Slacker and Steve - Wal-Mart Pay 12/15

Friday, December 15th


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I had taken the wrong approach with millennial slow for a long time I think Boca because I did I eat is just I don't understand them yet. Or why their parents raised him going again yeah I. On the story about a millennial from the do you think I think it is I really think it is so. Are you really don't know you're not that you can't you technically you are which are not I I am yeah. Your age wise you are you don't you don't relate to those stuff that they do not all of us. Wal-Mart is teaming up to just. Tech company to make payday come early for its employees. They announced something called instant pay. Which means you can access your pay for bade day you get past the wages well while. You Marty yearned so you're midway through the week you can get past of you get a quarter your wages are technologies. It's part of a personal finance at cold even which lets hourly and salaried workers pay ahead on those this is what I don't understand what. What I've been told there is that model any holes what they want is nice to work and they get paid Idec. Yeah I've tracked dude I have a prominent figures are atomic I have a friend who's got three suns are four sons and one of her sons doesn't live at home with her. But he has a job or if he needs money. Pogo okay I'll pick up like two shifts of my job. The get the money and then he won't work for awhile again Intel needs money again but didn't what does that come what does that company do the regulates. Right so does none of their little molecules need money for a week and nobody worst hydrates or maybe the non millennial sort curb or working their but. GAAP and so. He EU is on his own son are always paying for everything else but. Why would you want your mutt I mean I think I understand why you want your money but it's I had my money even if the reason for not getting your money right then. So the you don't. Some stupid exactly. And so I don't know how that's working out what Moline ill kids. To. Might crazies out why you wouldn't want it that's why I don't want it the bad part about working in a restaurant in new money every single day Isner and it was like every night go to the bar and betting on the nearly crap amount of money again and is made money in the I had. I don't have any money left I had all thought about what I would I was dating a waitress she'd applicants 350 dollar nice she'd come home and then she called in sick the next three nights away. We (%expletive) that's cash and then more more host and mention when she needed money again didn't she show up and work shifting give more money. I realize this might be the way of the future here. It is faced a ticket taxes. They better they should. I could every hour I'd be like Tatum O'Neal. You don't Omar and I do about it there's another voice. Let's be serious now let's we're right I can get my brain around that just wouldn't you just if you just wanted to go see a movie guide. Then you go to work for like an hour and a half a man looks like I got an ounce. Pay me Yemen Syria alma and somebody dole that's weird coming okay actually knew the new movie mega. I. Want. I found gray Ayman Donny all. And come right between acute like upside here is like thinking that need to eat 30 containment yet and so I kind of had both. Think that what I think about the millennial I think they get credit a bad rap they graduated right when he ran you know it's a special. And they had. Mean our remaining. How are trick he acts it's really even have a lot of guilt that that the baby boomer and it's not how and that speed generation acts the hardworking. But kinda do it old school playing out. Annex folk they're just not used to the waves that millennial cut how Q. You can name them they'll do in Ben job that didn't exist increment to an economy where I think they're different all that I. The bank there they can be very treat it with them they can spend it differently. But they just want it now even though they're not gonna blow it burden news. It's another generation or would would blow they can. And that's what they can invent it and things right now and then have everybody working right now. That outing that somehow the virtue of its mega since it's the first I mean. And that's I mean if you get an out of it all I can give that you really need a true back meteor tried hundred. My money now so why it's our make it work for me now that youth but actually is pretty I learned a couple of things there no American things are clued me as you heard in his annual before this middle everything have to have a name. Jason's. I I think you want this. And I'd be silent it. So basically my pop art. Honestly the only real life people get paid every two weeks every month the so the company. I thought I do and I think it's very due is two weeks that they got it much and we are. Right right thank you call and science does and I'm Dumars don't assume it's funny wing gets. And it's it's another to do what I wanna do they pay as Joseph is over.