Slacker and Steve - UPDATE: Does Dad Know I Exist 3/16

Friday, March 16th


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Steve I am so we of the day we had this whole PP. From a girl who is basically trying to find her father sort of Ronnie yes Ronnie outlet if he he didn't hear it here's. Kind of how we win do. The only. Oh I hate when I read every in my arms I don't you know we added. And my mom is very adamant about. You know. Carry a maniac and not in Korean any danger and it got the pirate really wanna know even if you need Carol personality panel should change your trichet and the. When you ask what does she say like. I I can't tell you you're much. She says neither really cattle crackberry and I'm very lucky that she actually left arm she did. And it never had you know beer out that while dole Aaron. Actually get aren't in power and Aaron. I gave me acronyms like really close match. Pat it you're in your diet standard Greek finishing bad and our IAE. Actually carry on being able apparent. So you see your tax. Yeah it does go out of its territory without out any route you would doctor did not connect and it FaceBook and it really love our talent Tony turning up a couple of corporate ladder into working better here and there are spent outpost LA. Eight AK it is an. Turkish but it can't get them right out you know that's a hammer it into. Let me turn it I can't let. It dictate how I think he got very well. That would hurt my mom. Are we gonna make this play. I don't know had a personal. Rule. Real soul. You guys David guys sign whether she should talk to mom first and word you know just. How she springs on her dad. Well we found out that she's she's just don't ambushed dad and his new family gasoline not a good idea so calm and she's actually on the phone built to tell us exactly what she did. Ronnie. EIA we understand you have an update for us I like you Tom what happens. Yeah are so I want to breaking out scared. And grab. Your mom's purse to ask your mom first and it's not but what went oh. I had a picture I shot and we are they any night. I don't know you very adamant predatory you know end. And ligature Blake. Yes he beat near the army. And and yeah there and we like if you re in it I don't think that can't or don't turnaround in China laugh at happier I. Film now I ask you laurel aren't running and Ronnie are you eat and he didn't say that he really say the words you don't exist. Oh my god Ronnie your mom was Fridays. I would. Has very tired and I didn't like net charming mom after that came around Kerry broke out action that it. Is really support and then. You know general attorney so they choose like Alicia toll turn them. Okay do. Yeah our. My job and you can you radioed to tell us that that's. How we feel like I feel really stupid. I'm sorry. As Rick and they expect about telling me it's better now I would discourage anybody in my pattern. Ricci on China can. Is this Saturday now. Yes and no idea how Connie you feel better eat shelter are all of the current and I shall hold the Paris and. Each V hole you have to be that way you have to say you don't know at all costs just Tom whatever Ronnie that. Well and at that and oh god yes you're right word. The younger you know it still hurts Ronnie we appreciate the only day you ever. Sorry didn't go the way you wanted to attempt. That's all I don't know if he wants I just feel I do too. Any positive reinforcement Aminu we've been communicating with a runny trophies repeatedly you know see. Dots prayers I know those words did toss around too much but anything you can say to give Ronnie some positive energy both say you don't slacker and Steve FaceBook page.