Slacker and Steve - Unethical Life Hacks 10/5

Thursday, October 5th


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Slacker in steep on the. And all this is. Is gonna fail knows the guys that are not. I don't think people are gonna play as I admire. And dad's got a word that unethical and I know you're committed to this so we're gonna try this thing we've done. On our show before we done my tax. Where it's like they're all positive and ice they called cool if you can't get a little tire rubber band around it and it makes it lesson grip for makes aboard repeatedly. Mean give up what you. Do look yeah actually can't what was gonna tell woods how do you get a idea oh he's at home. He's a culminating a picture. Or less to put an alien to put a million broke. Yup and then if you want to add your finger in there there's some would only a sore on a picture frame. And or up on among all mail and then you slide saying over there at and I don't do it you'll get to work those are like taxes you. That's not what we want to do we want unethical. Attack tech yeah the sings the youth discovered how to do. Better cool little like taxes but do not. Kosher legal whatever risk there and they do is they beat the system we got inspired to do because there's a Florida woman who got caught placing glass in her food. To get a free meal that's not cool. Oh suddenly deep well there's little that's. Unethical things she did not at all why is food your line. It's currently it's just that I don't like the fact that she's making someone else look bad in the process when they don't about a lot of these are attacks or not I. I don't we don't and yeah aged boy where is a crushed glass. She's got like if if your Smart what you would do is bring something that looks like. At a restaurant I think I gave the next summer break a wine glass I think I bring a little of that something every restaurant would have Boca me bring you chunk of a glass ashtray or something like we don't. Gerri what does this does it looks like early I don't bright dill wine glass or whatever Oca is laid there like crap we do we have broken glasses sometime on the makes sense you don't lose a windshield there so Obama most places she's done her unethical life my tax it is works the problem is she's done it too many times C she agreed she did she did it ten in ten restaurants last month. But he's starting to enter yet they can't they're like oh my god I'm so sorry. Armed police said she series broken glass in person to shows and NAFTA and she claims are when she got arrested she found she had the idea from someone she knew when rehab. So if you're in rehab right now he isn't unethical I accidentally. We don't put that bit of sleep a whole list of these user also is there one you like the most let's see like the bar world OK when you go to a bar user 25 dollar visa gift cards started tab. As you can stacked at tableau of hundreds of dollars and need to amounts used to go because what happens is those legal you have one of those visa gift cards. They did go and run free approval at a bar you would you worked at a bar a little these already just it just dings it for like a box yeah. Or even better when they're always so dangerous for a box of the bartender thinks it got a good yeah doesn't have your name on it. Brett which is awesome see this is why don't you but he's gonna call is nobody wanted to. That she's toward great on plain still. What will look how his free drinks and free TV and Wi-Fi and let me know your name on the plane yeah but they they couldn't do anything good by the time that they landed there is no big used to not run your car until you lane did Ali can connect to Wi-Fi. And so how now they can on the way yet 'cause there's Wi-Fi on the planes. The real quick to sigh don't I was dumb dating flight attendant she said that nine times out of ten on the swiping things that the clintons have doing homework simply just swipe it anyway. To just like maybe doing like they're exactly and you don't even get billed for you what's really weird now that you say that. So I was only united Lleyton and they did this like saying and then I got home and didn't enough and happened I'm like okay cool free drinks. Like two weeks later hit my card to weeds like they eat they missed suddenly one day downloaded all the transactions I was like. I don't want them like we just a charge united for drinks do you play. Shouldn't don't wait wait don't play two weeks follow suit does it just stopped here so I. And things like two weeks and there's a lot of times and we work are so what are my favorite ones and I'm gonna start using it. When you book a hotel rooms these are unethical like tax. Say I'm booking my room under doctor Michael slacker. Oh and just we'll see a doctor because. They often times automatically upgrade you because they think you're you're a little bit more the preferred guest. I think is pretty Smart play lollar thought that I could work. I'm a professor to urges Doctor Who want Shas. Here's a shots nobody actually announced this house and do whatever citizens cooking shows started. These people that were you don't like working cafes and so no no you are a number shots you I would maybe a restaurant. I want my I want my reservation under should secede we need to know venues you did components I do feel like dust that's grounded out. What was the other one and not know. I don't think this remarks but it's if you have a broken windshield get behind gravel truck it won't work because most trust of the big things Jay's act soaring. I know you'll just need to put a sign your card that if this vehicle causes that he former damage were were it's not on honesty it's sort of tonight put a bumper sticker in the back of my car and say hey if I cause an accident does not some really I think you can see some good. It's not legal doesn't resolve you from any deal but it really has signed this unasked ethical life access you've got broken windshield just get I'm one of those trucks call the number. All they'll do is verified this truck was used to say I'm at my age. Seventy to mainstream whatever town near India and they'll know yet there was a truck earnestly into fear wins and automatically write a check for a they'll dig in there I guess. Even with the not urged Steve actually ordered it how can you possibly stay. All of Brody feisty about 250 feet three cars Iranian front. And literally until tonight sir that's definitely the if so if if you wanted to and DC trying to get the movie theater I'm not this bill little bit a drink in my. You know would sit there. The season is simple they're these are simple books yes I kind of like this. There's there's an enormous listen I don't here's what we want we waited college unethical like my tax if you will Campbell was schedule whenever. Please don't say the name of the business of his business Pacific yeah if there's one on this list is business specifics I love this business. But they said it's one of those Mexican restaurants. They said. They're so concerned about keeping things going fast. If your card won't read. Does this come to your kids don't decide not to your dad died. Why it's so if you have one of the cards where your read it's the readers know good on it anymore to tape us up to use that. Card when you go to that particular restaurant knows who she Donald Dell swipe at like 45 times like you got a good base to how they're more concerned. About the next person in line not having to win eats. And they are about getting your money because it's worth it to them just a gimme my free blue regal bowl let me yes Lau is an act let's go we go there yeah I'm gonna see an early he'd come into Dallas and everything opera all my cards decide you've. Is on them guys who are so if you've got one of these unethical attacks we would love to hear you worse IT eighty. The guy unethical my tax I'm shocked that you're willing to participate in the. Well he can go. It Hershey store go to that self checkout aisle and managed to enter all your expense and organic vegetables. But get skewed the regular price for the. All Paul. Got a million college the problem is on a lot of those. Like the organic now do you wrap domain like a bright pink bowler when you notice I like but don't regular tomatoes that are irregular tomato but the organic ones it put a yellow ribbon around the outside. She got to kind of pull that off on your way up there though and I don't I that's shoplifting. Is what tennis no it's just. They don't. Ha so you're you're you're buying organic fruits at the regular troop price would you say to you. Tens of dollars per pound guy only. Do for you that's simply brilliant these are so simple the good news for you now she needs as he brings you roots can Florio yes this is that the she's eating organic fruit juice stole third and I hit me just say for a big. Thank you for your lack of ethics Jessica. Yeah yeah I unethical life equity you've got. L on the airline where you get to choose your. When people are boarding you start coughing a lot of people don't want it now. You learn more I don't know patent law. Oh yeah I'm really that's simply drill hole wow gas simple Mallon then you got to do this Zimmer and I did tuberculosis complex matter. I. Don't cover your mouth all you have gas tax was only drier do you get a whole roll or you just get that middle seat MD. I did and sometimes I've gotten a whole stroller for like. Hope we don't need. Oh my gosh this is fun and that's not bad and now you're ripping anyone off. You're not I you're just you're putting on a little show for an airline. That's unethical and a light tactic you Jessica loves Sarah. I die unethical attacks. I'd put my has muted at all the time we urge leaders Carla that keep the player. Place your order we're pick up and met about a half hour forty and then later called them back wondering where your teeth and Andy total. Of London says that the kick up they LA it was a delivery. But it'll it ignited and that is and look at it appropriate. Like oh my god sorry for the miscommunication we'll get a ride out TOY. All. That's another simply brilliant one vicious yes yeah all. We knew the victims always turn number is in the air so eventually they're gonna think to do computers now it's not just some. Some act. Actually need he'd the sixteen year old like. I don't recognize this or did you see their like Sarah from ex city has like called forty times and on the switcher ruled that the delivery team doubt. That's I mean it. That we're glad that you get and it had a lot. Yeah it would definitely working for computers but I wonder how you pull it off I I I don't like your relishing in it you should these are easier cool candy. Yeah god you are disguise this is going to be a really unethical attack with yours. Oh my daughter to a political very you know where for how he met. So how are whenever I get something deliver and I really a couple of things a little company and look I know there are a big Jeddah. All right replay and yeah our Q all neutered retried article from the Powell another piece but it. So we automatically will just read so many people steal things off of porch is now you're the bill into law ordered monitor. And that's dirty. That's dirty dirty dirt I love you can't pay all my jobs awesome did you finish off she dude it's a factor on a baby as a cornerstone Sarah. Yeah I unethical my tax what are you guys. I was dog can't say I haven't all of my shirt broke it from three years ago I'll go pioneer Jerry I'll get hurt the output deal sure in the U. I hit return and get a new line with everybody. Simply brilliant once again Sara what happens is in this is happened to me I go to the store I hikes here and you know I did at home and it's your busted one just somebody just put the tape on the top of their yup and it's when you brand like 6000 cups of coffee through and he doesn't know. She you know she did you have to tell you broke it means they are you sure you can't. Did it like it. Because I've got a vacuum now when I brought home I was like you know aren't the bad whistle crap already in my a couple of and you go back disorder like each article Mike yeah. Do. Is she not only this time thank you for your acting on tips. Yeah it's unethical right that's not a guy who is yours. I FDA iRobot cheaper and a bunch of I'd be needed video game in the report encouraged Owens. They never charge euphoric. Oh yeah I followed. She got to rent a bunch all the ones you but the Smart thing to do would be to not written wine. Brennan in your neighborhood is in it looks like he's got to go to a different neighborhood solicit somebody else has your car nice. Exactly and then they don't ever charge you until you return videos or games so we're not. I would look I think it's 25 days they charge you for the price of it that the cart is no longer get. You know dwelled what they PPP and your rights hero World Cup cooked a terrible human beings with Clinton thing you know the golf. Bomb. I don't. This worry we can keep going and this is why I don't do it again some. See if you wanna still you probably won't what you wanna do more unethical was taxed doing on the slacker and Steve he's okay.