Slacker and Steve - UPDATE-OPP-Cold Feet Adoption 10/28

Friday, October 28th

Yesterday we broke the rules and did an OPP from Julia. She was getting cold feet before going into a lawyer's office to sign adoption papers to adopt a baby. She emailed us this morning. Listen to find out what happened!

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And Enron. Sort of try to reset everything has happened the last couple weeks is a lot that. Management till the PP. Ages he said it was an important anymore and then com we had a call from a woman named Julia. Who is literally. At a crossroads. She was just as soon. Outside her attorney's office she be going through the private adoption process and now that was go time it was her walking into this building's sign and pay less people piece of paper it's becoming a mom. Or not or don't yeah and and you guys were helpful some of you said a lot of you have cold feet. I had called senior adopting other people said they heard things in her voice that sounds like she wasn't ready to be a mom she won another possession. They had sort of same thing as opposed to be a loving mom. Well we have an update us. You wanna read it. To youth I guess I can do to calm and I guys. Our thanks for talking with me my head was crazy and I didn't know where else to turn. I guess I'll get right to the point and tell you what happens. I appreciate the advice of all the callers but one call stood out to me more than others. Judy said it was wrong if there was any doubt in nine U. And that that deep down I couldn't do it. I could ever live with myself if I adopted this stadium wasn't happy where there were a lot of people out there that would kill him to have that baby. I never went in and drove around for three hours going over in my head. Now isn't the time and I think if I'm going to have a baby I want to do it the right way. And have it myself. We would just. We examined the wound links into a teaching means she wants to have looked like she wants to and that need to die and fall in love in so doing right just like yeah way. I know it will feel right now Jesus. I know you'll feel right if I'm real mom. Also hot. Eric LaRoche. I you'll feel right thumb real moment so I'll just be patient and wait for my time to come thanks again guys Julia. Why did she have to turning to snow or I don't know is the same thing she did yesterday she's IH. She's she's I got torn with this decision to Vinci ticked off like. How financially ready she is always other crap instead of really getting down into the have all this love as a mother to give to this baby soon. Over OK she's gonna do with the right way and be a real mom. Okay I'm. On this so viewer reaction to that well well will do what I think will post this letter and then none. You can react to or just find a slacker and Steve FaceBook page.