence he was cool and we're like nothing bad had happened. That's what we hear about you Jay junior for 12 run a 45 year old do. Yep any weird markings on them like it look like aliens in straighter and I think he's I don't feel like okay. Well yes no arrests are there any channel turned inside out around him farmlands near your house is. In England yeah. Barely arsenal I think we're okay with that which we even weirder etiquette by now right there was right now we're that's we need to know really the quieter still are now he has no idea I can't rent a poor like. All that's we hear it is weird you gotta keep your eye on that point now oh my god speaks to the big bloody. Read that we animal wandered that's that's a great turn mantra once I sir think Sarah. Jones. Yeah I age I turn your head once. So when I was twelve I baby sitting my sister of fact one of the French tire and she's a couple years ahead of me each and I don't want to end up about where I'm Asian. All you did you Mike. Boone who would you put in the. Yeah I'm you are hot chocolate and I am really had a metal coffee cap and she stuck it up by quit. All kinds of parenting issue there husbands say tales. The advent about two minutes later by pet blocked in the house they're like. There's sparks flying everywhere there's a nuclear accident there's Tatum then this is the third of the oh my god where you can that was the first and last last you know I got to watch your sister and I know. Well yeah. And didn't commit he'll invest in some ceramic mugs their mom and dad was the attrition in the car tandem. Let's see here. Brands. If yeah yeah yeah I he's. I turned heads in one sense. So me and my family urine and DC it's Andrew or stand there and try to wide outs and now I'm just looking at it. And my two year old kid. Managed to slip through fluoride iron fence. Know he's so tell us. At the White House and senate and that had so I mean I noticed didn't just so I guess he'd taken my guess Stafford Q and I like. To have my arm all the way through big. Through the fence grab me by the collar and yanked him back on the Secret Service pounce on how yeah suggest he's barely carried and here is you've got to the races Lozada menu is. Done an awesome what does what do you think Secret Service does this. It's a two year old you have little red dot solar Rahal. I don't know and that's where I normally do yeah if only my lower the present when a victim of the Latino vote here. Well yeah did. Did you see Secret Service make the move now you know I didn't I never John I'm sure they signed they must have liked Sasser jerseys on brown. Ask some and our leader yeah I don't turn your head into the car did you know the slats were won the first two the midterm habits are there not anymore yeah. Isn't it. On Jerry. Yeah yes you turn your head for 12. I turn my head I was driving on highway on my way to work. I you're my head to lunch I can't look back in traffic with that a Dutch Dawson rear ended the current front you know the kicker us. So I what's the trick driving school so I wrecked my car on my way to work. I mean who. Okay. Yeah. The fire myself.