Slacker and Steve - Unforgotten Lost Item 10/10

Tuesday, October 10th


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Steve I am so there's is read it thread that was going around and down it's about the seeing that you lost. Can't let go of you know. I don't know if everybody feels leaky. In this there's a lot of different things but like I I think what's yours is your wish a assured as well or do you not have. One no mine's a lighter. Align your it was a from the ninety's it was a Puli breed Leiter was the first two he was you know was of them some brand new mobile lighter and it's too hard to explain. But the letter itself look like one solid piece you could not tell where you're supposed to slicked down to light the lighter it was squished it was a new. And it was like student looks like space age anyway. I had this lighter for about two years and every time everyone tried to steal this why are all the time. I don't know who would be like them to bum a smoker right whenever exactly what can use your lighter you know really cut they're always that they are trying to figure out how inflicted stuff they're like oh my god this is a cool slider ever. People were consciously trying to steal it I would always give them back in the one day I lost this slight do you think you set it down sooner or did somebody finally successfully steal it from I wanna say it was out slacker but I think I set it down at home and I don't know what happened I could not tore the house or four weeks because my whole identity was this minor I didn't pay attention to make. God when they saw was little my god you're the coolest person ever walked the planet what does wider. I think everybody's got to sing like debt and we want you to get it like it was a good place to start it off your chest and only to call its league what what what is it that's gone from you. And it's in truck like you can't. Can't move past X for me and for a lot of people minus sweatshirt and you know I mean Steve I can signs. Do you mean something and I find it on eBay even the cost 101000 dollars. I'm wolf I can find anything for anybody my mom loves this spicy may oh. It crashed just to make in just a soft and I found it on M I spent a lot of money but do any of 400 are great at those type of things I can't find you can't just sweatshirt I. I had. Let's in the ninety's okay. But. So what I don't know is if it was made in the eighty's and ninety's but it was just short. It was a Reebok. Sweatshirt and I was called a spree Mike Abbott is a free it's a real sweat shirt and just like. In the midst it was like a historical stuff and Reebok was and it and they had like a green. Little steam it was like embroidery not linked got you not to sweat shirts happens it. Yeah because patched very old stuff now you buy something and it's like it start to the more you dry until it all comes off notre this was embroidered like I really like flag red flag yellow flag. And it said Reebok on always that you and I wasn't guaranteed that I do not get a good. And it's the it was clean like your lighter. It was a soft switcher go anytime no I bring a girl back to my apartment. The next morning she be walking around my apartment we just my sweatshirt Saxon a sexy is now going to be like. Woman a dollar and it's like yeah. Amateur not aware of I knew each you have. Snacks I don't talk. Surely you just that I might have been really cool to see you naked again but you're not taking much what you thought they think he really weird about the this is coming out it's been so soft like a no no I want that I know that's what protects my favorites Richard a multi column Colin did you have this. I don't want you to get weird on me OK I can promise you're not gonna get weird about what do Melissa bloom. So why stole this sweatshirt from my days playing nicely done OK here so it but it's like. It was asked is how is and I visited his house in California. It was one night we were going outside knew I was like I'm freeze and lose I'd do this tour on like I'm never giving you this like your back. This is so please call cattle car that's why I don't know wit. I don't borrow lie I don't know anything about it protest quite literally did the same night prevented ninety women from doing to me. I did it to him I was like I took my pants up and I was like I'm wearing this out. And you know you're I would do whatever you do tourist companies that. Became my sweat like I stole that not me so I don't. I don't know what's or jemaah. I have state. Serious cooling different things night. Back Reebok sweat shirt and yellow embroidered grit are you looking for a now and if you're not and now you sorry dude if you finding four seconds were took him forty my. I have taught you find it dude that are good you can drag it down it's please find informing. But it to this day just like your letter no I don't I don't remember if a girl got it right if I was playing a show somewhere. It was backstage and I just left to sit in some winners like. All. There's no 08 it is it will forever haunts. My memories I know that shirt is sad it's like to win. I thought my owners it's only owner it resulting from it any better. Me you try though missed connections on Craigslist will go up. I tried all the time now for this what you call the producers that's what after losing her. You don't want everybody come over rifles through your closets of India must matured a big deal one. Fun loomed funny enough mine is also kind of this lecture was well pull over to think. And I body it was. You don't feel like the first paycheck from your first kind of big job any actually have a little bit of spending money play. That's what that was to me is I finally had some leftover money from one of my paychecks and those like I'm gonna go get a sweet Fletcher relate keeping pull over a thing or whatever. So I went I went to keeping store I got a switcher and it was like this really expensive thing that had a was almost made out of like scuba suit. Hope now. I don't know I like that and exceed yeah yeah yeah easier yeah gamma ray exactly. And I love that thing at war and everywhere. And it went on a camping trip one time and some stuff happen on a camping trip and we had to my brother got really sick and we kind of had to leave in a hurry. So we just kind of threw every single car or truck and shot out there. And I got home and I would couldn't find it anywhere and I was like that was probably fifteen years ago and he thinks about it. I think about every day I ask this time it's called like on a cause and Mike. Mean I just wish that your songs without one pull over and high Love Boat it was made to champion in the only time you I know right. Winehouse. It's equipment sorted free so. This extra credit said they lost a wallet with sixteen dollars and it at Applebee's. At age twelve and they can't get over it. Actually Titus and there's no I always sixteen dollars as a matter it was I was let. Delgado Carlos slow does Tamara. Nothing it does valuable you could replace it. But it's gotta be back into that. Saying it was your thing he was Mike like I lost songs I had this old system. To record songs into and I never backed him up or anything in the hard drive crash food they're just gone. It just it they're like oh. I know you hate when I told this story but someone actually came along and offered you a billion dollar million was dollars in figure out where all those songs you live on 200 did you have lost the malls. Ye yes you can yeah that's gone now control classes laptop that has all but backed up versions of everything and he just crashed on all day now I'm here. Working up to ask you know I T got a stress exactly and in bond if there's something like this in your life. T you lost. And you wish you can give back. This we might have a network of people I feel like right now we know people looking for my Reebok sweatshirt oh well. We'd be one of those people who look until religion if you're the dark where do you see if you can find my. Actual replacement. And course apparently a bug if there's something you lost that you can't get over we'd love to talk Tia are readily. Yeah yeah I would still lose CJ you know reach. So my cousin I lost our edge TV remote. That is his seat TV in her bedroom two and you know hero could PD is wispy smaller remote yet and yet. No we would on the went electorate extra bad well 1 morning. They wake up. And we didn't really did what I eat niggardly usually watched PDA when we go ahead and sure it would got. No explanation and it was a battle images dot which entitle. The scores are hope you're apart you might pick the art and it moved there and that move under furniture everything we could not find any direction. And adults aren't. Theory is that either here. Like slept. They blocked our company and Mike took the TV down there are to ever about downstairs. And or all right that I have no idea it depend on rhetoric we how to get universal remote only in the lives intact. Oscar. Rebels say is working. I'm an M sixteen different codes reason I usually get one that's close enough it'll turn it on and all but in the volume that does some. I don't do six more codes sake it's. Oh I I hit it a minute nightmare tomorrow we're helping find them I was you upwards they're calling usually seems lighter and my sweatshirt woods Nigerian moved to promote. Brooks. Now I would lose the revenue. Oh man that sound. I reading that may now deceased grandmother had me laugh oh yeah who yeah I did play. It's it's the story behind and stated actually the touching part her and she ends diagnosed at age fourteen apparent that education or refer to. Three generations of women to die nature together. And we can only do something kind of close to her reaction and according to Washington instead of going out of the country in which has. But counsel Karen and she adored jury we had the continent to the jury shopping and. And the key restraints. And told her I would do unspeakable train people to get Katrina and she you know got a kick out of any kind of chuckled and Luke are undermanned. You know six months later sniper and I open up its. Box. And it was to bring. It it's still. Striking creepy kind of lucky well do you you're talking about you know. I mean this stupid question but do you know where did you set it down in us all also view. How. Two no no idea I was in college and I'll think that happened to great era and make an excellent and I can watch stated Lou is. It was like one kind enough to do the same. So accustomed brings home rule locked in I don't call quality and since you issued a lighted stole my lots fit into teller than the last is. No yeah and I sit and argue that two very you know I haven't even an opener today at home mom. You need to try to draw it. And like put her on her FaceBook page or something and maybe somebody. I know it's a long shot to like maybe somebody seeing Anderson make him. We can duplicate I don't something's. Brooke that is that is awful. They didn't do they call you're losing consequent don't know isolate your so they suck up the drums cigarette oh yeah. So insensitive as its main thing not meg and yeah I would you lose the changeover. My mom got me to. Cutest kitten platter for my first they have called kindergarten Max and I it lock step I think I left at his school went home never to be seen again I just. Not get over at my mom with a teacher at the school and she said. Five years later she shot into wearing the kitten. That the U sweater wrong in the Basque surely sit down right to fit the. Well I mean I was older I was I'm sure at that point I didn't want to get a player. Slower and so well it's a good assistants whose shot didn't go viral we always like kittens latter that's why did not like the sort of it for generations. I'm that you could call me an I'm serious when I hear it's. And years sweater story Steven it's you could sell as a sunny. Honey. Yeah. Yeah I would you lose he can't get over. I was about eleven or twelve and I had bit. Bright yellow Sony Walkman slayer in Ireland and maybe I thought I would like the crap okay. When they when they were at that super bright yeah I remember now it's like hi I'm more primal. And headphones match did this all us. Ask and I. I love it when I'm sure we'll have a dinner and I elected and went back and buying day sentiment that get you know I remember it like crying law. Like crying for days because I lost my walkman and I would like expend Evan I was young and with little and my very expensive get you know. I was really really. I don't who got a lot of the day thank you go rebellion. That's a no fly. Why sweaters customer ratings until legally lighters up between the calm. Weird little deep pulled up a picture of like what so what. By yet when you found his own eggs all we are we need to go quiet little yeah he's he's asked. And his side tracked him down a Wii games but I. This letter yeah it is up on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.