Slacker and Steve - V-Card Songs 3/21

Wednesday, March 21st


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You I think it's safe to talk about what song you lost your V cards you okay. It. Really really we're doing this right trust fund Macaulay Culkin just did an interview on a podcast. Every celebrity in the podcast now I guess whose name had access line we've been Steelers have remembered cirrus hasn't podcast. And down. McCauley said he he wouldn't say who he was witnessed at sixteen. But he said he lost his key card to you. The beatles' white album which was like from 68. Gross costs are so where does this is what we're seeing in capital. Oh this is. You can turn the senate then I don't know that they have assets with the loss to that is in the background yeah apparently. It's kind of hard to do anything that's on Susan blew it won't when it's your social currency you're not oh that's right delivered nervous seeing hearing this she's. I would show business but what else only don't you just when you found the album when hustling and dear prudence. Oh god gave little blood no you have goes low. I can't on the air towards the arousal and yeah. The birthday song. This. Yeah I want our dogs are okay you know yeah I know your first stop. Rocked back and forth to your heart pacing myself. I get back in the USSR. I'll tell you is a little harsh so your first time. Assume until your first time you wanna deal romantic Siemens are even leaning towards the ballots OK I 'cause I was very. OK here we go around the horn them. So you already know if you've not heard this before. I slept at my best friend's girlfriend you still that was your you bluster view cart I gotta respect you Stoller. Well in the worst part is a suburb my best friend's girlfriend. In the basement. Of my girlfriend's house saw each Huckabee I didn't know that some might read my best friend's girlfriend was living in the basement of my girlfriend's house passes dirty even mom and it was the night of the journey concert two men were on one of their reunion tour this wasn't the original. Liked kicked out I think. I think this is when Randy Jackson was in the band although of course we all know him from yes from American I don't you really journey yeah you know that is there for it's not. Stuart mill I know the bass player injury all are see why you lost respect for us it's guys like you know. No I had no idea I was when he was in bad I had tickets to journey and then she offered. She offered a not so I didn't go to journey Susie Randy Jackson would've seen many Jackson so instead. Scientists are we had to listen to John. It's. Recent. Only film I just you know that was my MO back then so. And with the donor considering the route just water intake but we'll show you know what absolutely did good just straight. Especially after. And you don't notice these jailed daughter Susan this chilly water oil and you thought she. Hit a bad she she had a yeah sure this national army all you out as soon as she didn't do grown. Yes so I locker room restart intimidating and used to living in my girlfriends basement. My best and it's up overnight. With the higher you get caught up or not so your. Mine was. It was our rock bottom of openness to you know there was an event you really looked up rock Mon and I had soon as it's known if there wasn't it the radio was on site and we didn't select always just all of Saudi don't want to join. Don't we did was it was just the radio I guess who do you wanna guess what I lost my Coca arm. I'm gonna go this year. This is actually got people. Phil wasn't that's. I don't think you can thank you want to. I even though. I don't want more guests okay. Yeah this is that. Well you know that is so it's no big. Oh I'm great. Everything is. There's no way I guess I don't resent know who's I think we're using your hands off. Does not do you say can you were really. I imagine I would like this happens now. He will you know people look at yeah. And you have. This time there's no way I commuted I give up what was it used by you know access. It was a she doesn't actually know what he did tonight the race. There's so. Good ones doing this yeah what's your selection are you being on it was it was just on the radio. Only that one song and spoke to what he knows all I am. It was a beside need to prove Hillary apathy who better do this has not gotten. But the Euro and Tony side very competitive and that was Lucy total assets are. Well that's funny OK so whoever you are little diva. So big cards and I don't think I had anything on I don't remember I don't remember that. Hope not but like first like real heavy make out session in the basement lights off stuff it was totally boys to men. Oh no I'm. Com and you put on you specifically. I saw ahead. I remember I'm pretty sure it was like her sister's CD and I was like Alia that where it's that you did you know game on girlfriend shook shook the but it's. But all I go through this dramatic so attractiveness Asian Pacific do you draw in the general and and that. But yeah I here's a deal where you find the song or not we won't hear. What's sad songs for yet you like if you can remember him whether it's make an hour or losing your. Actually don't. Amanda. Yeah Posey era here's song. Seem. I know ponying by genuine and those who somebody texted dating young. Really you only did I took you out mini me give you the right so this is the song you should've lost it. Just as news. None no jeans or some odd that he usually is good. Do you remember fondly it was a good night for you. Thanks I needed golf we are so I'm struggling to find all the songs it's hard to provide broad not Caroline. Tonight we'll zero losing its own. I'm no ordinary love by Friday. Now you purposely put this on or is he dead or resist after every now and I do not. I did in his his card back ally. Oh. There. Pick a song for him to lose this not a lot of them. Yeah exactly you knew he would never forget the Sony. Yeah you would always remember easy to play this song with you forever and you knew he had he still had Z card at the time. I did not know all of you didn't do you make it all the way through the song bird poor kids to date yeah how are institute at the in the chorus but that's sort of the bread and no immediate thought. All right that's made out forever zero I'm a part that he's like you do the deep voice saying I was doing and if it improves thank you for the call. Colton. Yeah yeah I was your secret song. You showed me all night long may it be a. Let us live long enough for Steve to Jack Reed and see it sounds. I'm still influence it's great I'm really his home. Shockingly good. It's. Leaves a hole. This one's pretty cool. So let me ask you your first time where you like for you what we concentrate on the soles. Concentrate on what was added to. My first time I obviously a messenger and like in terms on its Intel awaits you what are elicited jury more than you wanna lose you lose you know. I was missing the journey concert is I had to that's why we saw oh yeah minister journey elected attorney Dolan and I still got. So is it to your journey but also good to see her nature and rice you're bitter than sweet he was here. Everything I wanted to see if she. But but but I want them all sentenced for the kid. While yes I I hear what was your. But the cartel on land. Scrutiny to its exports went. Resume who will run. The oil went oh Jamaica on her death what was it. Net you're making out apparently to Arab. Orthopedic an editorial. Our home. Maybe yes it's so happy. Actually this is not a thug. This is good they of the song to sing along to you mistreat him so happy to get ahead. It's. The guys OK I just saw something there you go. You can see the respect dignity that you lost a lot of things right there's Steve. Yeah other Michaela. Died when their lives in its own. OK so I'm pretty you're allowed it to actually. I meant do you biplane greedy do loan and I. That I leg to put in nine and that sexy back bag at the Timberlake after I think they're. Oh look each unit hooked him up right version of the song. Oh yeah yeah. More than all the other crap like pool it's O cooler real. This guy does your unit to. You remember to okay yeah I asked her to go those depots and Lowe's. Really on this is just your second rounds though is that you heard it. I don't have consecutive wins I call this clean up and talk off.