Slacker and Steve - Uber for Ambulance 12/15

Friday, December 15th


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Yeah I think this is the dumbest thing I've never heard I think this could be the smartest thing I've ever heard. 80 dude watch. Asks. Why do I have to pay easier to get building 12100 bucks for the ride is anybody listening were read a story about Hoover and ambulances. In here listening. And you bid in a medical crisis and you thought yourself had two options. You hit a 911. Or I can hit up my Hoover rap if you've chosen over app instead. We'd love to talk to you begin your perspective on this yet I don't think anybody's gonna call but according to research. They. Literally or when it comes to town researchers looked at anyone's usage in 700. In 66 different cities win Bloomberg comes to town. It drops and this is their conservative number up. People using ambulance. Is dropped 7%. And I see that. If you're a non emergency medical thing you need to get to the hospital while my column and only the ambulance racing to ride there. Why would you immediately it was in the first place gets it to non medical emergency why you go to the hospital exactly why I need the ambulance we media don't. Do you ever use the NB. What he does heroes the people. I always come pulverized the people. That. I don't understand it was complete before this is just somebody going to a data I don't wait and now that it's due to speak with the 'cause I. I don't understand I would've never the only time I've ever considered getting an ambulance is when there's an actual. I you're medical emergency how. And exactly that's what I would call 911 but if it's you know. If if I can self diagnose. Because brawl experts identify these go ahead and take a little by somebody if that's your own WebMD for your benefit. Leaving usually my. I have Austin. All the attention because a driver and two were probably could be CPR certified you don't you. Actually like this is the dumbest thing I remember it like it should. You know it's it's this is an ambulance is driven by EMT is that over is driven. By a non UNC yeah and snapped but I see that kinda. You know for going officials there might some I'm gonna call the ambulance under Clinton. I I guess what I'm saying is cool would it. Do you sinks back in 2013 when he started to study that there were some people that's special in their hand and literally called him you are hard. She could. They couldn't get a ride to the hospital lets you only you call a cab I guess we get away half hour forty minutes ambulance takes you know take some time. I don't know a single person who's ever taken an ambulance try without it being severe Sylvia yeah that's why this steers me because it's dropped 7%. You're a severe crisis he likes. And I really wanna save that's 12100 bucks I going to burden. High school graduate Cooper driver and their dad's car didn't ask us what sets special pricing that we were guns. Surge ambulance soon to her due amount to no I betcha they should be you should put us into this. And now. Oh god we have some you did it or not you militia. I did not call an overall when you needed an ambulance that. I hear you that comment I meant that I would pregnant. Obviously you you soon. Yes it is Pennington theory and sent them again she is and I I eliminate it though there. Out there Obama doesn't like no you don't recognize you at. Co U hair so I didn't and that's probably gonna lyrics. All that's beautiful she's out all the same Melissa if something had gone wrong like some sort of gastric incident or something. You're in the back of the PT cruiser as a bonus you go to I mean I'm sure he's got going there but I know he's got a hole I was. Pretty mechanism to get premiere then it's the sale. I went mainly bird I was down I was sixteen weeks pregnant so I would do pregnant non labor. So because elicited a self diagnosis she knew she was only sixteen weeks and this wasn't going to be. I don't know why we pay doctors and all pet day you know go early next to the Christian. We your card himself Buffy and true. It's not you you would do the same things. Yeah it's it's borderline a bit silly common bluegrass state college are pretty big picture can help everybody out because. A lot of big cities like her under that. Org you can go you know so like it's gonna reduce wait times but those that are actually like like I would have called hypocritical. I think my favorite thing is Steve just knows that this is one of those times eight deuce and thank you collender. You know this one of those times is it your irritating and I I know that it's it was a great moment of Melbourne now what is tiznow now when somebody makes a point you're just like no good. I I'm not saying it I'm trying to shut down over I'm just sick and the yeah I shot what I George Shea saw slipped my war arms dangling man. Shows a driver within one minute. Our goal list in that instance what. I'm sure there's a read on the brighter light on the aren't good. Yeah lets drivers all the way to New York partying with the dude that's. Dude got Sachs Internet dispersal don't have a little. Dropbox cardboard for those who have do now just like to have and it's a very important want to move out of the king used to get traffic. Sirens so much something's wrong TU. I don't listen or over might get to your house first we usually get you to the damn hospital for Easter eggs put their arm out to win noon wave and well world. Cold but. Yeah I. It's hurt their opponent and about firefighters didn't like what we're taking a put an end not end quote I would get an. Except I didn't have a chance came because it's the end she can't elect a minute after I don't. It cost to say to write me an answer immediately your insurance covered a lot of have been. Would you remember how much out of pocket just sees clean and like what 12100 boxes are selling Graham's sudden it's sort of every time we if they put an IV Unionists like twelve Graham's. You're just making me take your Paul's sixteen out of right thing to do you know how much it cost you. Unfortunately I don't because when I got here it was I can't get at someone else until they're insured and had to pick sort. You have him by Neuberger. Not just yeah didn't exactly what did every other people who. Good.